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Outside of the Konoha Ninja Academy, Kiba found a certain blonde Kunoichi swinging by herself. She wasn't swinging very high, and her face was pointing down towards the ground. She stopped pumping with her legs and slowly came to a stop, and Kiba wasn't sure, but he thought that he'd seen a few tears hit the ground. He walked towards her, with Akamaru at his heels.

"Ino...?" Kiba said, his voice quiet. Ino's body stiffened. What was dog boy doing here? She ignored him, hoping that he'd go away if she did. She didn't want to fight with him right now, she wasn't in the mood. "What are you doing here all by yourself?" He asked. Ino sighed, here comes the fight.

"Well, I was enjoying the quiet, but I guess that's over!" Ino said. She covered up her sadness with anger, there was no way that she'd let him see her cry. Ninja weren't supposed to cry. For a minute Kiba seemed to look surprised and hurt, Ino noted, but then he growled.

"Fine! I don't care why you're here anyway! The important thing is that I found you," Kiba yelled. Now it was Ino's turn to look surprised. Why was Kiba looking for her? They didn't know each very well and rarely were around each other, and when they were, they usually fought.

"Why were you looking for me?" Ino asked him, confused.

"Tsunade-sama wants to see us," Kiba said. He turned around and began walking away, heading towards the Hokage Place. Ino sighed and followed him. Kiba had been looking all over for her, and her she was, not too far away from the place he'd started the search. They walked into the Hokage's Place and then entered Tsunade-sama's office. The blonde hokage looked up at them as they entered.

"Good, your here," She said in a business-like tone. "I have a mission for you two." Kiba and Ino both groaned, they were going to be stuck on a mission together. Tsunade chose to ignore their groans and plowed on. "You two will be traveling to Takigakure, in the Land of the Water Fall. Joushi has requested body guards for his daughter, Odori. Odori is competing in a dancing competition. Whoever wins the competition gets the special honor of dancing lead in the Waterfall Fesitval. Odori and another girl Shisshi are the favorites to win. Netamashii is Shisshi's father and Joushi is worried that he might be planning to kill Odori. So that's where you two come in."

"When do we leave?" Ino asked, sitting forward in her chair.

"Tonight, as soon as possible," Tsunade-sama said. Ino's eyes widened in shock, and Kiba couldn't help but laugh. Ino turned and shot him a dirty look before looking back at the hokage.

"Tonight?" She asked in an almost whiney voice. She didn't want to leave tonight, she was too sad and hurt.

"I believe that is what I said," Tsunade said, "Now move along, you need to arrive in Takigakure soon. The closer it gets to the competition, the more danger Odori is in." The hokage waved her hands, dismissing them from her office. Ino and Kiba stood up to leave. When they were outside of the Hokage Place, Kiba turned to her.

"Go pack your stuff, I'll carry the tent, some ration bars, and my clothes. Make sure you bring some ration bars too, and maybe some spices if we choose to eat something fresh or cook," Kiba said. He paused and thought for a few minutes. "Oh-, and make sure you bring some medical things. And your clothes too, we wouldn't want you to forget those."

"Why can't I bring my tent too?" Ino asked. When she went on missions with Shikamaru and Chouji, they all brought their own individual tents. Kiba laughed.

"My tent can hold up to six people, I always bring it for missions and we all sleep in it together. So if there was to be an attack, we would all be together in one spot. That eliminates some confusion. Also, it saves on room. If we only have one tent, we can carry other stuff with us," Kiba answered. Ino glared at him, but he was right.

"Fine, whatever!" She said, upset that he was right. Kiba smiled that cocky grin of his.

"Ok, lets meet at the gates in an hour," He said. Ino put her hands on her hips and glared at him again.

"Who died and made you boss?" She asked, angry that he was bossing her around.

"Heh, no one died. I'm just a natural born leader!" He replied. Ino smiled and leaned forward.

"Then why is Shino always bossing you around?" She asked quietly and then walked away. "Fine, I'll meet you in an hour," She called back at him as she walked down the road to her house. Kiba watched her walk away with his fists clenched. He couldn't believe he was stuck on a mission with her. He sighed again and walked to his own home, in the opposite direction. Akamaru looked at Ino getting smaller off in the distance before running after Kiba.

Ino turned around and saw Kiba sulking off to his house. She sighed again, this was going to be a long mission. It was only a few minutes after Tsunade-sama dismissed them, and they already were fighting. Why had Tsunade-sama paired them up. She could have put her with Chouji. But he was already on an important mission. She went through all the possibilities of who should could have gotten paired up with, but it seemed they were the only ones able to go on the mission. She pushed open the door to her house and went to her room, she only had an hour to pack and meet Kiba at the gates.

Kiba walked to his house in silence, he was in a bad mood now. Ino always put him in a bad mood. Akamaru looked up and whined, he noticed his owner's bad mood. Kiba bent down and scratched his dog under the chin, reassuring him that everything was ok. He scooped the dog up and placed him in his jacket, the dog barked and snuggled into the warm fabric of the jacket. Kiba smiled and resumed walking to his house, as long as he had Akamaru, he could put up with that bitch Ino.