A//N: Short chapter


7 Minutes in Heaven.


Natsuki could presume it was dawn, and Shizuru was still knocked out. At times she could hear the running of footsteps below, her heart freezing when some seemed like they got close.

"Damn…what the hell have I gotten in to…"

Natsuki looked at the sleeping princess, and rubbed her forehead. Thinking, Natsuki decided it would be best if she escaped while the guards were busy searching for the Princess.

If not that, then them busy trying to kill her for taking the princess.

Sighing, the raven-haired girl crawled to the window and looked down, seeing a bit of a vine that went straight down into the garden. Gulping, the girl started to swing her leg out and place her but on the ledge.

Oh my god. Don't look down….don't look down… Natsuki looked down and yelped, her foot losing balance as she fell out the window.

Falling, she landed in a bush, hurting her back immensely, and alerting some guards.

"I think I heard her over here!"

Natsuki jumped down into the bush, peering through the tiny holes and seeing the guards pass them.

"Okay, now I can ge-" t home. Oh, my god. I can't go home, I left The Princess in the tower, and she's still knocked out!? What if she has some sort a health problem and needs attention…OH CRAP!

Natsuki jumped up, and started to climb up the vines. Shaking, she carefully hoped that they wouldn't break, or that the guards didn't see her on the wall. But she had luck, and possibly some good one, because neither happened.

After 10 minutes, Natsuki rushed up the tower to find Shizuru still there. Sighing in relief, Natsuki shook Shizuru to make sure she wasn't at least dead. Shizuru stirred a bit, but then jolted wide open.

"NO!" she screamed, alarming Natsuki who jumped back from the sudden outburst.

Shizuru took a minute to examine her surroundings, but then her eyes became fixated on Natsuki. "K-K-K-Kuga-san! W-what's going on!?"

"Ah, um, that guy, uh, he…you…you fainted, and I beat the crap outta the guy, and I picked you up, but the guards probably misunderstood me for kidnapping you…"

Shizuru absorbed the information, nodding to what had happened. She connected it throughtout her mind; the boy was probably without a doubt Makoto, and he most likely reassured the guards that Shizuru was being kidnapped. Which meant Natsuki was in big trouble.