Title: We'll Carry On

Rating: T

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Summery: Sequel to Define Human. With the threat of a Decepticon uprising looming overhead Optimus' small team of Autobots it about to get bigger, but is Earth and the few humans that know about them ready for more Autobots and the return of Megatron?

Author Note: The final chapter! I am terribly sorry about the length of time between my updates, my schoolwork and work weekend leave me very little time to do much else. But sadly, this story has come to an end. Thank you all so much for your support and reviews during the writing of this story, seriously I would never have finished it without you.

Chapter 15: doesn't change a thing


Ever have one of those days where you know it's going to be a bad one before you even come out of recharge? Yeah, well that's the feeling I'm having right now

A day late and a credit short too might I add.

I give a snarl as the own weaponry slam dead into the Decepticon's creating a massive explosion in mid air. I shout and hit the ground, covering my head with my hands as the fall out of the collision levels everything within the vicinity. Behind their bunker I can hear Hot Rod and Bumblebee shouting, their sharp whistles and clicks almost drowned out by the loud noise. Starscream lets out a horrific whistling click, propelled backwards by his own weaponry. Two more electronic screams accompany the first and I look up briefly to find the twins wresting the other two Aerial bots to the ground, their snarls and sharp whistles screaming profanities. I give a chuckle and haul myself back up, scanning the skies for the meddlesome Starscream. I see a small blazing streak and hope to Primus that the little waste of hardware can't come back. With a heaving grunt I bring myself back up and give a shake of my head.

"My Primus I am way too old for this." Hot Rod whistles something at me and I turn, giving the youngling a stern look before flipping him off before aiming my cannons at Skywarp, who has managed to unsnare himself from the Sideswipes grip of punishment but heavily damaged. I fire and watch with vague satisfaction as the other bot falls a step back, his optics flickering. Without pausing the other quickly transforms and takes to the skies as Sideswipe lets out a whoop.

"Yeah, you better run ya Sucka!" He hollers but quickly turns at his siblings snarl. I aim my cannon but stop, finding the scene before me far too amusing. Sunstreaker is standing on the chest plate of a barely functioning Thundercracker, a bright blue pool starting to gather under several key points.

"Brother, how many times have I told you, your don't win unless they're so heavily damaged they can't move." The bright yellow Viper snarls and digs his heel into his barely functioning opponent.

"Oh right Sunny, just let me get out a vid tablet and take some notes…." Sideswipe snaps back sarcastically and I can see the anger flash briefly across the yellow twin's optics as they narrow.

"You…" he starts and with a final kick to Thundercracker's faceplate, rendering the massive Decepticon offline, the other jumps from the chest to make a grab at his brother.

"Uh sunny, you've got a scratch…." The red twin says and with a soft screech the yellow mech stops and starts scanning his armor while his wise sibling hightails is out of there, making for the bunker Bumblebee and Hot Rod have just stood up from. With a shake of my head I look back at Bumblebee and let my optics scan over him, whistling and clicking softly at him. Bumblebee narrows his optics and shoots back a snappy remark and flexes his damaged arm, showing the snap welds to the lines. I nod, knowing the hardy little Mechanoid isn't going to just stand by and let his humans be caught up yet again in a battle between Optimus and Megatron.

"Autobots, move out." I snarl and heft my cannons and with a collective rev of their engines the small but lethal group of mechanoids fall into position behind me.


"You will die here." Megatron snarls, his foot connecting sharply with my light cables but I stand firm, throwing a punch at my brother's already mangled faceplate. How this battle become a bare fisted free for all I have no idea but at least it's keeping my destructive brother away from where Mikaela and Sam are hiding. With a yell I bring my leg up and slam it into my sibling's chest plating, hearing the metal crunch under the sheer force. Megatron falls back a few steps, his faceplate twisted wickedly before throwing himself back into the fight. Of course I was ready for this, having fought Megatron many times before I know when angry he chooses not to use his processor and got into overload, loosing sense of the battle and going just for the outcome. I duck under his pummeling arm and come up to his side, producing my sword in a quick transformation I bring the heavy weapon down across the sensitive area of the silver metal. Megatron gives an electronic yell as the blade punctures an important part of the Transformer anatomy and sends him flying, suddenly unable to move. I follow through on the move, coming to stand over the fallen and badly leaking body of my brother. Kneeling down, keeping the sword at ready, knowing full well how tricky my sibling can be I lower my optics to look into his own

"In what world could you ever beat me Megatron?" I ask slowly and watch as Megatron snarls and struggles to move, his body barely functioning and loosing too much fluid.

"You worthless autobots, always going on about how the world could live in peace and how these worthless" he indicates the table where the two teens are huddled, Mikaela refusing to look. "Organics who cower in fear from us and the sheer power we represent deserve our respect and friendship." He snarls and struggles to rise once more, optics narrowed to slits.

"They do not deserve anything, they only deserve to be controlled by the strongest being. That is us! We are the strongest, the longest lived. So weak minded and of little power or use, they should just be eliminated." He snarls and I heave a sigh

"And as for our people… those you mercilessly slaughtered and the world you ruined in your pursuit of power? What of them! They were of the same make and being as yourself, but you killed them and warped our home." I ask, having a hard time keeping the anger from my voice

"Nearly pawns to be played in a much larger game brother…. Only pawns." He says as his optics flicker once then twice before going completely offline. I frown slightly, since when did Megatron become all philosophical? Behind me I can hear the tell-tale thumps of my men's footsteps as they arrive, Ironhide in the lead.

"Is it over?" Ironhide asks, coming to my side, cannon raised at the prone form of my sibling. I look down and scan the area, finding Sam trying to coax Mikaela out from under the table. Bumblebee gives a shrill whistle and click before dropping to his knees beside Sam, his bright yellow paint stained with drying Energon and dirt but bright blue optics wide and energetic. Sam gives a horrified gasp at the look of his friend but shakes his head.

"uh.. guys. Might want to get a move on… cops are coming." Lennox says from the cab of Magnus. Magnus pulls to a stop beside me, his engine rumbling as his 'headlights' move slightly to look down at our sibling.

"Is it done brother?" he rumbles softly as Bumblebee is ordered to transform and get his skid plates on the trailer. I shake my head and look skyward

"Is it ever?" I ask him, my own thoughts jumbling for a place in my processor. Magnus gives a soft whistle and rocks on his chassis in a alt mode shrug. The sirens are getting closer and around me my men have all transformed into their alternate forms, Lennox sitting in Ironhide's cab gives me a 'can we please hurry up' look and I chuckle as Bumblebee whistles something sharp and threatening at the twins as they make ready to race back to the farm with their cargo. With a final look down at my brother I shake my head

"Only pawns. Well brother, this pawn just smoked your ass." I smile and I can hear the Vipers honking their horns from behind the car carrier. I quickly transform and blare my own horn

"Autobots, roll out." With a whoop Sunstreaker and Sideswipe spin their tires into the soft ground and are about to shoot off when I slam on my breaks

"Sunstreaker! Sideswipe!"

Pawns indeed.

End author Note: I was very disappointed at the end… it wasn't the ending I had in mind and seriously not the one I had written down in my notebook, which I left up in a computer lab at the college and will probably never see again…. Transformers come out October 16th and I am pumped! Please do review and thank you again to all those who reviewed and stuck with the story since the beginning.