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You and Me, Together

by Jo P.

Chapter 12: Faith

I know what you're like, I know what you think

Not afraid to stare you down and tell you plain

It's everything you see, every part of me

Gonna get what I deserve

I got nerve

--Hannah Montana"I Got Nerve"

The shrill chirping of the alarm clock shook Miley and Lilly from their sleep. As Lilly came to, she realized her face was lying directly behind Miley's head, covered in her dark brown locks. She closed her eyes again and enjoyed the smell of Miley's hair and how it tickled her face. Thinking that Miley should enjoy the fun tickling sensation, she ran her right hand along Miley's ribs, then went to work, tickling furiously.

Miley squawked as she jumped out of the bed, nearly dragging Lilly with her. "Lilly!" she yelled, more out of surprise than any real anger. Seeing Lilly's face lit with laughter derailed her thoughts of revenge, however. She looks like an angel, Miley thought. So beautiful, and so happy. She felt both awed and humbled as she realized, I do this to her. I make her this happy. And she does it to me, too. Pushing aside all thoughts of retaliation, Miley sat down on the bed, running her left hand through Lilly's flaxen hair. "You look like an angel when you smile and laugh like that, you know," she said to Lilly.

Lilly smiled then shifted to rest her head in Miley's lap. "I'm your angel, Miley," she said. She looked up into Miley's eyes as she said, "And you're mine. Not all angels are blondes, you know."

Blushing just slightly, Miley smiled as she looked down into Lilly's eyes, rendered a shade of aqua from the soft sunlight entering the room. "We need to start getting ready for school. Lots to do today, and the big meeting is right after school."

"What time does it start?" asked Lilly as she reluctantly lifted her head from Miley's lip.

"It's supposed to start at four, but I plan on us getting there at about four-fifteen or four-twenty," Miley said. "I'm expected to make him wait. Comes with being the reigning champion," she said with a grin.

Lilly smiled back. "We taking our clothes with us, or is your dad bringing them?" she said as she walked into the bathroom, turning on the shower.

Miley followed her in, getting her toothbrush. "Daddy's bringing them when he picks us up. Too big a risk to take them to school with us."

"That's true," Lilly said softly as she removed her pajamas and stepped into the shower. When they were pressed for time and really couldn't be fooling around, she and Miley knew to take their showers separately. The temptation to get frisky was just too great when the object of your heart's desire was a foot away, naked, dripping wet, and totally willing to reciprocate.

While Lilly showered, Miley finished brushing her teeth then used the bathroom. When she was finished, she went into the closet, pulling out some clothes for school today. As she came back into the bedroom, Lilly walked out of the bathroom. "All clear for Ms. Montana's shower," she said with a quirky grin on her face, even offering a weak salute.

"Yes ma'am," Miley answered, saluting in return. She walked into the bathroom, removing her nightshirt once inside and then entering the already warm shower. Her hair was thicker and just slightly longer than Lilly's, so she took more time when she showered. Lilly had already planned for that and had hurried with her washing to ensure Miley would have enough time to do her hair. Miley looked at the waterproof clock under the shower head, checking her time and mentally thanking Lilly for planning ahead. Grabbing her Herbal Essences shampoo, she made sure to get the orange one today, since that was Lilly's favorite. Thinking ahead to their night by themselves, Miley couldn't help but grin a ridiculous grin as she fantasized about what they would do. But before that, there was a little matter of business to take care of.

Miley had been thinking all week about the ideal way to deal with the Danny Lusitain situation. The perfect way would definitely end with her winning, but she really want him to lose? Or rather, how much did she want him to lose? After all, he was a new artist, trying to make it in the industry, and he was an artist on her label. They were supposed to be supporting each other, not feuding. All because he's got some bug up his butt about Lilly and me being together. Or maybe it's because we're engaged. Heck, maybe it really is just about him thinking that we hurt his album sales. Miley finished shampooing and rinsing her hair, then moved on to the conditioner. Well, if his concern is his album sales, he needs to realize that my support is going to be much better for him than making me angry. As a flash of insight hit her, Miley actually dropped the bottle of conditioner, nearly hitting her right foot with it. Oh ho. THAT could work. But he needs to be beaten first, so he'll learn his lesson.

The bathroom door opened as Lilly said, "You okay, Miles? I heard a bang, and I was afraid you had fallen." She was relieved when she saw Miley was upright behind the frosted glass door, and Miley's response removed her last bit of concern.

"Yeah, just dropped the bottle of conditioner. Slippery sucker," Miley said. The real problem is going to be getting him into a position where he has no chance of winning, without him realizing that. That may not be particularly fair, but I'm not gambling with mine and Lilly's future. As she finished and rinsed the conditioner out, Miley scrubbed her body with her body wash, then rinsed for the final time. She turned off the water, then stepped out and grabbed her towels, first wrapping her hair, then drying her body off. She stepped into the bedroom and saw that Lilly had just finished drying her hair. "Give me a hand, Lil?" she asked.

"Sure!" said Lilly, moving out of the seat to let Miley plop down in front of the vanity. Lilly took the towel off Miley's hair then started the dryer as she gently began brushing and drying Miley's hair. Miley closed her eyes and felt her body relax as Lilly skillfully worked on her hair. The fact that they had been doing this for each other almost four years now made it much less painful than it could have been, and very soon Lilly had all of Miley's lush hair brushed and dried. Miley's hair exhibited its natural soft curls, as Lilly hadn't used anything to either curl or straighten her hair this morning. Lilly permitted herself a quick pass through Miley's hair with her right hand, unconsciously smiling as she enjoyed its delicate, soft feel through her fingers.

