Meet The Pokemon Trainer!

By Yoshizilla

Disclaimer: All related characters, items, references, etc. belong to Nintendo.

Yoshizilla: This is the best new character update YET!!! I was a tad disappointed that we didn't get Princess Peach (we know she'll be in the game, so give us her profile, darn it!), but hey! This update made me very happy, and I'm able to forgive for that, and I'll also forgive thsi awesome update for the boringness that was last week. Why? Because my long-life dream for Super Smash Brothers was to play as Charizard (who appeared as a Pokemon for a Pokeball in Super Smash brothers and Super Smash Brothers Melee), and with the Pokemon Trainer (and awesome character who uses 3 of his Pokemon to fight for him) being in Super Smash Brothers Brawl, along with Squirtle (the first Water-based character) and Ivysaur (the first grass-themed character and first character to be on all four legs), I can FINALLY play as one of my all-time favorite Pokemon, Charizard! Now we can finally see Bowser vs. Charizard! And this is also good news for all of us out there, why? Because with Charizard, like Bowser (who was also toned down in size), being toned down in size (he's HUGE in the Pokemon games) AND being a dragon, this increases the chances of larger characters. And specifically, a certain awesome boss from Metroid and the long-time enemy of Samus Aran has a definite chance of getting in, so keep looking forward, and keep waiting until Super Smash Brothers Brawl is FINALLY unleashed! And now, with that speech of mine finish, read and enjoy (and hopefully review for those who are nice enough ;) ) my new introduce-to-the-Smashers story, Meet the Pokemon Trainer!


It was a beautiful, sunny morning in Nintendo City. Within the center of the gigantic metropolis was a small, oval-shaped private park, the location of the famed Super Smash Brothers Mansion, home of the famous Super Smash Brothers. Little did they know that they would be getting a BIG surprise today...

"What's the news today?" Falco Lombardi asked as he walked past Mario and Luigi, who were watching the TV. The blue falcon arwing pilot then slipped on some water, and crashed into the wall.

"Oh, sorry Falco!" Princess Peach explained, cleaning the floor with her young Phione, "Me and Phione are cleaning the house today."

Falco maoned in pain, and he fell back down, moaning. "You...should have...told me...before..:" His right limb limped.

Master Hand then suddenly appeared in a puff of white smoke. "Everyone, we're going to have a newcomer!"

Peach gasped, picking up and clutching Phione in her arms. "Really?" She excitedly asked, dropping the mop.

Mario and Luigi both ran up to Master Hand. "Who is it? Who is it!?" They begged, getting on their knees.

Master Hand chuckled, and he snepped his fingers. At the door, came...a male Pokemon Trainer.


"Errrr..." Mario, Luigi, and Peach all looked at each other, then at the Pokemon Trainer, and then at Master Hand, sweatdropping in disbelief. "He's the newcomer?"

Master Hand nodded, smiling. "Yep! Though HE won't be fighting. His Pokemon will." He turned to the Pokemon Trainer. "Show them, boy."

The Pokemon Trainer nodded, and he tossed three Pokeballs, each revealing three of the different first generation starters - Squirtle, Ivysaur, and Charizard.

"Hey!" Luigi gasped, hugging the Charizard, "I remembered when I had a Charizard! Oh, good times."

Charizard growled angrily, and it whacked Luigi with its big tail, knocking the green plumber into the staircase.

Mario patted Squirtle on the head. "Hehe! You're a cute, little turtle, aren't you?" He then started to growl and then jumped on the Squirtle, jumping on the cute water Pokemon several more times, before Master Hand rammed into Mario, knocking him off.

"Mario, honestly!" Peach scolded as she picked up the Squirtle and cooed him, looking back angrily at Mario, "This Squirtle's young, you know!"

Phione growled a bit, giving Squirtle some looks while Squirtle stuck out its tongue at Phione, chuckling.

Ivysaur yawned, and it used its vines to grabs a cup and some water from the kitchen. It poured the water into the cup, and placed the water back into the kitchen, sipping its cup and sighing of relief.

"So..." Pikachu asked as he approached the Pokemon Trainer, "Do you have a name?"

The Pokemon Trainer looked shockingly at Pikachu.

Pikachu blinked, and he chuckled, rubbing the back of his head. "Oh right, you never heard a Pokemon talk before..." He then looked up at the Pokemon Trainer. "So...what's your name?"

The Pokemon Trainer continued to stare at Pikachu.

Pikachu muttered to himself, before asking again, getting a bit angrier, "Hey, what's your name already?"

"Pikachu, the Pokemon Trainer DOESN'T have a name," Master Hand chuckled, patting Pikachu on the yellow mouse's right shoulder, "He's just a generic human being who has three of his hard fighting Pokemon with him."

"So why is he a Smasher, then?" Pikachu asked, eying the Pokemon Trainer.

Master Hand was silent for several moments. "Uhhh...errrr..." He pointed out at the sun. "Look! The sun's brightly yellow!"

"Really?" Pikachu gasped, as he ran to the doorway and looked eargerly at the sun, while Master Hand escorted the Pokemon Trainer and the Charizard and Ivysaur (Squirtle was still in Peach's arms) to their new room.