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Chapter 1- New Girl

"May." A little black hair boy with glassed said while poking his sister in the side.

"Go away." A girl with brown hair and sapphire eyes which you can't see mumbled and flung around.

"May your going to be late." Max said.

"CRAP MAX GO AWAY!" May screamed and accidentally kicked him in the face.

The boys eyes began to water. "Mommy!" Max screamed and ran down stairs.

May groggily woke up and looked at the alarm clock.

It read 6:46 am.

"Holy Crap I'm late and it's my first day too!" May said and ran for the bathroom to take a shower.

She got out of the shower and started to blow dry her hair and curled it then put in a dark blue hair band.

She then choose an outfit randomly from her closet.

She put it on and looked in the mirror. It was a aqua tight blue t-shirt with a blue jean mini skirt with leggings under it.

She went down to the kitchen and grabbed a piece of Sweet Mint Trident gum and popped it into her mouth.

"HEY MOM I'M GOING TO LET DAD TAKE ME SINCE HE'S GOING TO THE GYM!" May shouted and ran to her dad's car outside.

"Hey daddy." May said getting in the car.

"Hey sweetie, do you want a ride to school?"

"Yes please." May said smiling.

Norman(May's Dad) car pulled up to the school. May stepped out of the car. The doors to the school were open and she looked at the school. She turned around to wave goodbye to her dad but saw that he was already gone.

She walked through the entrance and the hallways were empty. She walked around and spotted a red haired girl with a raven hair boy.

She walked up to them.

"Excuse me I'm new here could you probably show me where the principal's office is?" May asked her voice a little soft.

The red hair girl smiled.

"Hi I'm Misty and this is Ash! Of course will show you where the principal's office is." Misty smiled warmly.

"Hi I'm May." She said.

"Misty's never really this happy. But don't get on her bad side or she'll probably end up 'accidentally' killing you." Ash smiled.

Misty glared at him.

"Shut up." Misty said and punched him in the arm.

"Here we are, Mr. Conger's office." Misty said stopping.

"Thanks. Nice meeting you two." May smiled.

"Ditto. Bye." Ash and Misty said in unison.

May came in and looked at a old looking man probably in his 40's looking at his computer. He looked up and saw May.

"Why hello Miss. What can I do for you?"

"Well I'm May Jordan Maple and I was transferred here." May said.

"Oh yes…Norman's daughter. Welcome to Houston. Here let me hand you your schedule and I'll walk you to your first class, by the way my name is Eddie Conger." He finished holding out his hand and she shaked it.

They walked down many hallways and came to a room and Mr. Conger knocked on the door and out came a teacher. She was young. She had red hair and thin body.

"Hello Mrs. Jackson, this is our new student Miss May. I want you to make her feel welcome to this school."

Mrs. Jackson looked at May and smiled. "Why hello there dear come in and get to know everyone." She said and they both walked in.

"Hello everyone sorry for the interruption. This is May Maple she just moved from Petalburg City." She motioning to May.

May looked around, she didn't like the looks she was getting. Most of the boys were gawking at her and some of the girls looked like they wanted to kill her.

"Well May let's find you a place to sit, um, how about next to Drew Hayden. Drew please raise your hand, and NO slapping the girls butt when she walks by, Brendan!" Mrs. Jackson looked at a boy with white hair and grey eyes.

May walked to the empty desk next to Drew, a boy with grass colored hair and eyes. She quickly walked past Brendan so he didn't get a chance to smack her.

"Okay now back to the lesson, when you divide the circumference around the multiplications of pie you get, what?" Mrs. Jackson asked and looked at the students.

"How about you May?"

May was NOT good at Math, that was a reason she switched schools. She was gonna make a fool of her self right now.

"Um, -9?" May guessed.

The entire class busted out laughing. Even the teacher let out a giggle.

"May, are you good at Math?" Mrs. Jackson asked.

"Not really." May said with her face beet red.


"Alright everyone great lesson, and May do you know where to go next?"

"Yes Ma'am." She said lying. She didn't have the slightest clue where to go next.

She walked to her locker and put some of her stuff in her locker. She then took a quick glance at her schedule. Next athletics. Something she was actually good at and there was no counting either.

"Hey you're the girl that's bad at Math aren't you?" A voice said beside her.

She turned to see that Drew guy.

"Well I'm not very good." May chuckled.

"Do you want me to show you to your next class?"

"Yeah that'd be nice, it's athletics."

"Really? Me too!"

"OHHHH DREWY!" A girlish voice came.

"Crap it's Kimberly, she is super rude."


Drew looked at Kim.

Kimberly looked at May.

"Who is this piece of trash?" Kimberly said refereeing to May.

May was getting mad.

"Excuse me? What about you Miss Slut?" May said shouting.

"Heh! Rather be a slut than a piece of trash." Kimberly snickered.

"Oh really? Then you might wanna get your breast job done again, cause they look like strawberries." May smirked.

"How cute? At least I don't stuff my bra full of tissue."

"Heh! How much money do you use on pads? Cause you probably try to use the whole package to make it look like you have a butt." May smirked again.

There insults have created a small crowd.

"Your clothing style is trash." Kimberly smirked and began to walk away.

"OH yeah! Well if you polished the table with your shirt, the table would punch you in the face." May said. Laughter was heard. Kimberly kept walking and shot her the finger.

"What ever. Have it your way." May muttered and punched the nearest locker and left a small dent in it.

"Wow no one was ever able to stand up to Kimberly like that." Misty said walking up to May and Drew with Ash.

"What class do you guys have?" May asked.

"Athletics." They all replied.

May smiled cheerfully like nothing had happened. "Let's Go!"


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