"I love it when you play with my hair like that," Miley said, her voice low and sultry. Lilly leaned forward and kissed Miley on her forehead as Miley leaned her head back, giving Lilly more access to her face. "Thank you, sweetheart," Miley said.

"You're welcome, dear," Lilly answered as she gently pulled her hand out of Miley's hair, enjoying the last strands of hair slipping between her fingers. "Now let's get dressed. I set your clothes out for you on the bed," she said to Miley as she turned to get her own clothes ready.

Miley stood and turned to her bed. "Lilly, where are the olive pants I usually wear with this green shirt?" she asked, looking for the pants she had picked out before she got into the shower.

"I put them back," said Lilly as she pulled her shirt over her head. "They're okay, but I like those khaki ones better. They make your butt look sexier," she said with a smile.

Miley said, "Oh, so you can check me out better in these pants?" Lilly nodded as she stepped into her own capris. Unable to fault her logic, Miley agreeably said, "Okay," and put on the khaki pants.

As Lilly buttoned her capris, she walked over to Miley and said, "Nice choice, Stewart." She then gently ran her hand over Miley's butt, lightly squeezing it.

While not exactly the most romantic situation, the feel of her lover's hand on her butt was incredibly sexy to Miley, and she responded to Lilly's affection by reaching back and pulling Lilly's hand onto her rear more firmly, while at the same time turning to Lilly and kissing her passionately. Lilly instantly responded by leaning into Miley and raising her left hand to the back of Miley's neck, pulling her deeper into their kiss. Miley escalated things by slipping her right hand down the back of Lilly's capris, then diving underneath the waistband of her panties. As she shifted to go lower, Lilly breathlessly said, "We need to lock the door." They walked over to the door, where Lilly blindly reached down and locked the door after fumbling for it for a few seconds. Now secure that they wouldn't be disturbed, the girls reached deeper, with Lilly taking her right hand and sending it down the front of Miley's pants, sliding it inside her panties and between her legs. Miley gasped as Lilly found her target, with Lilly matching her gasp as Miley's hand finally dove far enough down the back of Lilly's capris to just reach her own goal. Lilly managed to whisper, "We have totally silent, Miles."

Miley whispered back, "We can do that," then she forestalled any further talking or moaning by clamping her mouth over Lilly's, muffling both their groans of pleasure for the next two minutes. Both of them worked fast, and with them knowing each other intimately it didn't take long at all. The girls clenched each other with all their strength as they both rode their orgasms together, slowly coming down in each other's arms. As Lilly fluttered her eyes open, she saw Miley slowly open her own eyes, her pupils wide with excitement. Lilly smiled at Miley, getting a matching smile in return.

As they slowly and carefully removed their hands, Lilly said, "How can I love you more each time you touch me?"

Miley replied, "I don't know, but it's the same way for me too." She kissed Lilly lightly on the lips, then she said, "And thank you, that was great," unable to keep the smirk off her face.

Lilly patted her on the back, saying, "You were pretty good yourself, Miles." She stretched, then said, "That's just the perfect way to start the day!"

Miley took Lilly's hand as they walked to the door and unlocked it. "It'll definitely give me something to think about during algebra," she said, getting a soft giggle from Lilly.

"Careful Miles, you need to pay attention in algebra, not daydream," Lilly said jokingly as they went down the steps. They stopped by the kitchen, where Robbie Ray had fixed bagels for them. Grabbing a blueberry bagel for herself and a cinnamon raisin one for Lilly, Miley kissed Robbie Ray on the cheek and said, "Thanks Daddy!'

Lilly swooped in as soon as Miley moved, also kissing him on the cheek and saying, "Yeah, thanks, Dad!" Miley laughed at Robbie Ray's expression of surprise to Lilly's new name for him, while Lilly hurried over to Miley's side, taking possession of her bagel as they picked up their bags and went out the door.

As they stepped onto the sidewalk, Miley started laughing loudly. "Oh, that was priceless!" she said. "Did you see the look on his face?"

Lilly smiled, taking a bite of her bagel. After chewing and swallowing it, she said, "Was I not supposed to call him that? I mean, I know we're not married yet, but he's going to be my father-in-law. Heck Miles, he already is, really. I'm pretty sure my parents already think of you as their daughter-in-law."

"Well, your mom sure does," Miley said, still a bit embarrassed about Mrs. Truscott's comment to Lilly on the phone last night. That got a solid laugh out of Lilly, who nearly choked on her second bite of bagel.

By the time the girls reached the school, the bagels were long gone. "So, you ready for the English quiz?" Lilly asked as they reached the school.

Miley answered, "Yeah, I think so. Reading Shakespeare gives me a headache, but I finished the reading in class yesterday."

Lilly nodded, then said, "Good, a good grade on this'll let us drop one bad quiz each." They went inside, heading to their lockers. At this point, holding hands was second nature, and they had to fight to keep from doing so in the middle of the hall where they would easily be seen by the teachers and fussed at like any other couple in the school.

