L. L. L. L. What was wrong with him?! Every second…every moment of the entire day…all of his thoughts were centered around that cake killing son ova' bitch. The ever alert, finger pointing, accusing bastard right beside him. And as usual, he seemed to be ignoring the fuming brunette as he spun around in his office chair.

A thumb was being clenched between his amazingly pearly teeth, incisors working at the flesh as if it were food. How disgusting. How disrespectful. How...hot. Shaking his head to clear his mind, Light's perfect eyebrows furrowed in determination. Hormones. That's all it was. The panda-bear's pale, smooth, and unmarred skin was surely enough to get anyone off. Right?!


He could easily quit thinking about the ebony haired elder. He was Kira. He was God. It would be easy.

"Yagami-kun..." Came the all too familiar know-it-all voice, " Is something the matter? Generally you don't stare at me for such a long expanse of time." Turning his chair a few degrees to the right, cobalt eyes tore themselves from the many screens in front of him...only to fix emotionlessly on the suspect at his side. As per the usual, Light had absolutely no idea what the asshole was thinking. The darkened hues seeming to pierce right into his core. It pissed him off, but the smile he flashed was brilliant and polite.

"I was staring? Gomen. I was thinking over a few of Kira's recent killings and I must have spaced out. I'll attempt to keep myself from doing so again."

L blinked, his head canting to one side, "If you say so." Turning his gaze back to the screens, Light immediately made a face at the white clad back.

"I saw that."

"Saw what?"

"I find the fact you're playing innocent less than amusing, Yagami-kun. If you do such a thing again I'll have you removed from my presence. Such childish behavior is not appreciated."

Had Light mentioned just how much he hated the arrogant prick seated off to his side?

"L? Hey, L! L!!!" +Twitching every time his alias was spoken, the insomniac turned his head sharply to the left and glowered at the only other person in the room besides Light and himself. Matsuda. Such an annoyance.

"What do you need, Matsuda-san?" It was evident that he was annoyed.

Blinking rapidly for a few moments, Matsuda finally set his lips in a firm line. "I've been trying to get your attention for a while now... I wished to ask you if MisaMisa is going to need me again anytime soon. I am her manager, after all!"

"Precisely the reason why you should know. I don't deal with such trivial matters." Lifting a truffle from a small box in front of him, he seemed to dissect it with his eyes before he slid it into his damp cavern. Speaking with his mouth full, he continued, "I am here to catch Kira. Not worry about whether Light-kun's girlfriend manages to make it into a magazine or star in a commercial. Please, don't ask me such a question again. If you're not responsible enough to keep in contact with Misa-chan, then perhaps you should hand your manager position over to someone with more experience. Mogi-san, for example."

L was cruel at times. Without realizing it, a faint smile spread across Light's lips. The detective could be quite hysterical. Considering he'd insulted Misa, he'd have to say something...even if he hated the blonde's guts.

"Ryuzaki! If I remember correctly you were quite fond of Misa the first time you met her. What changed your mind?"

"I've had to deal with her. That's what changed my mind. She is incompetent and is blinded by her feelings by you. She could be of some use if you'd just do as I say and use her accordingly!"

"I could never use a woman. It's against my code."

"Hyuk, hyuk, hyuk!" Damn that Shinigami! Looking over to the apple eating pest, everyone fell silent. He'd popped out of nowhere, as usual.

"Why did he laugh when you said that, Yagami-kun?"

Because he's an asshole. "I have no idea. Perhaps you should ask him?"

L seemed troubled. Oh God, how he loved it when the detective displayed such an emotion. It showed that Light was able to pry into his shields.

"He never answers me..."

It's because he hates you. "I wonder why." Actually, Ryuk was indifferent to any and all humans. The fumming youth had merely added that to help soothe his steaming mind.

Fixing Light with a horrendously pointed stare, a rough bite was delivered to the pad of his thumb, "Or perhaps it's because Kira instructed him not to." It wasn't a question. He said it as if it were factual... And he was right, of course. Damn him!

