New Story

New Story! Woo!

Okay so I will very soon be posting the first chapter of a new story. The main character is an original character. Now before you run and hide, Bella will be in this story, and Edward will be later on. I haven't decided yet about the rest of the Cullens.

The premise is of a boy, Lex, who is 15 and a vampire (his real vampire age is about 90 or so). He was changed in the mid-eighties and now lives in an orphanage. Bella now works as a Social Worker for children and comes upon him in the home he lives in. She adopts him and from that point it is pretty much him going to high school and being her son. Edward comes in later on.

The reason I am doing an OC is because I just don't do very well writing from Edward or Bella's point of view. You may have noticed that even when I tried to keep a lid on myself as writing like them, they often came out much more like myself than the character. I have a more sarcastic, editorial style of writing normally and I am really jazzed to be able to write a story on here the way I usually write.

Let me know what you think!

The first chapter is up. The story is called The Clash. Please read! I really like the first chapter.