The English quiz on Julius Caesar went quite well, keeping the girls in a wonderful mood. Thinking back to their interlude this morning also helped to keep a smile on their faces throughout the day. Miley was pleasantly surprised when Jen Kittrell didn't give her some ugly look or snotty remark in World History, but she noticed Jen still didn't speak to her. Too much to ask for, I guess. But then, who cares as long as she's not insulting Lilly, me, or our friends. When school let out, the girls made their way out to the car riders' area, where they spotted Robbie Ray in line to pick them up.

Miley and Lilly reached the Suburban the same time Jackson did, but he raced ahead and jumped in the front seat, a look of triumph on his face. His expression faded when Miley said, "Congratulations. We'd rather sit in the back seat anyway," with a smile on her face.

"Easier to hold hands," Lilly cheerfully added as she helped Miley inside, then climbed in herself. As the girls buckled their seat belts, Robbie Ray pulled out from the school traffic. The first stop was Miley's house, where they dropped Jackson and the girls' books and bags off. Then they made their way to the parking garage, where they parked the Suburban and got into the limo. Robbie Ray changed in the front section, while Lilly and Miley changed in the back. Miley was wearing Hannah's white leather half jacket over a bright red patterned shirt, tight blue jeans, and her white boots. Lilly had opted for her white wig, a short miniskirt dress with so many splattered colors across it that it was impossible to tell what the original fabric's hue had been, yellow and blue striped tights and white buckled boots. As Lilly got dressed, Miley handed her a fake orange flower hairpin and a white choker to complete the look. What exactly the look was, she wasn't sure, but Miley was reasonably certain it couldn't get much more surreal.

"Wow Lilly, you look..." Miley was truly at a loss for words.

"Chaotic?" Lilly pleasantly offered.

"That works," nodded Miley. "Chaotic."

Lilly looked immensely pleased with herself, shifting from side to side so Miley could better appreciate the visual confusion. They felt the car start, then shift into gear as Robbie Ray backed out. "You ready for this, Miles?" asked Lilly.

"Yeah, I think so," Miley answered. "I'm working on an idea, but I haven't got it all worked out yet."

Lilly looked slightly worried now, but she gamely said, "Well, I'll do whatever your plan takes, Miles, you know that."

Miley looked at Lilly and smiled. "Thanks hon. I know you will." She leaned over and hugged Lilly, then gave her a long kiss before they started on their makeup.

During the drive to the studio, which took about thirty minutes, Miley thought more about her plan. She asked Lilly, "What do you know about this Lusitain guy?"

Lilly thought back to what she had heard about the new singer. "Not much older than we are, seventeen, I think. Not sure about a girlfriend, but he apparently gets around, according to the magazines. He skates, which is kinda cool, because I saw an interview in one of my skate mags the other day."

Miley said, "Huh, wouldn't have thought that. Is he good?"

Lilly made a face. "Eh, sorta. Hard to tell from an interview. Didn't see him doing anything really scary in the pics, but he could do the basics."

Miley considered that as well. "He play any sports or have any hobbies?"

Lilly thought harder. "One of the gossip mags had pics of him playing basketball and throwing a Frisbee on the beach. Nice legs in a swimsuit, but not as hot as yours, Miles," Lilly said, smiling at her lover.

"Thank you," said Miley, pleased with the compliment. "Any idea what kind of personality he has?"

Lilly didn't hesitate there. "Well, he is a seventeen year-old boy, so he's definitely going to have the whole hormones thing going. That's one reason why I picked this miniskirt dress; I'm hoping it distracts him without really giving him anything to peek at."

Miley looked at Lilly and said, "That's smart thinking, Lil."

"I try," Lily said, smiling back at Miley.

Miley sorted through the details in her head. Seventeen year-old boy, plays some sports, sees lots of girls, probably competitive... "Lilly, did you get the impression he was pretty competitive?"

Lilly nodded. "Oh yeah. He talked about him and his band competing all the time, playing cards, bicycling, skateboarding, playing Xbox, all that."

Perfect, Miley thought. "I might have a plan Lilly, but I'm still working on it," she said.

Lilly really did have faith that Miley would come out of this meeting in good shape, but there was a little worry, even if she did trust her girlfriend. "Okay, Miles," she said, keeping a smile on her face.

When they pulled into the record company's parking garage, Robbie Ray waved to the security guards, who raised the gate and let them in. They pulled into Hannah's reserved parking space near the elevator, then got out of the car. The girls took a minute or two to smooth out their clothes, check their hair and makeup, and make sure they looked perfect. Robbie Ray was wearing his business suit with his fake mustache and goatee, ready for his part as Hannah's manager/father.

Miley turned to her father and asked, "Daddy, is our attorney going to be here?"

"Of course he is, darlin'. For somethin' like this, we'd be crazy not to have him here," Robbie Ray replied.

Okay, that's the last piece I needed, Miley thought. She smiled a big smile as they stepped onto the elevator.

"Okay, Hannah, spill," said Lilly. "I see that grin on your face, so you've thought of something."

Miley looked at her girlfriend and said, "Yeah, I have. Just follow my lead."

Lilly rolled her eyes as the elevator reached its destination, dinging its arrival. "I hate it when you say that," she muttered.

As they stepped off the elevator, Miley also stepped fully into her Hannah persona. In the span of three paces, her whole body stance changed, as she allowed herself to radiate the charisma that Hannah carried and that Miley tried to suppress with everyone except Lilly. By the time they reached the conference room, Lilly was worried for Danny Lusitain, because Miley meant business.