"Perhaps you're right...but we'll never know unless we catch Kira." Ryuk was hovering beside Matsuda, listening to one side of his conversation with Misa. Humans were so entertaining!!!

"What?! No I-...MisaMisa! I didn't mean t-...NO!" Long, drawn out pause here. "Pictures of you and Ryuga Hideki were what?! No! I never author-...What magazine? Are you certain?! Gomen, gomen! I'll tr-...!" +He gasped.+ "MisaMisa! Please calm down! They were probably Photoshopped by some crazed fan! I'll work this o-... No. I don't have a girlfriend." Another pause. "You're so cruel, MisaMisa..." And with that, he hung up. Abruptly getting to his feet, the crestfallen Matsuda bowed. "I must be on my way. Something extremely important has come up."

"Yes. Please go." The detective and brunette chorused at the same time.

Too wrapped up in his own mass of woe to notice the fact they truly desired his absence, another apology was uttered before he left the surveillance room. Ryuk followed after him thinking it would be funner than watching Light and L stare at monitors all day. Aizawa was forced to take the day off due to the fact he promised to take his daughter to the zoo (Wife's orders), Mogi was up on the third floor trying to cipher through paperwork, and his father was meeting with the head of the police force again. After all, working in Japan without help from the authorities just made everything more difficult than it should have been.

Suddenly, Light was struck with a rather unusual thought.


Both L and himself were in a room where they could tell where everyone else was at. A sound proof, spacious place with many objects in which he could force the bastard up against. Shaking his head, he quickly turned his gaze away from the insomniac before it could be noticed. What was he thinking?! L was his rival. L was a MALE. It was either he died, or Light died...and the brunette didn't plan on losing. Before that dream he'd never even questioned his own sexuality. And yet, his amber orbs had slid back over to the horrendously slouched frame. If only he'd sit up straighter and comb his hair. Change his wardrobe and get more sleep. There was no doubt in the young intellectual's mind that L could most certainly be considered hot if he wanted to. It pissed him off that he put no effort into his appearance.

"Yagami-kun, you're doing it again. I don't appreciate being stared at, especially when there is work to be done. Can you please find something to do? Thank you." He didn't even wait for the youth to respond.

What an ass.

Straightening up, he turned his perfect face to the side, yet kept his gaze on the arrogant cookie monster. Ever since he'd had that dream...he just couldn't get the detective out of his mind. Merely thinking of it sent jolts of headed electricity ripping through his stomach.


"Please! Yagami-kun! Nn! Harder!" Heated pants were escaping from both their lips, sweat drenched bodies slick as they moved against each other. Tossing his head back, raven locks framed L's pale face. "Yes! Like that! A-ahn!"


Shitshitshit! Shaking his head violently, an annoyed L shot a glare towards the now flustered youth.

"What's wrong with you today, Yagami-kun? You're not acting like yourself. It's troublesome. As your friend I request you relay onto me what ails you." The brunette knew he only said it because it was interfering with his work. What an annoying, sexy misery monkey! Goddamnit! Sexy wasn't supposed to be included! It was all his teenage body's fault! The raccoon eyed fucktard matched him on every level of intelligence...the first person in his life ever to do so. It wasn't a surprise that he was attracted to him. And it also wasn't surprising that it was causing his mind to conjure up some primal images.

Out of the haze of lust he suddenly found himself in, an idea started to form. The way he figured it: he couldn't resume his normal activities until he was able to have his way with his egotistical but enchanting rival. So, seeing as to that was the case...all he had to do was fuck him. Satisfy his urges. And then everything could go back to the way it was. He could envision L dying instead of moaning.



Looking up from his now empty truffle box, his face was disappointed considering he had no other sweets within reach. "Hn? What is it, Light-kun? Do you finally wish to tell me what's the matter?"

Nope. For once, the detective was wrong. Dead wrong.

Heh. Dead….hehe…wrong…it was so hard not to burst out laughing.

Pausing, a smirk curled his lips upwards as he breathed out his question, "What are your views on...sex?"