7 Minutes in Heaven

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7 Minutes in Heaven.

The true meaning, to such a saying,

Wasn't just a game with simple playing.

Who had started it was just unknown,

Yet because of it, a romance is shown…

-- --

"MAII!!! No I'm not going! Its just a stupid party!!"

Natsuki pulled back on her arm, but the 14-year-old busty-chested orange haired girl managed to pull her a few inches further.

"Natsuki!!! Its Prince Reito's party! Hello!!! The most hottest guy in the kingdom!!! Plus, he's rich! Who knows what will happen if we go to the party, and I want to know why we even got INVITED!"

Natsuki grimaced. "Mai, I really don't want to go! I don't even like Kanzaki!"

Pulling her arm back from Mai, she massaged it a bit when it started to hurt from Mai's tight grasp. After making the sore muscles better, she looked back at Mai. "Anyways, I thought you like Tate!"

"Not anymore, I like Prince Reito dammit, PRINCE REITO!!!"

Mai even stomped her ground when she re-pronounced Reito's name. Scratching her orange-flamed hair, she tried to think of an excuse for Natsuki to go. Indeed, Reito's invitation would only be accepted if BOTH Natsuki and Mai went, which meant Mai couldn't go empty-handed.

"Natsuki, please. For once in your life, even if you hate those royalty so much, JUST. GO!"

The raven haired young teen spun around and faced away from her friend, irritated that she couldn't just leave. And truthfully, she sensed Mai's wanting to go, it was a strong force, and not because she was her best friend, but because it was something right to do; not to have your own needs, but to help others have theirs, a rule Natsuki herself made up. Unfortunately, in there country, the Royalty was Vice Versa "Ugh…fine! Just stop being a melodramatic love-struck hysterical person!"

Aghast by the fact that the always-irritated-cool-and-collected Kuga Natsuki hadn't really put much of a fight up, Mai clapped her hands and did a little 'hurrah' before flinging herself and Natsuki yards and yards away and suddenly in front of the Mansion gates.

Natsuki held her stomach as she felt nausea build up, not even wanting and/or trying to ask how in the world Mai had done that. A loud bell rung throughout the front yard of the new-aged-castle when Mai rung the doorbell.

An intercom buzzed at first, before shouting off directions. "Hello Visitor, this is the Kanzaki Residence. If you don't have an Invitation, please leave."

There was a minute of silence before the automated voice from the machine on the wall spoke up again. "Okay. Step one, put the invitation on the scanner. Step two, put the two guests hands on the hand scan. Step three, press the intercom twice and speak both of your names in. Step four, take a strand of hair from both heads and into the DNA Scanner. Step five, put in your birthdates, favorite color, shoe size, and your 'three sizes' through the touch-screen computer. Thank you, and goodbye."

A part of the wall lifted up, amazing the two friends of the technology when all the scanners were shown. "Wow. God knows what science can do these days."


Kanzaki Reito walked into the big room, full of the selected invited people from the academy. Smiling brightly, cheers and clapping erupted and everyone granted him a happy birthday. The room started to have a huge wave when most of them ran up to pat him or something. He slowly approached one of them, but yet was hidden by the mass amount of people surrounding him.

Quietly whispering a few words into her ear, he backed off before smiling like a gentlemen and to greet his fellow party people.

The girl's heart skipped a beat, it being no longer full of determination. Oh, how she wanted those eyes to stay with her, but some things she must do alone. Scared of any consequences, she hesitated before she started to walk.

The chatter around her echoed, but slowly quieted in her head as she blocked them out. Hearing her fast-paced heart beat she trembled and fluttered her eyes open.

The doors opened again, and most of the room turned to see the two nervous girls walk in, a sign she and Reito made up. Letting herself back into the loud, tiring reality, she looked around at the chatter. Most of them wanting to talk to her. Ignoring the pleas of dates or anything else, her glassy red eyes searched around the room.

