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Beauty and the Beast


Gone. Moved on. Passed away. Flat lined.

All fancy words for dead. But none of them had ever had quite the same effect on me as they did now.

Hurt. Pain. Jealousy. Joy. Happiness…Warmth.

They were all such human feelings, and all of them had been reintroduced to me just over a year ago by Bella, my Bella.

Empty. Worthless. Meaningless. Guilty. Helpless.

Those all summed up what I was feeling now.

EMPTY- Nothing. Hollow. What I had been feeling all of my "life" before Bella came, but I never noticed it.

WORTHLESS- I hadn't been able to stop this. At least when I was tracking Victoria I was protecting Bella. When I was staying away from Bella, no matter how much it hurt, I knew I was protecting her.

MEANINGLESS- My life had lost all meaning. Bella. My angel. My soft, warm angle. That was my meaning. And now that meaning was gone.

GUILT- If I had never come into her life. If I had just let go of her and moved the second I met her I could have stopped this. But no I stuck around. I was selfish. And then after James and after Jasper nearly biting her, I couldn't do it any longer. I couldn't let such a perfect being risk its life for me. So, I left, simultaneously ripping out her heart and my own, but also protecting her. But now, she was gone, and there was nothing I could do. Her pulse would no longer race when I touched her. Her face would never blush. And her eyes, her deep, understanding eyes that had never believed my false pretences, I would never look into them again.

HELPLESS- I couldn't do anything. I had just lain there in my own pain while she ended her own life. And now there was nothing I could do to change it. Before if she was ever hurt beyond repair I could save her. But now. I couldn't do anything for her. I was the cause of this. It was all my fault. Me, a selfish, masochistic, monster, had taken Bella, a pure, selfless, angel who never thought of herself, from the world.


All I could think of was an end. An end to all of this pain and misery.


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