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A blizzard, the worst of the winter season had completely enveloped Hogwarts by the next morning. A layer of ice covered every window, the frigid air managing to infiltrate even the tiniest of cracks in the walls. Every student walked quickly from class to class with their hands stuffed into their robes and extra scarves wrapped around their necks. Fires burned in every room and cups of tea littered every table. Dumbledore cancelled all afternoon classes as no one could concentrate with the wind howling constantly and slamming against the windows.

People rushed past me as I gathered my books and slung my book bag over my shoulder. Walking out of Divination class, I dawdled on the stairs, peering out of the windows. The world outside was a sea of white and grey. Only the outline of the trees could be seen, creating ghostly images of swaying giants in the distance.

When I reached the bottom of the stairs, the hallways were virtually empty. The cancelling of classes for the rest of the day had everyone rushing to get back to their common rooms so they could light their fireplaces and spend the rest of the afternoon with warm blankets, hot teas and conversation.

I dawdled on the way back to my room, the cold and empty hallways immediately reminding me of the night I had gone wandering in my sleeplessness. The wandering had led to Hermione and…so many other things. I turned the corner to walk down a particularly dark hallway, the only light coming from a few dimly lit torches that hung from the sconces on the stone walls. The shadows flickered, creating dark corners of blackness that were nearly invisible, even near the windows which looked out over the frozen lake and surrounding grounds.

Suddenly, the unmistakable scent of cinnamon flooded my nose, gently leading me closer and closer to a dark corner near the archway which led to the staircase to my room. My book bag made a soft thud as I laid it on the floor. I closed my eyes and took the few final steps towards the blackness and stopped when my chest touched the softness of a body hidden beneath warm robes. I leaned forward to bury my nose in the cinnamon scented hair, the soft curls cold against my face. I took a deep breath in and felt her sigh and reach up behind her to run her fingers through my hair. My arms encircled her waist, pulling her closer and I bent down to kiss the spot beneath her ear that I knew and loved so well.

"Hermione," I whispered.

She arched and tilted her head to the side, sighing, and I spun her around in my arms in one smooth motion to face me. I felt her warm breath on my lips as she stood on tiptoe to press her mouth against mine. My soft moan echoed lightly through the hallway; she whimpered as my tongue demanded entrance to her mouth. My knees were weak as I tasted her for the first time in almost two days. I felt like a starving man as my hands frantically moved over her body, grasping and holding her until I finally picked her up in my arms and pressed her against the wall. She wrapped her legs around my waist, her fingers tugging at my hair and tilting my head to the side, and she bent to kiss my neck as I struggled to keep from crumbling onto the floor.

"I needed to see you," she said in a strangled sigh against me.

I slid my hands underneath her robe and roughly pulled her blouse out from the waistband of her skirt, desperate to touch her skin. She shivered as my icy cold fingertips slid up her stomach, my thumbs running over the thin fabric of her bra. I turned my head to claim her mouth again, trembling as her tongue curled around mine and the taste of honey flooded over me in waves.

Burying my face in her neck, I suckled at the sensitive skin there; the pounding of my heart was deafening in my ears. Why was it always like this when I was near her? Nothing else existed but the heat of her skin; nothing else mattered but her strangled sigh against my mouth as we kissed. This dark corner in the hallway was my whole world now. I felt almost primal as my hands slid away from her breasts, over her hips, and finally to the hem of her skirt. My eyes had adjusted to the darkness now, and I pulled away from her to watch her face as I gently untangled her legs from around my waist and set her on the floor again. Her arms were still linked around my neck and she looked up into my eyes, standing on tiptoe to kiss me. As her tongue found mine again, I slowly pulled at the clasp of her robe and removed it, slipping it over her shoulders and to the ground; it fell with a soft thud. My hands returned to her waist, cupping her arse over the scratchy wool fabric. Hermione sighed into my mouth and I felt every muscle in my body clench with need. She could bring me to my knees with just her breath.

