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Summary: Sasuke's first high school year in the prep school known as Konoha Prep is a bit more than he can handle and after that one year he transfers to the prestigious art school across the street with a few self-esteem issues. Now after three years, what happens when Konoha Prep burns down during the summer and the students are transferred to the nearest school to finish out a brand new year and Sasuke comes into contact with the guys who caused him so much pain before?

Warnings: YAOI!!!! However, I'm not going to tell you the pairing yet, because… well… I don't know it yet! It's kind of one of those see as it goes along kind of things. Feel free to offer you opinions, but it has to be a yaoi, it has to have Sasuke as the uke, and it has to work with the plot. I personally am looking for another NejiSasu cuz' there just aren't enough of them out there or GaaraSasu cuz' it's so sweet and extremely hot! But your opinions will be considered. Also, language, references to past cutting and drugs. And child abuse.

Disclaimer: I find this part extremely stupid. I mean if I owned Naruto do you really think I'd be typing this story on a fan fiction site, no. It would be on the tele. All this little section does is make me and other writers extremely depressed.

Onto the story…

Chapter 1: An Irony that is Definitely Not Funny

It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not. – Andre Gide

The day before school started was a dreary day, the rain came down in torrents and the grayish-black clouds blocked the sun almost completely, creating a very bleak atmosphere. It was just the sort of day the occupant of room 2S adored. Said occupant was sitting in front of the window watching with a gentle calm.

The occupant was a young boy, though you couldn't tell at first glance. For the boy was androgynous in appearance. His head was resting on a delicate looking hand with long fingers (artists hands his friends said), that was attached to a fragile looking arm. He had a slight frame that three years ago appeared awkward and scrawny but now was shapely and desirable, with narrow shoulders and a thin waist. His hips had a slightly feminine curve to them and most of his five feet eight inches was due to long well shaped legs. The boy had refined, aristocratic features; high cheekbones, a thin cute nose, and plump pink lips. His eyes were a charcoal gray, so dark they appeared to be black, and right now they reflected a lazy satisfaction. His hair offered no clue as to his gender either, it fell to just past his shoulder and was naturally layered in a way most girls would pay for and still not get. His bangs went to about chin length and the color was now the purest black and felt silky to the touch, but three years ago it was slightly ashy and felt like hay. Pale porcelain skin seemed to glow against the dark backdrop of the storm outside, it was completely unblemished, much different from the blotchy, imperfect skin of three years ago.

Three years ago, he was an awkward geeky little kid. Now he was considered the most beautiful person on campus, or so the yearbook claimed him to be for the past two years, really he didn't pay much attention to trivial things like that.

No, Sasuke Uchiha had much more important things on his mind at the moment.

Take for instance the prep school across the street that had two months ago burned down to the ground. Sasuke couldn't see the charred remains from his dorm, the prep school was south of the school and the dorms were positioned in the north, but he went down to see what had happened that night and sure enough the only thing that had remained was the football field since the grass had been too moist to catch on fire with all the rain they had been getting over the summer. The rest of the hell-school was nothing but a pile of ash, dust, and ruined brick walls.

Sasuke wouldn't have really cared about the school burning down. In fact, the little devil Sasuke was laughing on the inside when he had first heard about it. When he was twelve Sasuke was offered a scholarship to the Art Institution of Konoha, he had wanted to take them up on that offer but his parents (which means his father and his mother agreeing with whatever he said) hadn't been to keen on his already "worthless" son attending a private arts school. You see Sasuke was an Uchiha, which meant he was supposed to go to the traditional school (Konoha Prep), attend some prestigious college, and become either a doctor or take a spot in the family business. Needless to say he had lost out in that first argument.

He had gone there for one solid year, his first year in what was deemed high school, at the insistence of his parents. Well at the demands of his parents. After that year Sasuke refused to go back, he contacted the headmaster at the Art Institution of Konoha and asked if the offer was still available and took it when she said that, of course, it was. Sasuke took it without a second thought, kind of like when his father threw him out of the house and disowned him. He literally threw Sasuke's stuff out the window and then grabbed him by the shirt and pushed him down the front porch steps with the order to never come to the house again. His mother had looked on with slightly damp eyes but she didn't voice any objections she may have had, as per usual. Itachi had just looked bored, remaining forever silent to his brother's life.

He hadn't really cared. It wasn't as if his family was really a family anyways, besides, his school was very accommodating to kids in his situation. Apparently the head of the school, Mrs.Tsunade, had been an orphan growing up and had no problem with taking in a kid who had no parents or, in his case, had been disowned.

Sasuke was tormented at Konoha Prep on an hourly basis. Not a day went by when he didn't feel like what his father told him he was every time he got fed up and hit him, worthless. Nothing that was what he was. His father couldn't stand him. This was for the very simple reason of him not being like his older brother, Itachi. Itachi was a genius, the only reason he wasn't already done with college by now was because he had refused to skip grades. Sasuke never understood why, after all Itachi thrived on advancement. But because Sasuke didn't have the drive to become a successful business man like Itachi, he was the disappointment. And his father liked to point that out every chance he got. When his father would come home after particularly hard days at work, he would drink, and then it wasn't just verbal abuse. Sasuke couldn't count the number of times he had hid in his closet just to be drug out by his father to be screamed at and beaten. His mother turned a blind eye. He was never beaten in front of anyone, but he felt that she knew what was happening to her son. She was just too submissive and cowardly to say anything against it.