Miley opened the conference room door and entered without knocking, stalking into the room as if she owned it. Lilly followed directly behind her, with Robbie Ray trailing behind. Miley walked directly to a middle-aged man just slightly taller than she was. He was balding, with a dark mustache and a frighteningly expensive suit. As Miley approached him, he stood, smiling broadly. "Hannah! How are you, my dear?"

Miley smiled and hugged him as she said, "I'm wonderful, Mr. Bruton. Well, except for all this mess. Before we get started, there's someone you have to meet." Miley looked at Lilly, who walked over to the two of them. "This is Lola, my fiancée and the woman I love."

Lilly smiled, because Miley had spoken very highly of the record company's president. She said, "It's very nice to meet you, Mr. Bruton. Hannah says you take a slightly different approach to the industry, one that's worked extremely well."

Mr. Bruton said, "Please, call me Hal, Lola. All of us here are so proud of Hannah, and I want to be the first to tell you that this company, as well as me personally, supports the two of you in your relationship. We've always tried to have an open mind with our artists, but the simple fact is that Hannah has been an exemplary artist of ours. She's never gotten into any kind of trouble, she always carries herself with dignity and grace, and she simply doesn't cause us embarrassment. And she hasn't caused us any this time, either. The board was very pleased with how the two of you carried yourself in Las Vegas."

Lilly stole a glance at the others sitting at the table. Her eyes instantly fell on Danny Lusitain, tall and lean, a scowl on his long face. Sitting next to him was someone who was probably his agent. On the opposite side of the side was another middle-aged man, whom Robbie Ray was now talking to. I bet that's Hannah's attorney. Lilly's attention snapped back to Mr. Bruton as he started talking again.

"I must say, all of us were certainly surprised at the proposal on Oprah!" he said, directing this comment to both Lilly and Miley, it seemed.

Lilly nodded and said, "Oh, I was surprised too, totally!"

Miley said, "Well, that's the point, silly," giving Lilly a hug. She turned to Mr. Bruton and said, "All the reaction I've heard and seen has been strongly positive, especially the album sales. I really wasn't expecting a jump like that. In fact, I figured the sales would probably dip slightly."

Mr. Bruton smiled. "Yes, well, it turned out better than you expected, didn't it?"

"It didn't turn out so good for all of us here!" The angry voice came from behind Miley, and she turned to finally face Danny Lusitain.

"I didn't even know about your album coming out the next week," Miley said, with ice in her voice. "I wanted to make my proposal to Lola special, and it didn't get more special than live on the Oprah show."

"Well, my album was projected as a Number One, until your little stunt!" he said, rising to his feet.

"Projected?" Miley shouted, stepping closer to him. "One problem with that, boy, you'd have to beat my album first!"

Lilly could swear the temperature in the room had dropped ten degrees. She tried to halt this argument before if degenerated any further. "Okay, your album debuted at number four, which is still really good, plus you and Hannah have totally different fan bases, so I doubt she took anyone away from your album," she said pleasantly.

He whirled to face Lilly, yelling, "The only reason you're even here is because you're screwing her, so stay out of it!"

No one even saw Miley's hand move, they just heard the loud crack of her slap across his face. With a voice dripping hostility, Miley slowly said, "You will apologize to my girlfriend, or your career here is over."

He locked eyes with Miley, neither of them backing down. Miley said, "Do I have to smack you again to get you to speak? Or should I just drop to your level and kick you in the balls?"

Realizing he had gone too far with his harsh words, Danny turned to Lilly and said, "Sorry, that was uncalled for. You had nothing to do with all this."

He looked back to Miley, whose eyes were still aflame with fury. "Good boy," she said quietly. "Now, we need to settle this before it gets really out of control."

Danny said, "I agree."

Miley knew she had him stirred up at this point, but she had come perilously close to losing her own self-control when he said that about Lilly. Time to get this back on track. "What do you say to a challenge, emo boy?" she said.

"What kind of challenge?" he asked, wary of a trick.

Miley smiled. "The kind where the winner gets what she wants," she said, turning her back to him and walking around the table to stand next to Lilly by Mr. Bruton.

"Or what he wants," Danny said. "So when I win, you'll be finished here."

Lilly thought her heart would stop when she heard that. Oh my gosh, he's serious! He wants her career to be over! She turned to look at Mr. Bruton, who was even more pale than Lilly at that moment.

Miley drew everyone's attention back to her when she said, "I'll save my terms until you lose, then I'll tell you."

"Fine with me," Danny said. "So what kind of challenge did you have in mind?"

Good, he's taken the bait. Miley wiped the smile off her face and said, "What kind of things do you like to do? I'll beat you at something that you're good at, so you won't have any excuses for losing."

Now it was Danny's turn to smile. "You don't look like the athletic type, Hannah," he said ominously.

"I get by," Miley snapped in return. "I've seen you playing basketball in some magazines, and I've seen you skateboarding." Okay, here goes. "Want to try one of them? Basketball? Skateboarding?"

At the skateboarding comment, Lilly poked Miley in the ribs, getting her to flinch. "What are you doing?" she fiercely whispered through the side of her mouth. "You can't skateboard!" she said, still whispering but her voice rising.

Miley turned and looked into Lilly's beautiful blue eyes. "Do you trust me?" she whispered. Lilly didn't have to hesitate as she said, "Yes, with my life." Miley smiled and said, "Then trust me now." And thank you for that reaction. If you knew what I was planning, it wouldn't have looked as authentic.