Our kisses became hungry. We battled for dominance over each other's mouths, our tongues curling around each other in a frantic dance. I broke apart from her only for a moment to pull her vest and blouse up and over her head and discarded it to the floor with her robes. My hands flew to the clasp of her bra, unhooking it and tossing it to the ground, as her hands desperately unzipped my trousers. Our eyes met for a moment, my heart was pounding in my ears. Time stood still as her eyes locked onto mine. One small hand grasped the hair at the back of my neck, while the other trembled as it slid inside the opening of fabric beneath my belt, and her delicate fingers began to stroke me. She leaned forward, her tongue licking over the thin sheen of perspiration that had formed in the hollow of my throat.

"Malfoy," she sighed, giggling softly at the sound of my name as it rolled off her tongue. It was all I could do to keep from collapsing against her, my need for her quickly becoming unbearable.

Her thumb ran over the tip of me and I heard her gasp at the wetness she encountered. I was already worlds away, my body slowly surrendering to the darkness of our corner, to the warm blackness of night and the smell of her skin as I bent to suckle at her the pulse point in her neck. She continued to stroke me, testing me, the pressure of her fingers firm one moment and then soft and shy the next. My hands floated gently over her hips, the curve of her thighs and then back up again over her bare back. She was pressed to me, the swell of her breasts warm and soft against the fabric of my white shirt.

"Wait," she said suddenly in a strangled sigh. "Wait, Draco, we can't. Not here."

I pressed myself against her, my need painfully obvious. My hips began writhing upon their own volition, helplessly grinding against her tiny palm. I groaned into her hair, my response punctuated by hard pressed kisses to her neck.

"No one can see us," I said in a rushed whisper. She sighed and slid her fingers over me again and the last of my restraint pushed dangerously close to the edge. "Don't make me beg," I whispered through gritted teeth.

Sweeping her thumb over the tip of me, I could almost feel her swell with pride as I moaned pitifully into her neck, completely lost in her touch.

"You don't play fair, Granger." My voice was heavy with desire, the sound rumbling like thunder in between us.

"I thought you told Harry this wasn't a game," she said softly, almost to herself.

Her hand slid from the back of my neck to cup the side of my face, pulling me away from her so that she could kiss me. Groaning into her mouth, I returned every slow and delicate sweep of her tongue, wordlessly telling her how much I had missed her. I cupped her breasts gently, pressing her against the wall, the frame of my body completely shielding her from view. I felt her give a little, felt her melt slowly against me and I took the tiny break in her resolve as an opportunity to show her just how much I needed to have her, right here, right now.

My hands fell to her waist as I pulled away from the warmth of her mouth.

"I told him I loved you," I whispered.

"I know."

Her eyes became very bright; even in the darkness of our corner I could see a single tear fall slowly down her cheek. Gently removing her hand from around the hard length of me, I placed it over my heart covering her shaking fingers with my own.

"And I'll tell him again," I continued, kissing the tip of her chin where the tear hung. "I'll tell him whatever you want me to tell him. I'll say whatever you want me to say, Hermione. I love you. Nothing will ever change that."

Hermione suddenly threw her arms around me, embracing me in a fierce hug. I chuckled, smiling against her and returned her embrace, holding her so tightly the tips of her shoes skimmed the floor. We stood there, locked together and hidden in the darkness, shielded from the blizzard that swirled with fury just outside the windows. After a few moments, we parted and I smiled down at her, leaning forward to taste her lips again. Her kisses became hungrier as we sighed and whispered to each other, our hands and fingers desperately searching each other, lingering in the places we loved, floating over skin and clothes. Her hand made its way back down the hard length of me again and I bit my lower lip in sweet agony.

"'Mione," I managed to stammer out.

She ignored me and continued to stroke me over and over again in long, firm waves. Cupping her face in my hands I kissed her fiercely, tasting every sweet cavern of her mouth like a starving man.

Again and again her fingers slid over me, around the tip and then back down again. I felt a familiar stirring in my lower belly, an aching, a warmth that threatened to tear me apart. Pressing her against the wall my mouth assaulted her neck, scraping against the softness of her skin with my teeth. I wanted to fucking devour her.

"'Mione," I growled underneath my breath. "If you had any plans of leaving this corner, you can forget about them, love. I need to be inside you. Now."

Hermione slowly removed her hand from around me, and brought the tip of her thumb up to her lips. I watched her, my vision all but hazy as I was delirious with desire. Her tongue reached out to taste the wetness I had left on her fingertips and I moaned, clenching my hands around her waist. She brought her mouth to mine again and I tasted myself mixed with the honey of her lips and the world faded away completely.