Finding what she was searching for, she smiled to her little 'group'. "Excuse me, if you must, but I would like to go to the bathroom. And I really don't want to be interrupted!" she hoped they got the message.

The 16-year-old 5'3" brunette elegantly walked towards her destination, and many people rushed to make way for her. She smiled at them, showing no fear, yet inside, her heart beat faster than It ever did.

If all goes wrong, she would have to plan and regain confidence before trying it again. Truthfully, even if many admired her, she never really had much self-esteem. They always wanted her beauty, and now if she wasn't able to act quickly, then her parents might match her up with someone who wouldn't truly love her.

And the reason she was doing this, was because there was just something about the girl. Even if she didn't know her at all, never spoke to her at all, and only gazed upon her from distances, she could see a gentle soul.

A pure, beautiful soul; just like an angel's.

Inhaling, she tried to steady her heart beat, letting the hammering in her chest calm down, but yet she still felt scared. Her confidence was loosing out on her, and at such a time. She had spent months, just trying to build her mental state stronger for the penalties and the outcome of it.

She won't be broken anymore.

Feeling as if time stopped around her, her breathing slowed down, and once again, reality zoomed out. Except for her, who stood out amongst the crowd.

She turned around, looking uncertain in the crowd, feeling the glares. That was when she could hear the whispers.

"What are two civilians doing here?"

"Their blood, such a stench!"

"Oh no, look, I bet they are about to get kicked out!"

"I know!! Look at the way Prince Reito is staring at them, ugh. I hope he does it no-"

"That is enough." My voice, almost shaky at first, regained its composure. How dare they treat them like that. Though I was more of higher power than them, they should not speak of one who was also them.

The two girl's bowed in apology, showing her the invitation they got. I spent a few seconds examining it, before looking up and examining the two. But of course, my vision went straight to the one who entranced me the whole time, the one who I secretly admired.

Such a gentle person, so diligent, honest, and speaks the truth. So much better than the filthy liars on my level.

"S-sorry, if you w-want us to leave…"

I wanted to cry at the breaking of her voice, it was scared. She knew they thought she didn't belong, but who are they to say that? She was apart of them, silly country. A felt a warm hand touch my back, breaking me out of my sudden state.

Before talking, he whispered into my ear again. "Change of plans."

Prince Reito slowly moved forward, and bowed to the two young girls who were astonished by the sight. He tenderly took the girl with the orange hair and kissed her hand, before snapping into the air cueing the musicians to play elegant music. I smiled at the two, but then when I thought about it again, I had lost.

My plan had failed, but would I be able to wait again? To wait so long for a simple conversation, what was I becoming?

"Thank you…"

My ears perked up at her voice, it was full of sincere. I look to see the raven-haired beauty bowing. "No, please don't bow. I don't like seeing people say such things about each other."

My heart was jumping one minute, then tearing the other. Her face became crooked in sadness for a brief moment, and I was once again thrust into a well of being petrified.

Her words were harsh, but only because it was her opinion, and her view on this life. I respected that.

"You liar. Tell me princess, why would you care at all? You're probably thinking that I'm some kind of germ right now! I bet you just want to do this so I can be another fan of yours…well not anymore! Mai's here and happy, so I'm leaving."

My eyes sought out for her forest green eyes, mad or not, and I grabbed her shoulder. "Wai-"

She smacked my hand, and raised her voice. "Don't touch me!!! Call us filthy, but its because you people stain us!!!"

Of course, I froze, guilty of what she said. And yet I was more guilty for causing her to shout. No, I didn't want her to shout, I didn't want her to have the burden of being angry.

I want her to be happy…

She started heading out, and I froze there. A lot of people, mostly girls, rushed up to me, 'comforting' me. Some sneered at her.

Oh how she was right. They only wanted my because of what I was. And I hated it too.

How on Earth am I supposed to get her too like me then? My confidence broke again, and inside, I was left in the dark floor of my mind as an ugly creature. It's the truth.

Well, I could tell her we both had something in common, because of now, we both think that.

---------. --------------------. -----------------------------------.


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