A/N: Well. Instead of drawing attention to this, I was going to just reply back to the guy…girl…heshe…whatever…but I feel the need to set the record straight. I'm trying not to get crazy-mad or anything. So I'll try to address this calmly.

Here's the review:

Review From: skeptical ()

i've only read til chap 2
however, some parts of this fic are way too similar to 'ino's lament' by

1. 1 tent
2. ino late
3. ino counts before following kiba

that's just the first 2 chaps. no fun.


1. I've watched Naruto, and on one episode (the one where they go on the mission to retrieve the tracking bug and Hinata did the whole dance thing in the water, and Naruto was with them. During the fillers.) Kiba's team sleeps in one tent. ONE TENT.

2. Ino was not late! She just didn't get there as soon as Kiba would have liked.

3. Counting to ten is a common way to calm oneself down.

Also, lots of literature and movies have similar things in them.

But if you read on, you'll find that my story is very different, and has a completely different story line.

You judged my story on the first two chapters, and basically accused me of copying Ino's Lament because of a few insignificant things and really had no idea what you were talking about.

Those are just off base assumptions. No fun.