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Pairing: Light x L

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L sat on the white sofa while watching the night sky outside the window. His hand held a plate of strawberry mousse topped with whipped cream and his black eyes shimmered in the glow of his notebook, currently the only source of light in the room. It was long after the radiant sun had set into the earth's horizon. The boy ate his dessert and let the sweetness of it melt on his tongue, leaving a sour but sweet sensation inside his mouth. Suddenly the voice of a bell echoed. It indicated that another 60 minutes had passed. It was a church bell. L stopped eating. The voice of the bell has always sounded interesting to him. It reminded him of the bell he used to hear each hour when he was still at the Wammy's House. It was powerful, yet heartbreaking. Peaceful, yet fragile.

Suddenly the black haired man sensed a movement inside the pitch-black room. He assumed it was Light.

"Yagami-kun?" he called. No answer. He should've been right.

"What's wrong, Ryuuzaki?" Light at last answered as his figure appeared from the dark, coming to the dim-lit spot where L and his notebook were.

L glanced at his untouched chocolate fudge and offered it to Light.

"Thanks." The red head replied, taking the plate from the other's hand and started to eat a little. "It's late, Ryuuzaki. What were you doing?"

"Listening to the bell with a plate of strawberry mousse in one hand." L answered vaguely as he ate some more.

"You're not sleeping? Not even a well-known detective can avoid sleep when he hasn't had any for a few days consecutively." Light snickered.

"I am fine, Yagami-kun." The other replied with a sly smile plastered on his face. "Did I wake you up?

"No you didn't."

For a short while, they stood in silence. None of the two was speaking as if they were allowing the silence to fill the room.


The silence broke. Light just gave the other a questioning look.

"I think I wouldn't be able to catch Kira by my own."

"You have me here." Light answered.

"Yagami-kun is a big help for me; but I still suspect you."

The student let out a bitter chuckle. To think that this guy was so close, yet so far from catching him.

"If it really is you, I won't survive until the end." L continued as he made a cup of tea and put a considerable amount of sugar inside.

"But I'm not Kira." Light answered calmly. It was a lie. Something inside hurt slightly as he said it.

"That needs to be proven, Yagami-kun."

"I understand. But you won't stop suspecting me nor you will conclude that I am Kira unless you have enough proof, right?"

L nodded in agreement. He then put his cup down, gazing at the red haired figure beside him; he looked him in the eye, with a vacant stare, and tilted his head a little.

"Yagami-kun. Considering Kira can control his victims' death… If you were Kira, which method would you use to kill me?"

Light was surprised. This question was a revelation for he had never thought that the world-famous detective would ask him such a thing. Was L profiling him as Kira? Was he looking for an odd movement, for an out-of-place reaction? Or was it just a form of curiosity? Light closed his eyes for a while.

"If I were Kira…" he began. Then stopped. "If I were Kira… I would let you die from a heart attack in this very room with your fudges and cakes."

Surprisingly, L smiled. It was not a bitter smile and it was not a happy one. It was a meaningful smile.

"I'd rather not die" he spoke. "But if it's a must, I like this method just fine."

Light startled. Something inside him was hurting.

"I knew it, Ryuuzaki." He replied. "I knew it…"