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Master Hand opened the door, and introduced a completely clean and spotless - and empty - room to the Pokemon Trainer, and his Pokemon Charizard and Ivysaur. "Here is where you will be staying, Mr. Pokemon Trainer. Don't worry, we'll get you furniture in the incoming few days."

The Pokemon Trainer smiled, and he placed his bag down, looking around the room. Charizard rolled his eyes and stomped off, walking down the hallway while Ivysaur ran downstairs.

Peach was comforting the Squirtle, cuddling him in her arms, baby talking to him. The Squirtle giggled while Peach's Phione growled with jealousy. Ivysaur passed by Phione.

"Phio?" Phione chimed, looking as Ivysaur stopped in front of a vase and placed a few flowers into it. The Ivysaur then grabbed a glass of water with one of his vines and sipped it. Phione approached the Ivysaur.

Ivysaur glanced at Phione, and shrugged, walking off while drinking the water.

Phione, now curious, followed right behind the Ivysaur, but was picked up by a small monkey wearing a red hat and a red shirt with stars.

"Hey, little fellow, is this the Super Smash Brothers Mansion?" He asked, looking around. Donkey Kong came downstairs, and he gasped in joy.

"DIDDY!!!" Donkey Kong hugged Diddy (and Phione) tightly, releasing them a few seconds later. "I didn;t know that you became a Super Smash Brothers character!"

Diddy chuckled, rubbing the back of his head. "Yeah, well I couldn't resist the urge to joy...plus, I got lonely on Donkey Kong Island, you know?"

While Diddy and Donkey Kong chatted with each other, Phione woozily moved accross the living room, collasping on the floor. The Ivysaur walked by her, and shrugged, going into the kitchen.

Peach continued babying the Squirtle, until the Squirtle started making strange faces. Peach tilted her head in confusion. "Huh? Squirtle, are you okay?"


Squirtle blasted a squirt of water straight into Peach's face, soaking her. He laughed, and then hid into his shell, sliding out of Peach's grasp and getting out of his shell, running up the stairs. Peach growled angrily, and she took out her tennis racket, running after the Squirtle.

Fox McCloud was upstairs, doing excersice. He then heard a knock on the door, and stopped his Star Fox theme. "Huh? Who is it?" He opened the door, to see Charizard standing in the doorway, grinning evilly like a shark. "...Yeeeeesssss?"

A few minutes later, Fox was screaming girlishly as the flames spreaded all over him. Charizard chuckled to himself and shut himself within Fox's room.

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