He grew up hearing everyday that he was nothing, and over time he began to believe it, he stopped taking as good of care of himself as he used to. He stopped eating, sleep hardly ever came and when it did it was a fitful sleep fraught with nightmares.

The kids at school didn't help his self-esteem or sense of self-worth at all. No, they had made it even worse. Many of the upperclassmen had taken to constantly harassing Sasuke about everything. One group in particular seemed to like tormenting him above all others. Naruto Uzumaki, Kiba Inuzuka, Chouji Akimichi, Neji Hyuuga, and the rest of their little group were two years a head of him in school. They were the star jocks in a multitude of sports, which included bullying Sasuke at every given opportunity. Sasuke had ignored it, and kept all of his pain inside until one day he went to his locker only to find that it had been pried open and two of his full sketchbooks were completely destroyed.

Sasuke had run out of the school crying that day, it had finally gotten to be too much. When he arrived at the empty house he grabbed one of his mother's unattached razors. That was first time he ever cut himself, December 13th, his birthday. He had cut everyday from then on.

Sasuke knew that they picked on him because of the way that he looked. But he also knew that they picked on him because of his sexual orientation. It was no secret that Sasuke was gay, and it wasn't a secret because his dearest brother announced it to his friends, who spread the word naturally, so the school knew the very first day he walked through those big stupid blue doors. He and his brother were not on good terms, but neither were they ever on bad terms. Really, they weren't on any type of terms. Ever since Sasuke could remember, his brother had pretended that he didn't exist, he didn't know why, it was just Itachi and he often treated everybody oddly. Sometimes he was grateful for it, one less person to make his life miserable. Other times he felt that Itachi's silence and indifference was worse anything he could have said or did. At least if he was tormenting him he was acknowledging his existence.

The silence just further proved how worthless and meaningless he was.

That was the attitude he had gone into his new school with. He had tried drugs once or twice over that summer, but he didn't like how they made him feel even more out of control than he already was, not to mention getting drugs meant having money, something he was lacking at that time in his life. So he had stuck to cutting, until his roommate found out about and started to do something about it.

Gaara Sabaku wasn't the most social person in the world; in fact most people were afraid of him. It wasn't that he was violent or gave people a reason to be afraid of him, he was just intimidating. He was also very quiet, almost more so than Sasuke, so they lived in relative harmony. They were neither friends nor enemies, and they barely said a word to each other while they went through the first few weeks of the school year. One day Gaara came back from class and found Sasuke lying in the bathroom doorway, apparently he had cut a bit to deep and after not eating the whole day he had gotten weak and passed out. Gaara cleaned his wounds and took care of him until he came to. He wasn't going to say anything, it would go against his nature, but Gaara recognized the pain in Sasuke's eyes and couldn't just let him go on suffering. He had slowly befriended the raven-haired tragedy and had shown him that he had a purpose, he wasn't worthless, and that there was someone who gave a damn about him.

Over the rest of the year Sasuke had begun to make a small group of friend. There was Shikamaru Nara, an unknown genius who preferred his bass far more than advanced calculus, he was extremely lazy and would often complain about being woken up when they decided to do anything but he tagged along never the less. There was Shino Aburame, who had a keen interest in bugs, but loved his guitar with equal fervor, he was extremely quiet. Then there was Hinata Hyuuga, a painter, Sasuke was wary of her because of her connection to Neji, but her shy personality and genuine care soon won him over, now she was like a sister to him. Deidara is the only senior among the group; he's the drama freak of the group, and also the one to initiate most of their conversations. There was also Die, the prankster of the group, he played the drums and you could recognize him just by looking at his hair; it was done so that the sides were short but the middle got longer the closer to the forehead you got making the longest piece come down to his chin and cover one eye, not to mention it was blue. Then of course there was Gaara, who pulled him out of his depression and self-depreciation, while they were becoming friends it surprised him how much they had in common. Though Gaara wasn't much of an artist when it came to the 2D plane, he had an amazing voice and while Sasuke wrote the lyrics, Gaara would put them into a song.

Gaara, Die, Shino, and Shikamaru had a band called Espoir. Sasuke was fluent in French, as well as Japanese and English, one day back when the band was forming Gaara had asked what the French word for Hope was. Sasuke told him and that became their name. Sasuke asked him why once; Gaara just told him that their entire group of artists symbolized Hope, so that was what the band would be called. Deidara had once said how it was funny that they had a French name yet sung in Japanese, Gaara had just shrugged and Die had chuckled.

