Title: We'll Carry On

Rating: T

Disclaimer: not mine, never will be mine. No money is being made. Plain and simple right?

Summery: Sequel to Define Human. With the threat of a Decepticon uprising looming overhead Optimus' small team of Autobots it about to get bigger, but is Earth and the few humans that know about them ready for more Autobots and the return of Megatron?

Author Note: so with the ending of Define Human I got a lot of e-mails and PM's with suggestions for Optimus' 'human moments' within the new story. One was that I should give Optimus a girlfriend. I'm terribly sorry for all you people who were hoping but I am a terrible romance writer, I can't write romance worth shit [laughs maybe it's because I don't read romance novels. That and to give Optimus a love interest would require me to make an OC. I dislike OC's I only create them if I need them for a bad guy [hence Seymour but other than that, nope.

Prolog: Recap and expansions


With an angry grumble I fold up the test paper and stuff it angrily into my backpack and storm from the classroom. The hallways are packed as I cut through the Cafeteria, usually from here I would head for the back parking lot where the students have to park but today I turn right and head for the front of the school, a flashback nearly knocking me over of the day my father picked me up to take me car shopping and I bought Bumblebee and opened up a huge can of worms that turned my life upside down. Several days after I purchased the ragged old bright yellow Chevrolet Camero with the thick black racing stripes I discovered it wasn't just a Camero with a radio problem, I found out my car was a giant alien robot warrior from the planet Cybertron.


That was interesting.

And of course, where there was one, there's always more. Thus, Mikaela who had been with me when I discovered my Camero was a robot were introduced to Bumblebee's friends and fellow alien robots. Of course, at the time I thought Bumblebee was huge but compared to the other four Mechanoids we were introduced to Bumblebee was small. Out of the four, save Jazz, towered over my guardian, especially the compassionate and wise Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots standing at a whopping twenty-eight feet tall the Mechanoid cut an impressive figure, one that basically shouted 'I'm not a danger to you but I can do considerable damage if provoked' and damage he did do while battling his arch enemy and sibling Megatron, who stood seven feet taller than Prime and was basically the maniac in the family tree. Determined to gain the Allspark the one thing that could bring life back to the Mechanoid's home world of Cybertron Megatron crash landed here on Earth in the Polar ice caps several hundred years ago and was discovered by my grandfather, who happened to accidentally trigger something within the frozen mayhem inducing Decepticon leader and caused him to become blind. But, a stroke of fate for the Cybertronians was that the location to the Allspark was imprinted on to my Gradfather's glasses, which I had been trying to sell to buy a car.

You see the sick circle of events here?

So yeah, after gaining the Allspark and meeting up with Captain Lennox and his men the battle was taken to the unsuspecting Mission City, where the oldest battle not recorded in history took place among the Autobots, patriots of freedom and all that is good and the enslaving and dominating Decepticons who were hell bent on controlling Earth. The battle that waged in the confines of the massive city saw the death of one of the Autobot's and three of the Decepticons, including their psychopathic leader Megatron. Of course I had a hand in helping with the outcome of that battle by pushing the Allspark into the Decepticon's chest, basically overloading his internal systems and killing him. Ratchet later explained to me that the Allspark was raw power once used to give energy and animation to their home world but when that raw power was introduced to the spark of Megatron is acted negatively and basically shorted out the other's spark.

Score one for the 'clever insect'.

Now, with the source of energy and hope for their planet gone the Autobots have no reason to leave Earth and have decided to call this their home. The Secretary of Defense and a limited amount of people actually know about the Autobots and Decepticons, including myself, Mikaela, Maggie Madson, Glen Whitman, Captain Lennox, his wife and his team. Other than that, no one else knows.

With the exception of my parents

And Sector Seven

And Jacob Seymour

I frown, that sure is a lot of people.

Pushing my way through the main doors and scan the loading area out in front of the school, eyes looking for either the transformed Ironhide (a black GMC Sierra pick up with a custom exhaust system and a lift kit) or Jazz, who took on the form of a brand new Pontiac Solstic before he was ripped apart by Megatron in the Mission city battle. I find neither but a loud air horn draws my attention to the very front of the loading area where I find the red, blue and orange flamed unhitched eighteen wheeler earth form of Optimus Prime waiting. I shake my head and jog across the school yard, ignoring the glaring looks from the other students as I haul myself up into the cab of the transformed diesel. Optimus' holographic projections smiles grimly at me and for a moment I find myself slightly shocked to see the human form of Optimus sitting in… well Optimus' cab.

Oh yeah, after being attacked by Barricade in a hit and run tactic Ironhide calls 'cowardly and an unsound method' Optimus had been changed into a human being by several hundred micro organisms known as Micro Merrimac, a creation that was supposed to be used for the good of man kind. The creator, a Jacob Seymour, had been in one of the buildings that Optimus crashed into while battling Megatron, rendering him a paraplegic and his father dead. So, in an act of revenge somehow (none of us really know) he manipulated Barricade, the Decepticon and transformed Saleen Mustang cop car into turning Optimus human and then bringing him to be tortured and later killed for his own revenge. But, of course nothing goes as planned and after receiving a call from Agent Simmons who gave us all the information of his employer we arrived to find Optimus out of his mind mad and with severe damage. Seymour for all we knew was dead after Optimus hit the man with his massive fist but still to this day Optimus refuses to talk about what happened in that moment of freak out he had before attacking his own men and being off-lined by Ratchet and no one asks. Well, wherever Optimus went during that time he obviously spoke to Jazz, who was dead and was given the transforming power of being able to become human at will by the Cybertronian god Primus and the other Prime's before him.

Pretty cool power if you ask me.