After watching that exchange, Danny and his agent whispered back and forth for a few minutes. When they were done, he stood and faced Miley again. "Okay, skateboarding. Tricks challenge, timed, to see who can pull the most wicked run."

Miley forced herself not to smile. Time to set the hook, sucker. "Fine." Lilly looked like she was about to pass out. Miley looked into her eyes, trying to get her message across. I have a plan, Lilly. Please, please give it a chance. You'll see.

Miley turned back to him. "There's a skate park just inside Malibu. Some friends of mine go there. We can rent it for the evening, and I'll even let you pick the judges."

"Done," Danny said, unable to keep the pleasure off his face as he imagined how bad he was going to beat Hannah, who was well-known to be clumsy and no athlete at all.

Miley stood, waiting for the next part of her plan to kick in. Right on time, her attorney spoke up. "Ah, Ms. Montana, there's a slight problem with this ... challenge."

Miley maintained her self-control, projecting an air of irritation rather than the intense relief she was feeling now. "What's that, Mr. Duggar?"

Her attorney stood as he said, "Well, it clearly says in your contract that within four weeks of commencing a tour, you are prohibited from any activity deemed to present a high risk of injury to you. This is done, naturally, to prevent any injury that might force cancellation of any of your concerts. So I'm afraid you won't be able to participate in any such challenge."

Lilly felt a wave of relief wash over her. Again, she looked at Mr. Bruton, who seemed to be breathing again, although his color hadn't come back yet. She smiled at him, conveying her sense of relief, and got a small smile from him as well.

But Miley wasn't done yet. "Fine!" she yelled, then she pointed at Danny. "YOU pick somebody to skate for me! Right now!" she said with indignation in her voice. She was counting on his anger and impatience, and she had counted correctly.

"Her!" he said, pointing at Lilly.

"Her?" said Miley, faking surprise.

"ME?!?" said Lilly, who didn't have to fake surprise at all. She really was surprised. She started to say something, then she saw the sly grin on Miley's face. Then, Miley winked at her. Lilly thought, Oh, Miley, you are soooo good. She cleared her throat. "Me?" she said again, trying to sound as girlish as she could. "Are you sure?"

"Positive," he said smugly.

Lilly lowered her head and looked at Miley. She was finding it very hard to not laugh at how this situation had developed, but she managed to restrain her laughter. "Okay, then, I guess I have to..." she said, as dejectedly as possible.

"Where's the skate park?" Danny asked Miley. She gave him the directions and said, "You've got an hour to get any stuff you want, then we'll meet you there." She extended her hand, which he gladly shook, squeezing firmly.

As Danny and his agent filed out of the room, laughing at their good fortune, Miley turned to Mr. Bruton. "Mr. Bruton, I'd appreciate it if you'd ride to the skate park with us. I'd like to tell you what terms I'm going to ask for when I win." He numbly nodded his head, not seeing how the young woman could possibly win this foolish challenge.

As they walked through the garage to the limo, Miley whispered to her father, "Can you have Jackson bring Lilly's skate stuff from our house to the park?" Robbie Ray nodded, unable to keep the grin off his face. Rather than give anything away by speaking, he hugged her and kissed her on the forehead. She beamed up at him in a similarly silent thanks.

Miley saw her father pull out his cell phone as he sat in the driver's section of the limo, then she took her place in the back of the limo. Lilly slid in next to her, and the two of them were smiling and giggling as they drove to the skate park. Their behavior greatly worried Mr. Bruton, who was about to lose his label's top-selling artist, and probably his job soon afterwards. Silently, he hoped that the two girls knew something he didn't.

After a leisurely drive, they arrived at Lilly's favorite skate park forty minutes later. They saw Danny already there, getting his equipment on. Miley took Lilly's hand and said, "Let's go get something for you, Lola," and they walked into the skate shop. Miley and Lilly both spotted Jackson in a corner of the shop; when he saw them, he pointed to the front of the store, where Lilly's backpack sat on the counter. He then quietly left before anyone spotted him. The girls walked up the counter, where Miley flashed the dazzling Hannah Montana smile at the park's manager. "I think that was left for my girlfriend," she said as his eyes glazed over. Smiling, Lilly opened the backpack and began putting on her helmet, pads, and then shoes. She finally removed her board, checking it and finding nothing wrong with it.

Miley saw her eying her board. "Is that the same board?" she asked. Lilly nodded, knowing what she was really asking. "Still skates just fine, maybe a little better after the...incident," Lilly said, smiling at Miley. "That wobble in the left wheel is gone now."

Miley turned back to the manager. "We need to rent your skate park for about an hour."

The manager tore himself away from her face long enough to say, "Well, we let you skate by the hour, or you can buy an all-day pass."

Miley smiled again, saying, "No, I mean we want to rent the entire park for an hour. Would a thousand dollars cover it?"

He swallowed. "A, a, thousand dollars?" he asked, his mouth dry.

Miley said, "Okay, five thousand. But everyone else has to leave for the hour, except anyone we pick to stay as judges." Looks like this place might getting the bathrooms redone sooner than you expected, Lilly.

He simply nodded, unable to speak. Miley took out Hannah's checkbook and wrote the check out. As she signed it and handed it to him, he said, "I didn't know you skated, Ms. Montana."

Miley said, "I don't, but my girlfriend Lola does." On cue, Lilly waved a very girlish wave, flashing a toothy grin of her own. She found it highly amusing that she had bought things in here many times from him, but her disguise had him totally fooled.

