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No one mourns the traitor.

Those who once cared about him are those he betrayed, and so they cannot grieve his death. He cannot bring them back, nor would he want to. Even in afterlife, he will not face them, for he is a coward and will be for eternity. The death of a lowly house-elf will bring about more tears than his own departing.

His master never considered him to be a worthy follower, and in any case, the monster (for he was not remotely human) could not love or even care for anyone or anything else. Lord Voldemort would be more than glad to be rid of the old, spineless rat. The silver hand had been his gift, after all.

The others, the new 'friends' he gained in exchange for the old ones, will not weep for him either. He was an outcast among them. Not welcome, not wanted, and certainly not respected as an equal.

Alone in the world of the living, and destined to be alone in the world of the dead.

He is, however, not to be pitied. The choices that led to this fate were entirely his own.

Those who fought against the Dark Lord died as heroes, and will be remembered as such. They will have decent funerals, with family members and friends who cry over their dead bodies. He will have none of this.

No one mourns the traitor.