So, Sasuke wrote the lyrics, and the band played them. Mostly Hinata, Deidara, and himself would sit in the auditorium that they practiced in and listened to them play. Sometimes they would be struck by inspiration and they too would go to work as the band rolled out songs. Hinata would set up her easel, Sasuke would set up his easel or grab his sketch book, and Deidara would grab the script of whatever play he was working on and begin scribbling away.

Life was good for once, Sasuke smiled now, he laughed more freely, and while he still very cynical and slightly untrusting, he was happy. Gaara didn't have to worry about coming into their shared room and find him curled up bleeding from the wrists. But more than that, he finally had somewhere he belonged; he didn't feel like he was alone in the world with no one to go to. He had his friends, no, his family. That was all he needed, and no one could take that away from him.

Sasuke sighed and brought one of those pale, graceful, artist's hands to touch the cool glass of the darkened window. He gave a small smile of contentment before returning to the book he had been reading before he chose to stop and admire the storm. He clicked the lamp on the bedside table back on, casting a warm glow around the spacious room. He and Gaara's dorm was on the top floor, though most considered that a disadvantage, it was actually one of the biggest dorms on campus. It was more like a small apartment rather than a dorm actually. The top three dorms in four separate buildings were reserved for the kids who were abandoned with no other place to go. Apparently it one of Tsunade's earlier additions. They both shared a rather spacious room with one bathroom; there was also a small living room with a little kitchen area attached. While both Sasuke and Gaara had a job, they just didn't make enough money to afford there own place, along with groceries, and other essential living needs. So Tsunade provided the shelter, running water, electricity, and conditioning system, while the kids paid for groceries and other such things if they had jobs.

Sasuke wasn't sure about all the other inhabitants in his and Gaara's situation. He knew Die and Deidara shared the apartment next to theirs, and he knew that two girls named Rikku and Paine shared the one below. He also knew a senior named Haku who lived in another building, they were pretty good friends, but he didn't know who he lived with. Other than that though he had no clue. Hinata, Shino, and Shikamaru all had families and lived in the smaller dorms during the school year and returned home during long holidays and summer break. Some might have thought it would be boring to live all that time in a school, but it was a private school, so while they didn't really have any sports, they did have a big inside pool and a tennis court. Then there was the monstrous library that was located in the west hall. Besides, there was still work, his art, and hanging out with the Gaara, Deidara, and Die since the others usually went on vacation with their parents. There wasn't really any boredom to speak of; actually it was usually very busy.

Sasuke smiled as he heard a loud "bam" from next door. It was probably Deidara trying a stunt for his newest play, he didn't write action filled plays, but there were sometimes elements that were rather dangerous to perform. His thoughts suddenly turned from his friends reckless antics to the new conditions the school would be undergoing this year. Sasuke furrowed his eyebrows, into a frustrated expression. All of the students of Konoha Prep would now be taking their classes at the Art Institute of Konoha, it being the biggest school in the area. As of 10:00 pm Saturday, July 4th, all their regular core classes would be taken with the students of Konoha Prep, Sasuke didn't yet know how the teachers would be teaching simultaneously, but really that was a minor detail. All the guys who had tormented him would be seniors this year, which meant that they would be in the same vicinity as him. Somehow, he just didn't think that would be the best situation, he certainly didn't want to see them, and who knows what Gaara and the others would do if they came into contact.

"You look pensive, is something wrong?" Gaara's voice made Sasuke jump in surprise. The raven haired teen turned in the comfy chair to look at the other teen. Gaara had gone through a growth spurt during the summer; he was now standing at about 5'11'' and didn't look as thin as he did when Sasuke had met him, thanks to Sasuke's cooking. But the short messy red hair and pale mint green eyes were still the same as always.

"No just thinking about the upcoming year." Sasuke said, getting up to help Gaara with the grocery bags that were in his hands. "Are there more in the car?"

Gaara shook his head in a negative sign, "If they try anything, I'll personally make their throats smile." Gaara had a cold glint in his eyes, cluing Sasuke into the fact that he was completely serious.

"Please don't do anything like that Gaara." Sasuke replied quietly as he put the milk in the refrigerator.

Gaara leaned against the kitchen counter and looked at Sasuke with a thoughtful gaze, "You're way too nice Sasuke. They don't deserve it."

"You're right they don't." Sasuke whispered, "But I don't want you to get into any trouble. If you want to beat the shit out of them that's fine, just make sure it's not on school campus and that you don't kill them. I'd rather you didn't land yourself in jail for 1st degree murder."

Gaara chuckled, "I wouldn't really kill them, but it would be pretty damn close."

Sasuke sighed in exasperation, "I know, and now that you've said that I'd rather you didn't physically harm them unless they do anything. I know I wouldn't be able to talk you out of it then."

Gaara pushed himself off the counter and walked over to Sasuke. He ruffled his hair and gave him a small smile, "You're damn right. I'll take care of the rest of this, why don't you start dinner?"

Cooking always calmed Sasuke down, Gaara knew that. Sasuke smiled at the suggestion and nodded. However, even cooking couldn't keep Sasuke's mind from thinking about what tomorrow would bring. Yes, this was definitely some sort of irony, and though Sasuke usually found irony funny, he was certainly not amused.


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