The manager grabbed the microphone and announced that the park was having to close for an hour, and that all skaters would have to leave until it reopened then. Not wanting to hear the line of angry complaints, Miley and Lilly quickly walked out of the shop, returning to where the rest of their party stood. "Got your judges?" Miley asked Danny. He nodded, motioning toward three skaters.

Lilly was quite nervous at this part, but she was relieved when she saw whom he had picked. She had been worried that he'd pick skaters who knew her well enough to recognize her style, but he hadn't. The three he picked were regulars around here, though, and Lilly knew this park as well as the concrete outside her house. They'd make good judges, and she was ready to give them something to judge. "Who goes first?" Lilly asked.

"I'll go first," Danny said. "Hope the pressure of being last doesn't bother you," he smirked. "Okay, set my time!" he demanded. One of the three skaters took off his watch, then said, "Go!"

Danny stepped off the halfpipe wall, gaining speed as he entered the trick course. He wasn't a bad skater, but he was nothing outstanding, Lilly thought. She noticed he was being somewhat conservative, so she yelled, "When are you gonna start, Lusitain? You're wasting time!" Her taunt had its intended effect, as he then started trying harder tricks, finally resulting in a wipeout off a long rail grind. By the time he got back up, he only had a few seconds left, so he didn't even bother to get back on his board, just picking it up and walking over, sure of his victory even with the fall.

Lilly walked to the edge of the drop, still dressed as Lola, just with her helmet over her wig and her pads over her arms and tights-clad legs. Miley caught Lilly's arm before she could tell the judges she was ready. "Yeah, hon?" Lilly asked her.

Miley smiled thinly and said, "Make it ugly."

Lilly grinned and said, "Will do." She gave Miley a kiss, then said to the judges, "Ready!" When they told her to go, she was off. For the next few minutes, Lilly skated one of the best runs she had ever made. For her first trick, she raced across the course, building speed as she went to the vert wall on the far side, starting off with a 540 backside air, landing it perfectly.

"WOO!" yelled Miley at Lilly's initial trick. She watched Lilly race down the wall, then perform trick after trick on the short street ramps and various rails. After several tricks, Lilly raced back up the vert wall, catching her breath, then performed three aerial tricks, with her last one shooting straight up the vert wall where Miley stood, where she turned in midair, hopping off the board and grabbing it, then landing next to her girlfriend.

Miley was jumping up and down with happiness, and she grabbed Lilly and gave her a very intense kiss. The two girls walked over to the small crowd of observers, all of whom except Robbie Ray looked shell-shocked. Danny Lusitain in particular looked like he was about to throw up. With a huge grin on her face, Miley said, "Now, it's time for you to hear my terms." There was no need to hear from the judges; everyone knew who had won. Miley walked behind Lilly, wrapping her arms around her lover protectively. "First, you stop causing trouble in this company or anywhere else. Like it or not, we work for the same label, and you need to grow up some. Second, never again will you say anything insulting to either Lola or to me, or anything bad about us. You will support us, as we're going to support you."

At that statement, Danny looked up from the ground he had been staring at. "What did you say?" he asked.

"I said, we're going to support you. I was the new kid here once too, and I remember what it was like. Third, you open for me on my mini-tour next week. I was planning on doing the show without an opener, but this'll give you some more exposure and get your name out there to a different age group."

"Are you serious?" he asked, incredulous. "An opener for you?" He couldn't imagine a bigger draw than Hannah Montana, who had been on fire for the last three years.

Miley nodded. "The concerts are already sold out, so it's not a matter of me wanting to sell more tickets. I'm doing this to help you out, and to try and settle this feud. Which never should happened in the first place, I might add." She gave him and his agent a stern look, then relaxed her expression. "Fourth, you believe us when we say we really didn't time our announcement to hurt you, because we really didn't. And lastly, you pick a charity and publicly support it. You're in a position where people will listen to you, and you need to do something positive with that beside just sell CDs."

Mr. Bruton was beaming as he said, "Hannah, your terms are very, very generous. I greatly appreciate you settling this in a way where we don't lose either of you. That speaks very highly of your maturity, young lady." He turned to Lilly. "And you, Lola, you are an amazing skater!"

Lilly popped her gum that she had slipped into her mouth just a minute ago. "Why, thank you," she said. She looked over at Danny and said, "Sucker," smiling to soften the sting of the word. As he started to say something, Lilly said, "Hey, you picked me! You've got no one to blame but yourself!"

Danny closed his mouth. He then said, "You're right." Then, he smiled. "I've acted like an ass, and I'm man enough to apologize for it." He walked over to Hannah and extended his hand. "I accept your terms, and you're very kind. Thanks."

She shook his hand, then Lilly stepped forward and shook it as well. "Keep practicing," she said with a smile. "You're not bad, just need some more work." And with that, she turned, took Miley's hand, and walked to the limousine.

They drove Mr. Bruton back to the record company; along the way, he thanked Miley and Lilly again for working the situation out as well as they had. As he got out at his building, Miley said, "Mr. Bruton, my dad is the one you really should be thanking, because he was the one who told me that the best way out of an argument is when both sides win something."

Mr. Bruton turned to Robbie Ray, who was standing there, and said, "You've raised a fine daughter, Mr. Montana." He turned back to Miley and said, "Oh, I almost forgot, Hannah. The special edition of your CD is going to be released next week, just as you asked. It'll be in just a few early markets first, but it should be a nationwide release in two weeks."