Then, after somehow pissing off the past Primes Jazz was sent back, mainly because Primus I guess couldn't deal with the cheeky and joker bot. Needless to say the group was quite happy to have both Optimus and Jazz back from the dead. With the whole Seymour issue taken care of we all figured our lives would return to normal, which is has.

"How's Bumblebee's check up going?" I ask and a soft rumble comes from the engine and I know Optimus just gave a chuckle as he shifts quickly away from the school.

"He was about ready to blast the posterior plates off Ironhide before I left." He mutters and the holographic Optimus shakes his head slowly. When I first saw the human form of Optimus I had been a little shocked. In human form Optimus is about thirty if not a little over with graying hair cropped close to his head and a battle weary and tired face lined with worry lines. If I didn't know better Optimus looked like your average guy walking down the street, okay, battle hardened and badly scarred but still fairly normal. Until you look at his eyes. The bright, almost glowing blue of his alien eyes sends shivers down your spine. Compasison, wisdom and great sadness make up most of the expressions within those naked alien eyes, but along with those a haunted looks has crept into them.

Eyes of a wild, untamed man who hasn't lived an easy life and resigned himself to the fact that he will probably die fighting in the end for a cause he will only overcome once dead.

Those are the eyes that are looking at me now through the holograph and I can't help but feel slightly humbled by Optimus sometimes. He's seen so much, endured hardships I can't even dream of and is still compassionate and caring about a race that almost killed him.

If I were him I'd want to kill me, just for revenge.

But that's not Optimus Prime, he doesn't think in terms of revenge and destruction and death. He thinks in terms of life, living and working through hatred to accomplish a greater good. If he did think in the terms of revenge and such he'd be a Decepticon and that's something Optimus Prime will never be.

"He should be ready in time to drive you home." Optimus says slowly and I nod, casting a look up at the bright blue sky, finding several clouds but otherwise a clear afternoon. Mikaela and I have plans to go miniature golfing tonight, just me, her and Bumblebee. I frown, leaning closer to the windshield and tracing a flashing object in the sky.

"Optimus, do you see that?" I ask slowly and point up to the sky and the eighteen wheeler rumbles softly before pulling off the road behind a rock formation. I quickly get out and sling my bag over my shoulder and watch as Optimus quickly transforms into his bipedal shape, his optics trained on the flaming object arching across the sky.

"What do you think it is?" I ask slowly and climb onto one of the rock to get a better look as the meteor shaped object slams hard into the earth, a deafening roar. Even at several hundred paces away I can feel the heat rising off the thing and Optimus places his massive hands around me, protecting my 'fleshy' and ' damageable' body behind the protective alien metal that forms his body.

"I don't know Sam. However I think I should go and investigate." He starts, optics trained on the smoking protoform in the distance, I kick at the metal hand, getting Optimus' attention and a glare as I place my hands on my hips

"What's this 'I' I'm in on this too ya know." I shout up at the usually stoic mechanoid who only sighs and nods, gently picking me up and placing me on his massive shoulder. I hold onto the cool exhaust pipes as we move steadily across the desert, Optimus keeping a weathered eye out for any unsuspecting motorists

Ya know, he's not supposed to exist

Within a minute we're upon the slowly unfolding Protoform and I watch in the same fascination as the giant comet shaped being transforms into a bipedal mechanoid. Bright red eyes take in Optimus, who stands still and evenly, not even saying anything as the other Mechanoid lets loose a string of clicks, blips, whistles and shrill electronic screeches. Optimus makes ready to respond in the native Cybertronian language of a supped up Morse code when in the distance the blaring horn of another big rig draws both their attention. The newly arrived Protoform takes in the sight of the blue, white and black car carrier and a bright blue beam scans the rig and quickly the body transforms into an exact copy of the vehicle now passing the sheltering rock formation.

"Wow." I say in awe as the car carrier transforms again into a mechanoid almost as big as Optimus Prime, the helmet about the same shape of the Autobot leader. Bright optics grow distant once more and I know that look, having seen is several times before as the new comer quickly absorbs all the information to be had on the World Wide Web and XM satellite radio before clicking and whistling a greeting. Optimus chuckles deeply and offers out his hand to the newcomer.

"It's called English old friend." He says and the newcomer grasps the Prime's hand in a warm grasp, blue optics nearly sizzling with excitement and life

"Optimus, it's been a long time brother." He greets voice a low rumble much like Optimus' honed with authority but the submission of a lifelong soldier.

"Welcome to Earth." I smile and wave as the Mech's optics turn to me and he cocks his head to the side.

"You have a parasite growing on you brother." He says gravely and for a moment I fear for my life, pressing myself closer to Optimus' air intakes, hoping to avoid any misconception this bot might have. But Optimus only chuckles again and shakes his head

"No brother, this is Sam Whitwicky, hero of our battle." He explains and realization dawns in the bright blue optics

"Than it is an honor Sam Whitwicky. I am Ultra Magnus." He introduces and I find myself already liking this mechanoid. This should be an interesting reunion for the other four Autobots back at the Lennox farm.

I know, fairly boring but it will pick up soon. Also I have several Autobots I will be introducing pretty soon and just as a fair warning they might be a little out of character due to the fact that when the series was premiering I was just a little tyke and only have slight memories of the show as a child and of course, over time as all these shows do they changed the characters into other things with different personalities. I mean seriously, the animated movie came out the year I was born! So most of this is going off of research and such. Also I will be giving everyone pretty cool alternate forms (Perceptor will NOT be a microscope) so i need to hear back some of the Autobots and Decepticons you guys want to see. (PS: No Femme's, they ruin the story line in my opinion. Hate me if you want, but I can't stand Femme's.) Please review and look for chapter one soon.