Alternate Ending

Still in the dimension in which they had been fighting in the Senshi of the Moon stood and watched as Cosmos prepared to heal the Dark Senshi who had been trapped in ice by one of Cosmic Mercury's attacks. Cosmos raised her staff as the Ginzuishou began to glow. "Cosmic Moon….."

Suddenly a blast came from above shattering the ice into dust. When the smoke cleared the Dark Senshi were gone and in their place stood the Doom and Gloom Girls. "We killed you," yelled Cosmic Jupiter.

"Why did you do that?" cried Cosmos as a tear ran down her face. "I was going to heal them."

"They were insignificant," said the leader.

"No one is insignificant," Cosmos told them.

"Faith and love are merely illusions," she replied. "We should have done the job ourselves and not relied on others to get the job done."

"Enough talking," yelled Cosmic Uranus as her sword disappeared turning back into her crystal. The rest of the Senshi's swords turned back into their crystal forms and the light of their crystals washed over them.

Cosmos raised her right hand above her head. "Moonlight Dragon!" she yelled as moonlight shone down from the sky and engulfed her. A silver line started at her shoulder and wrapped around her arm ending at her wrist. Her right hand was now a silver dragon head with yellow eyes.

Cosmic Mercury raised her right hand above her head with her palm opened to the heavens. "Ice Dragon!" said Cosmic Mercury as ice blue lighting crackled in the sky and converged on her right arm. When the air cleared Ami had a spiral of ice down her right arm starting at her shoulder and ending at her hand which was not in the shape of a dragon head with purple eyes.

Cosmic Mars raised her right hand above her head as she yelled, "Fire Dragon!" A circle of fire formed around her feet then formed a wall around her. When the fire faded Mars had a line of fire running down her right arm starting at her shoulder and ending at her wrist. Her right hand was now a yellow, red, orange, and white flaming dragon head with blue eyes.

Cosmic Jupiter raised her right hand above her head as lighting started to crackle in the sky. "Lighting Dragon!" yelled Cosmic Jupiter as lighting struck her raised hand. The lighting formed a white green ball and then snaked around her right arm ending at the top of her shoulder. When the bright light had faded Jupiter had a white green bolt of lighting spiraling down her arm ending at her wrist. Her right hand now was covered in crackling lighting which formed a pale green dragon head with white eyes.

Cosmic Venus raised her right hand above her head as she started to glow orange. Closing her eyes Venus yelled, "Crescent Dragon!" A band of orange stars formed at her fist and swirled around her arm ending with a burst of yellow crescent moons. Cosmic Venus had an orange line of light twisting down her right arm ending at her wrist. An orange dragon head with yellow eyes now covered her right hand.

Cosmic Pluto raised her right hand above her head as a grey lavender mist began to swirl around her body. "Time Dragon!" she yelled as the mist concentrated on her right arm covering her arm completely. There are a maroon line starting at her shoulder and spiraling down to her wrist. Her right hand was covered by a maroon dragon hair which had black eyes.

Cosmic Uranus closed her eyes as a dark blue tornado swirled around her right hand which was raised above her head. "Wind Dragon!" yelled Cosmic Uranus as the tornado touched her right shoulder and spiraled down her right arm. The tornado made a dark blue swirling line from her shoulder to her wrist and engulfed her right hand ending in a dark blue dragon head with yellow eyes.

Cosmic Neptune threw her right hand above her head as her arm was engulfed in water. Cosmic Neptune yelled, "Water Dragon!" and in a powerful rush the water consumed her arm making an aqua colored trail from her right shoulder to her right wrist. Cosmic Neptune's right hand was completely covered by an aqua dragon head with dark blue eyes.

Cosmic Saturn holding her right arm above her head as purple ribbons encased her arm. "Death Dragon!" shouted Cosmic Saturn as the purple ribbons turned into one ribbon which spiraled around her right arm from her shoulder to her wrist. A purple dragon head with white eyes rested over her right hand.

Cosmic Moon raised her right hand above her head as moonlight shone from the sky. "Pink Moonlight Dragon!" yelled Cosmic Moon as a pink heart appeared above her right arm and shattered into dust mixing with the moonlight. When the pink dust cleared there was a pink silver line wrapping around her right arm that started from her shoulder and ending at her wrist. A pink dragon's head with red eyes covered her right hand.

"Cosmic Dragon," the Senshi yelled as the dragon combine into one single dragon. The dragon reared back its head and sped toward the Doom and Gloom Girls.

The Doom and Gloom Girls had been powering up at the same time and the leader just laughed as the attack sped toward them. "Doom Illusions," yelled the Doom and Gloom Girls shooting their attack towards the Senshi.

The Cosmic Dragon almost seemed to smile as the attack sped toward it. The dragon opened its jaws and swallowed the attack continuing on its path toward the Doom and Gloom Girls. When the Cosmic Dragon reached the Doom and Gloom Girls it separated into each separate dragon and devoured each girl at the same time.

"No," screamed the leader at the silver dragon reared up in front of her before clamping its jaws over her whole body.

"Yes," cried Cosmos jumping up and down. "We got them!"

"That was too easy," Cosmic Jupiter and Uranus said.

"Something is not right," Cosmic Mars told them as the dust cleared.

"Pathetic," she growled motioning her sisters to join her. As they held their hands out in front of them energy began to form in a crackling sphere. "Now it is our turn!" As the sphere became larger the girls shot the sphere toward the Senshi. The Senshi of the Moon did not even have any time to move before being hit by the sphere. It felt like they were getting burnt and electrocuted at the same time also while being it with millions of sharp blades. Energy ripped through them extracting a diamond of some form. When the sphere faded the Senshi lay on the ground broken, bruised, and bloodied as the crystals floated over to the leader of the Doom and Gloom Girls.

"Good thing we watched Galaxia," the orange girl spoke.

"Yes," the leader smiled looking at the star seeds in her hand. "Now these brats will never be reborn into this world or any other world again." With one swift motion she let the star seeds hover in front of her before blasting them at point blank range leaving nothing in their place.

Back at the shrine Mamoru, the Shitennou, and the cats cried out in pain. "She is gone," whispered Mamoru a tear slid down his cheek.

"Usagi," cried Luna burying her head into Artemis' fur.

"Princess," whispered Diana also burying her head into Artemis's fur while he rested his head on Luna.

Nephrite sat on the steps and buried his head in his hands while Kunzite lost his composure and crumpled to the ground in grief. Zoisite just sat there not believing what had happened. The angriest of the Shitennou slid down the wall he had been leaning on not even trying to stop the tears that flowed from his eyes.

Rei's grandfather calmly walked to the back of the shrine where his daughter was buried. "Forgive me," he told her with tears in his eyes. "Rei will be joining you before I will."

Finally Mamoru stood up with the support of Kunzite. "We have to find them and give them a proper burial." The other nodded as Luna, Artemis, and Diana transformed into their human forms. "Crystal Tokyo will never come to be but I will fight for my planet until my last breath," Mamoru told them.

"We are beside you," the group told Mamoru.

Dark Senshi by DavisJes

Dark Senshi DavisJes 2006-2007

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