"Thanks, Mr. Bruton," Miley said. Lilly looked at her curiously, but Miley said, "I'll tell you when we get home."

"Thank you, Mr. Bruton," Robbie Ray said as he shook hands with the record company's president. "I sure think my little girl turned out pretty good," he added, winking at Miley. He turned back to Mr. Bruton and said, "Now, if you don't mind, we've got another appointment to keep tonight." As Mr. Bruton went back inside, Robbie Ray got back into the limo for the drive back to the private parking garage.

Once the girls were inside the garage, they quickly took off their outfits, changing back into more comfortable clothes and removing their wigs. They stuffed their clothes into travel bags and moved back over to the Suburban. Miley and Lilly gave each other caring glances as they walked to their vehicle, but they knew better than to say anything that might give them away, even in here. Time to talk would be in their car and at home.

As they started the Suburban and pulled out of the garage, again using a different exit than the entrance they had just used, Lilly couldn't hold her laughter anymore, finally letting it bubble out. "Oh, you are so good, girlfriend!" She hugged Miley, then said, "You had him beat right from the start!"

Miley joined in the laughter, able to finally relax now that the feud had been eliminated and her career—as well as her and Lilly's future—were safe. "I knew you'd win," she said, looking into Lilly's blue eyes. "I was told to have trust in you, and I did."

"Who told you to trust in me?" Lilly asked, curious as to where that came from.

Miley quietly said, "I'll tell you when we're back home. After Daddy and Jackson leave."

Lilly searched her girlfriend's eyes for a clue, but all she could glean was a faraway look in Miley's eyes. That look is kinda like when we were talking about her dream, with her... Her mom. That made sense to Lilly. If Miley had another dream with her mom in it, she certainly wouldn't want to discuss it with her father right here.

Soon enough, they were at the house. Miley and Lilly both gave Robbie Ray a hug and kiss on the cheek as they got out of the Suburban and went inside. "Jackson!!" Miley yelled as they walked inside.

"What?!" Jackson yelling, sitting right on the couch watching television. "I was sittin' right here, Miley! You didn't have to yell!"

"I know," Miley said. "I just felt like yelling," she said with a cheery smile. "Have fun at the basketball game!"

"Bye Jackson," Lilly said as she came into the house.

"You two have fun," Jackson called out as he went by them.

"Oh, we're planning on it," Lilly said, giving Miley a look that made her mouth water.

Miley followed Jackson to the door. As he went outside, Miley said, "Got everything you need?" He nodded. Miley quickly said, "Good, 'cause you ain't gettin' back in this house for at least three hours, you get my drift?" He smiled and said, "Yeah, I got you, Miles." She smiled and closed the door, locking it immediately.

Before she could even turn around, she was grabbed from behind by the shoulders and spun around, then pressed into the door with a thump by Lilly, who hungrily kissed her as she held her pinned against the door. Miley's hands roamed over Lilly's body, tugging on articles of clothing whenever she could grip them. They parted for air, both of them gasping in deep breaths as they stared at each other, passion evident in their eyes. Miley took her shirt off, tossing it on the floor, then she started to the stairs. Lilly slipped off her Capri pants, leaving them in a pile as she followed Miley. On the stairs, Miley's khakis and Lilly's shirt likewise were discarded on the floor. As the girls entered their bedroom, Miley stopped, letting Lilly unhook her bra. Lilly then turned, letting Miley give her the same attention. They then fell onto the bed, where they gave themselves entirely to their desire for each other, blocking out the world outside of their bedroom for the next two hours.

Miley collapsed back onto the bed, her naked body exhausted and her energy totally spent. Lilly then crawled up from around Miley's legs and flopped down face first on the pillow beside Miley. Miley giggled as she rolled onto her right side, running her fingernails lightly up and down Lilly's back, now soaked with sweat. Lilly jerked as Miley tickled her back, but she put up no resistance. Instead, she rolled onto her left side so she and Miley were facing, then said, "I love you, Miles," smiling a weary smile.

"I know, sweetheart. You yelled it several times," said Miley, giving Lilly a wicked smile. "And you know how much I love you, Lilly," she added, her naughtiness instantly replaced by a look of sincerity.

"You're amazing, Miles," Lilly countered. "You know just how to touch me, just how hard I like it."

Miley kissed Lilly, then said, "Mmmm, and you do me too, Lil." She reached down and pulled the covers up over them, curling against Lilly, their noses nearly touching. "I don't have to tell you anything, you just know."

Lilly was immensely pleased at the compliment, and she kissed Miley firmly, pulling their bodies together ever more tightly for a minute, feeling the heat pass between their contact. "Thanks," she said with a smile. "Now, spill on this dream."

"How did you know it was a dream?" Miley said, surprised.

"I saw the look you had in the car, and when you said you wanted to wait until we were alone, I just guessed that it was another dream."

"Good guess," Miley said, impressed yet again. "Yeah, it was another dream."

"With your mom?" Lilly asked.

Miley nodded slightly. "Yeah." Then a huge smile spread across her face. "It was our future, Lilly," she whispered.

Lilly felt cold chills shoot up her back at Miley's words. "OUR future?" she asked.