My hands frantically removed her knickers, leaving her skirt, socks and shoes on, as she unbuckled my belt and pushed down my trousers so that they fell into a puddle around on the ground. With no warning I lifted her up, pressing her against the wall for a moment as I positioned myself underneath her. Her eyes never left my own as she sank down slowly onto me and for the first time in two days, I felt complete.

We moved slowly at first, my hands on her waist, hers tangled within the thick blonde nest of my hair. From far in the distance I could hear several doors opening and closing, the sounds of students moving through the hallways. Hermione's eyes were closed, her head tilted back now, and I kissed the center of her chest, moving slowly over her breasts, feeling her clench around me in anticipation.

Suddenly her eyes flew open as two students casually made their way down the hallway towards us. I held her still against me, kissing the corners of her mouth as one of my hands crept slowly towards the crest of her center. She gasped quietly as the students moved closer, but she didn't make a sound. The tip of my thumb found her engorged and slick with wetness and as I pressed against that spot, she kissed me to muffle the sounds of her own sighs.

"They can't see us," I whispered, moving the tip of my thumb in circles.

She nodded slightly as the students walked by us, engrossed in their own conversation and their voices slowly faded away.

A slow smile spread across her face and she shook her head.

"What?" I said smiling.

"The things you make me do, Malfoy," she replied teasingly.

I pressed against that spot once more and she sighed, "The things you make me feel..."

I raised an eyebrow at her and grinned as my hands encircled her waist. She clenched around me as I moved her easily, gently writhing against her as my lips suckled at her neck. She was trembling in my arms as my movements became more insistent. I heard her intake of breath, the sharp hissing she made as I nipped at her earlobe and I felt that familiar pull from the center of me, that beautiful aching warmth that traveled up my spine.

"Hermione," I said softly into her hair. "Do you think you can come for me?"

She sighed and embraced me tightly, her legs wrapping around my waist and locking at the ankles behind me underneath the robes which I still wore. My body instinctively wrapped tightly around her, my hips setting the rhythm.

"Will you come for me, Hermione?" I said in a strangled voice against her neck.

She moved her hips against mine in response and I whimpered. She held me close, and I braced myself against the wall behind her, giving myself up to whatever she wanted, whatever she needed to bring her to the edge.

"Come for me, love. Come for me."

We began to move frantically against each other, the darkness making her brave as she reached down in between us with one hand and touched where we met, caressing the both of us with infinite care; it was more than I could take.

Raising my head up from her shoulder I cupped her face in my hands and pressed our foreheads together. My moans were louder than a whisper now as I moved faster and faster within her, my fingertips grasping at locks of her hair as I felt her wetness increase and her muscles clench.

Her hands flew to cup my face as I held her own and she pressed a kiss to my lips.

"I love you," she said in a clear, albeit shaky voice.

I nodded, unable to speak but returned her kiss with one more of my own before feeling the pull from the center of me crest. Hermione's eyes locked onto my own and before we both fell into the warmth and heat of each other, she whispered, "Forever."

Her muscles clenched around me and at last I finally spilled into her; over and over again, waves of unending pleasure as we kept our eyes focused on each other and there were no words. None were needed anymore.

My knees felt weak and I quickly embraced her, falling slowly to the ground with her in my arms. She settled beneath me, her body quivering and still wrapped around me and with a sigh of relief I nuzzled the crook of her neck and relaxed, my robes acting as a blanket for the both of us on the cold stone of the ground.

The blizzard outside continued to rage on, but here in our dark little corner, the torches from the hallway played shadows on the stone and as I raised my head to look at Hermione the dim firelight created a hazy circle around the tips of my hair. She reached up to pull me down for a kiss and I happily obliged. After a few minutes we slowly rose again and with a few quick flicks of my wand we were cleaned and dressed. I took Hermione's hand in mine and gently kissed it. Our fingers laced together, I picked up my book bag and turned to kiss her. I nodded towards the staircase behind me which led to my room. A slow smile crept across my lips, my eyebrow raised in the most mischievous of looks.

She chuckled softly and returned my kiss before slowly stepping out into the dimly lit hallway, away from our dark little corner, and leading me up the stairs.