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Chapter 7- Social Studies and Detention


"Okay now if plants are green, then what makes them smell good?" May asked looking at the book of plants.

Drew tugged his ears in frustration.

"They smell good because of the chemicals and transformation." Drew explained calmly.

"Oh, chemicals like poison?" May asked smiling.

Drew looked at the desk. He started to bang his forehead furiously on the table and hard.

May looked at Drew and watched him bang his head.

She put her hand under between the table and his head and lifted his head.

"Stop, before you turn into Ash." May giggled.

"Ugh! Why I never! Turn into that ratchet fool!" Drew said in his best British voice.

May busted out laughing.

"Shut up over there!" A kid shouted at May.

"Make me!" May shouted.

Suddenly the kid looked around to see if the teacher was in the classroom which he wasn't. He walked over to May and Drew.

He looked at May. He lifted his hand and swiftly slapped her face, but hard.

May was obliged to what just happened. She reached to touch her face, which was stinging and was damp, probably from tears.

The guy smirked.

"Never, underestimate Bailey." The blonde boy smirked.

Drew saw May. He stood up to Bailey.

"What do you want, Green Coconut?" Bailey smirked.

Drew said nothing.

He finally lunged at Bailey trying to strangle him.

"What is that?" Misty asked as she looked over at Drew and May.

She saw Drew and Bailey on the ground wrestling.

A bunch of kids including, Kimberly and Brendan, were watching Drew and Bailey go at it.

Misty and Ash looked at them and tried to pull them apart.

Misty held on to Bailey and Ash held back Drew.

"What has gotten into you two?!" Misty shouted.

"That browned headed girl wouldn't shut up." Bailey just stated.

"NO! You slapped May. AND NO ONE HURTS MAY!" Drew growled about to choke the boy.

"Are you sure about that?" Kimberly came out of the crowd and smirked at Drew.

Drew glared at her. "Yeah, I'm sure on MY grave, and I'm awesome." Drew bragged.

"Well I can kill you, and I don't mind either." Brendan walked and stood beside Kimberly.

Misty looked at Bailey that was still in her clutches. And Drew was already out of Ash's.

Drew then stopped fighting long enough to see where May was. And where the teacher had gone.

He saw May standing beside Misty. She was still crying slightly.

"Let me take Bailey to the principle's office." Misty said to Ash and walked out.

"NO! JUST GIVE ME A FEW SECONDS WITH THA-!" Bailey was cut off by the door closing.

Kimberly stepped in front of May and Brendan stepped behind May, inclosing her in a circle.

"So Misty's gone so you don't protection now!" Kimberly stepped forward making May back into Brendan's arms.

"Ahh." May stumbled.

"I knew you couldn't resist me." Brendan smirked and put his arms around her.

May pushed him away and made him fall back.

"Ugh! Don't touch me!" Kimberly shouted and pushed May making her fall against the table.

Drew ran up to May, but was tripped by Brendan.

"LOSER!" Drew shouted at Brendan.


'Thank god.' May thought happily.

She ran out of the class room.

"May!" Ash shouted.

She knew she was crying. No one had to tell her. This was her first day and she had already had enemies.

She ran into the girls restroom. She noticed she had a bit of blood on her temple from where she had hit the corner of the table.

She wiped off with the back of her hand but the blood continued to run down her face.

"Crap." May muttered and walked out.

"May! Hey wait!" A voice shouted from behind.

She turned around to face Misty and Ash.

"WHAT HAPPENED?!" Misty shouted. She was referring to the blood streaming down her face.

"When you left Kimberly pushed me into the table and cut my face. Just a little blood, doesn't hurt anything." May shrugged and started to walk.


"You at least need to go to the nurse and get it checked out, you might need a few stitches." Ash said while grabbing Misty before she would get a chance to kill someone.

"Okay, but during social studies, I hate that class the most." May smiled and stopped at her locker.

She grabbed her book and closed her locker.