Disclaimer: All Transformers characters belong to Hasbro. Any made up characters were created by me.

Summery: (Set two months after 2007 movie) When a Autobot squad of six arrives on Earth after hearing the message from their leader, Optimus Prime. The old Cybertronian law enforcer of the group is determined to get in touch with his old partners even though they are part of the Decepticons.

Appearing Autobots: Prowl, Red Alert (an apprentice under Ratchet at one time), Inferno, Smokescreen, and Jetfire

AN: The Prowl in this fic is kind of like the Prowl in the old 80's cartoons but, since I kind of forgot his personally and such he might be a bit OC to those of you who do remember so please don't get mad at me. Plus his background might be changed to suet this fic.

"blah" – Normal human speck
"blah" – Cybertronian speck
blah – thinking

blah – Flashbacks

Once a Lawman, Always a Lawman
by Yami-Yugi

Chapter 1
The Message from Prime

A small group Autobots gather just outside an asteroid belt. "Have anyone found Optimus and the others yet?"

"All the planets so fare have no life on them."

"Primus, where could they be?"

Suddenly their leader started twitching. "Prowl!" Two of six Autobots came over and held onto the twitching bot.

"Primus, this is not the right time." One on their leader's left side said worriedly.

"Is there anything we can do?"

"Sadly no, Smokescreen, until we find the others, and me and Ratchet can work on him, we just have to wait until it passes."

- - -

A barrel of a laser gun aimed at a bot's head. "If you're not going to join, then die!" The laser fired.


- - -

"Prowl?" The bot slowly stop twitching.

"I'm fine, Jetfire..."

"Are you sure Prowl?" the aerial bot on his right asked. The bot nodded.

At that time the six bots received a message. The voice they heard was missed. "Hey that was Optimus' voice!" another bot said excitedly.

"Where did it come from?"

Their leader slowly looked around. "There." He pointed to a fare off blue star.

"There? Ya sure Prowl?" The bot nods again.

"Well what are we waiting for, let's go!" another spoke and was about to fly into the belt.

"Hold your parcels." the leader bot spoke "We are not going into that belt with out an effective plan of action."

"What you mean Prowl? Did Starscream damage your thought processors as well?"

The leader narrows his optics at the other. "My thought processors work just fine, Inferno." He said "All I'm saying I'm not going to let you barge into that belt. Primus knows you could get hit by one of those asteroids. And I know Red Alert don't want to waste time patching you up."

"Prowl is right. We need a good plan to pass the belt safely."

"Asteroids are quite unpredictable."

"Well we can go in cautiously and doge them."

"Good plan, Jetfire. Let's go." With that the group headed into the belt.

- - -

It took awhile until the group made it pass the belt. Luckily no one had gotten hurt. "That was a close call at times back there. Is everyone present and accounted for?"

"Yeah we're all here, Prowl."

"Good. Let's move out."

"Yes sir!" With that the group headed towards the fare off blue star.

- - -

No one knew that Starscream was going that way too with some other Decepticons. "Starscreamare you SURE about Megatron being dead?"

"Of course I'm sure. And we're going back to avenge his death." Of course Starscream was just lying. The true reason he was heading back was to destroy the rest to the Autobots so he can fully take on as the new leader of the Decepticons.

"I believe Starscream is telling a small lie."

"Are you lying Starscream?"

"No, how can I lie about something like this?"

"But Soundwave is never lying about these things..."

"Oh just shut up and let's just go."

"Not until you tell us the truth Starscream."

"I'm NOT lying!" The other Decepticons gave him questionable looks. "Let's just go already! We'll discuss this matter once we get there and you get good vehicle modes so the freshlings won't recognize you."

"Very well but once we get there you have a lot explaining to do." With that Starscream and his fellow legions of Decepticons continue on their way.

- - -

The Autobots sailed past a red planet after navigating another asteroid belt and saw a beautiful blue-green one coming into view. "Oh wow..." one of them spoke "So you think Optimus is on that planet Prowl?" The leader bot nods again.

"It's so... pretty..." said another Autobot.

"It's nothing like Cybertron though..."

"Easy Jetfire, I'm sure once we meet up with Optimus and the others we'll all go back home."

"I won't mind staying here actually..." said the one that had commented on the planet's beauty.

"Okay once we get there scan a disguise then we'll meet up and go find Optimus and there others..." Before he could finished, the leader bot twitched a bit.

Is he having another fit? wondered one of the Autobots. This twitching wasn't as long as some of the others when the leader bot went back to normal.

The rest of the team sighed in relief. "Let's go!" said the Leader.