----A Creature Battle (Crude) Comedy Part 1----

One day in the world of Eden at a middle school one little boy and little girl were looking out the window.
They were watching the cute Male Giant Ape walking towards something.

Once they got closer to the window they seen a giant evil female sheep.

The Male ape wissled.

The female sheep walked right up to him and kicked him the boulders!
The boy started to crack up & the whole classroom looked at him.
He turned around to look at his classmates then he turned back to she the girl next to him and all a sudden she kicked him in the boulders. And he kneeled down while holding his boulders tightly saying, "Go fuck yourself"
The teacher came up to him and took him to the office. All the other kids in the school ran outside uncontrolably!

When they got to the creatures. The Sheep Won & the male ape was on the floor doing what every man would when they get hit in the weak spot.

But, once the kids got in front of him they looked at the front of him and seen that there was no boulders attached to the poor guy.
The sheep was telepathic and said, "What?! He had no balls"
The teacher far behind said, "Can't go for a man with no balls!" in a hillbilly voice!
The kids started bowing down to the evil sheep and later on the ape was abbandoned!

To be continued!