Miley nodded, more strongly this time. "Oh yeah. And it was so amazing. We were so happy! But..." She averted her eyes, not wanting to upset Lilly but knowing she couldn't tell her all the details. "Please don't be mad at me, Lilly, but I can't tell you all the details, just that it was totally great. It was so happy. It was just ... wonderful."

Lilly said, "You can't tell me?" The expression on her face wasn't exactly upset, but Miley could tell she was disappointed.

"Lilly, you yourself—well, the you in my dream told me that when I had told her about having this dream, I didn't reveal any details. I said you'd have to wait until you had the dream yourself, and you will. She was having it just then. All I can tell you is that our life together is wonderful." Tears were forming in Miley's eyes, tears of joy.

Lilly said, "It was that good?" Miley nodded, tears flowing more freely now. Lilly's eyes began tearing up as well. "And we were happy?" Miley nodded again, adding, "Completely happy." Lilly laughed, then said, "Okay, I can wait to find out the rest, then. As long as I know we're together and happy, that's all I need. Everything else will come with that." The girls kissed then, their tears of happiness pooling together on the pillow they shared.

Soon Lilly asked, "Oh, what was that about a CD release? Is your new album already done?"

Miley said, "No, it's still real early with it." She got a look in her eyes that told Lilly that she was about to hear something she'd really like. Miley said, "Earlier this week I recorded some new vocals for some of my songs. I took the ones where I was singing to a boy and changed the words so I'm singing to a girl." She paused, watching a smile grow on Lilly's face. "I changed it so I'm singing them to you, Lilly."

Lilly couldn't find anything to say, so she just started crying again. Miley continued, "It's being released as a special edition. I'm calling it the Engagement Edition, and we're using a photo of the two of us on the cover and for the back artwork." She sighed as she then said, "I'm sure someone'll gripe that I'm doing it to make money, but I'm really not. We're putting a coupon in it that anyone who already bought the original version can send back in with the proof of purchase from the original to get twelve dollars back. That leaves enough to cover production costs, so the record label doesn't lose money doing it."

Lilly looked into Miley's eyes and whispered, "You are so good to me, Miley. Thank you. That's one of the sweetest things you've ever done for me, I think."

Miley caressed Lilly's cheek and said, "You deserve it, Lilly. You really do."

After a few minutes, they were both nearly asleep when Miley said, "Our clothes!"

Lilly mumbled, "Uh, Miles, you might not have noticed, but we're not wearing any clothes."

"I know!" said Miley. "We have to pick them up!" Just then, the sound of the Suburban pulling into the driveway became evident. The girls jumped out of bed, running naked down the hall. Lilly quickly said, "I'll get the downstairs, you get the ones on the stairs!" She leaped down the stairs, landing solidly but springing up, scurrying to grab the scattered clothes on the floor before the door opened. Succeeding in gathering the clothes, she turned and sprinted for the stairs. As she scaled them two at a time, Miley grabbed Lilly's shirt just in time to avoid getting trampled by her girlfriend dashing up the stairs. They were laughing as they ran back into their bedroom, closing the door and locking it just as the they heard Robbie Ray's voice announce that he and Jackson were back home.

"Okay Dad! Good night!" Miley yelled back. Lilly then added, "Good night!" They then tossed the dirty clothes into the clothes hamper, then hopped back into bed, their hearts once again pounding at the thrill of success.

Their bodies settled into the soft bed, still warm from their lovemaking, while Miley and Lilly kissed one last time before they fell asleep. As they started to doze off, arms wrapped around each other in their usual position of Miley on her back, Lilly lying on Miley's right side with her head resting on Miley's shoulder, Miley watched the shadows of her drapes dance on the far wall while she idly played with Lilly's golden hair. She thought back to her dream of the future and drew comfort that for them, there would indeed be a happy ending. She whispered to Lilly, "I love you, Lilly," to which Lilly sleepily mumbled, "Love you too, Miles." Then Miley smiled and closed her eyes, at peace in the arms of Lilly, her best friend, her girlfriend, her lover, her partner. Her future.

It's you and me together

I'm always on your side

No one, no one, no one can ever change it

Come on, let 'em try

'Cause it's you and me together now

--Hannah Montana, "You And Me Together"

Author's Afterword: I really hope everyone enjoyed this story! I have to say that I've had a wonderful time writing it, and I'm going to start on the next one in just a few days. I have several ideas, including one set in the near future immediately after high school, one a few years farther into the future, and one when our girls come back to Tennessee. I mean, how can I not write about my home state, after all? Plus, Miley and Lilly would have so much fun here!

Okay, time for some thanks here. The first thank you goes to all those who have read this story and enjoyed it. I thank you deeply, and I hope you had a great read! Next, thanks to all reviewers. The positive reviews really do keep me (as well as other writers) motivated to get those chapters done, so keep the good stuff coming for everyone! For reviewers who caught things I had missed or made suggestions, thank you for those. We can accomplish much more working together than we can individually, and I still miss things even with proofreading. I also have to thank everyone involved with Hannah Montana, particularly Miley Cyrus and Emily Osment for bringing to life characters that we all have grown to love. Now, if Disney would just accept the obvious... Lastly, my most heartfelt thanks goes to my daughters, who have put up with their mommy typing away late into the night after tucking them into bed. Well, I don't tuck my oldest daughter into bed, but you get the point. Thanks to them, I was converted to a Hannah Montana fan, and I'm thrilled that it happened. I love all of you, and thanks for reading! I'll see you again as soon as I can.

-- Jo --