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Title: If Only
Author: myfailsafe (But please… call me Nevi.)
Pairings: Sasu/Naru
Rating: T – For Foul language and Suggestive Gay-ness
Warnings: Foul language
Summary: Our loveable little blonde has caught pneumonia. Our broody raven is his doctor. What happens when Naruto keeps playing hooky just to see Sasuke again, and what come out of these strange encounters, and what happens when Sasuke finds out?
Authors Notes: This idea popped into my head while I was falling asleep and wondering about my fate in October with going to see a new doctor. Somehow, our favorite broody Uchiha, and hyper blonde prankster that goes by the name of Uzumaki Naruto got into my mixture of weird and compulsive thoughts. Thus, here we are, with another fanfiction that I can stress over completing.

I type blonde instead of blond… adjust please.

Also. No Japanese terms, words, and sayings in this fiction. I'm tired of butchering it in my other fictions and I just can't do it in this one. No suffix's guys. Sasuke is just going to be a bastard, and Naruto is just going to be a loser, and you as a reader will have to adjust.

Disclaimer - I don't own Naruto, I just dream too much and too big.

Dedication: To Charli, whom I can't thank enough.

Chapter 1No More Apples

A blonde male, around the age of twenty-five, had his head lazily rested on the counter that was in the middle of a low class department store. His light blue button up shirt was damp with sweat, his tie had been pull loose at the feeling of constriction, and his shoes had been kicked off because he was just plain uncomfortable.

The male raised his arms and folded them over his head that was full of bright golden blonde hair, and he hugged his head, hoping to equalize the pressure that had built up.
A series of harsh, barking, and horse coughs erupted from the blonde's throat, causing him to stand and clutch at his sore chest and pounding head.

His bright and vivid cerulean blue eyes were bloodshot and watery. His cheeks were flushed bright red and dark circles were under his eyes. His nose had began to run an hour prior and he was about to lose his mind if all of this didn't stop; and soon.

A perky, and tired looking female started walking towards the blonde male; her bubble gum pink pony-tail pouncing on her back in her wake.
She stood on the other side of the blonde's counter and leaned forward while setting down her energy drink, her low cut top showing more cleavage then she most likely, the rather pale blonde assumed, had meant to show.

"Naruto, you need to go home." The girl propped her head up on her palm that was supported by her elbow and glared emerald eyes at him.

Naruto sniffled and then coughed violently, "I can't! Rent-" Naruto sneezed and then grabbed a paper towel and wiped at his nose, "and college, Sakura." Naruto usually had a rather upbeat and light voice, but today, it was hoarse and fading.

"As your manager, and one of your best friends, I order you to go to a doctor and then go home to rest. Naruto, I can pull some strings and get you pay on a sick day." Sakura looked down and dumbly fixed her golden name badge and her white blouse.

"I can't put you in a position like that-" Naruto began coughing so hard at this point, he had to sit on the ground behind his counter in the domestics and house wares department in the far end of the store.

Sakura then quickly walked around to Naruto and crouched down next to Naruto shaking her head, "whatever happened to the old saying 'an apple a day keeps the doctor away.'"

"You know as well as I do that I do not eat apples." Naruto sat clutching his chest.

"Naruto Uzumaki," Sakura sighed and rubbed her temples, "I'm going to page Hinata and she's going to take you to the doctor I go to; they're really great. Kiba can watch her department while you two are gone. Then you two are going to go back to the townhouse and you are going to lie down. If you don't…I'll simply fire your ass."

Sakura stood up, her black high heeled shoes shuffling against the carpeted floor as she lifted the phone to punch in managerial numbers that would allow her to use the loud speaker to page a fellow employee.

Suddenly a loud beep came over the loud speaker and Sakura quickly cleared her throat, "Hinata Hyuuga, please report to the domestics section. Thank you."

Sakura looked down at Naruto and sighed, she reached her hand out, "come on, you have to stand up and put your shoes on."

Naruto looked up at her and groaned, but grabbed her hand and was pulled to his feet. Suddenly, out of the corner of his eye, another girl around the same age came into view. Her long black velvet hair hung freely, and her light gray eyes stuck out against her porcelain skin, and sadly, because Naruto was Naruto, he watched how her large breasts would bounce ever-so-slightly as she walked.

"What's wrong, Sakura?" Hinata's voice was very soft and light, and could relax anyone at anytime.

"I need you to do me a big favor. I need you to take Naruto to the doctors. I think he might have the flu or pneumonia. I would take him myself but I have to start setting up for inventory next week." Sakura was tightening Naruto's tie when both Hinata and Naruto let out small groans at the sound of inventory.

Hinata nodded her head, "I can do that, should I take him to Lifeline Family Medicine?" Hinata walked around and moved Sakura out of the way, taking Naruto's tie off completely, which earned a sigh of relief.

"Please, they are the best in town." Sakura bent down and handed Hinata Naruto's shoes. "I'll clock you two out and then call the doctors office and tell them you two are coming. Take care of him when he gets home Hinata, you know more about this shit then I do." Sakura took down her hair only to put it right back up as a nervous habit.

A young adult, male, was going over medical papers at a large desk in a rather blank office. The only decoration that was noticeable was the many diplomas and trophies that littered the walls and book shelves. His raven, black-blue bangs kept falling in his face, which would earn a tiny growl from the man.

His charcoal eyes scanned one paper after another, making small notes here and there, and flipping to the next page. He ran a hand up the back of his hair that had a since of style of sticking a fork in an electrical socket or, as his brother lovingly said that morning, 'a duck attempting to take a shit'.

A knock came to his wide open office door, "come in." His voice was deep but distant as he concentrated on his work.

"Dr.Uchiha, you have a squeeze in patient coming in, it sounds like pneumonia." The girl flipped her long hair playfully and flirtatiously.

"Thank you, Karin, how long until they arrive?" He simply flipped over another paper.

"I give them five to ten minutes in the lobby because of the paperwork, Sasuke." She sounded disappointed as the man ignored her. With that she walked back to the receptionist desk.

Sasuke turned his head to see that the woman was no longer there, and sighed. He leaned back into his black leather seat and put his head back for a fraction of a second before he got up; grabbing a white coat with a name embroidered into the right breast and threw it on.

Hinata sat with a clipboard on her lap, going over Naruto's information in her head and filling out the packet to be turned back in for new patients. Naruto sat next to Hinata coughing loudly into his sleeve while other patients in the small office waiting room looked at him indignantly for the loud interruption in their quite day.

Hinata reached over absentmindedly and rubbed Naruto's back. The door towards their right opened just as Hinata handed over the pen to Naruto to sign on the bottom line assuring the doctors that the information was correct to the best of his knowledge.

The receptionist smiled brightly and called, "Naruto Uzumaki."

Naruto stood with Hinata fallowing, rubbing his back soothingly and gently towards the smiling lady who ask them both to fallow her. The woman took his temperature as he sat in a cushioned chair right inside the door that read 103 degrees, and then weighed him, and that came in at 167 pounds that was toned and muscle. The woman then proceeded to take his pulse, oxygen level, and blood pressure while making polite conversation with Hinata.

Naruto coughed harshly once and grabbed at his head with a long groan, "my vision is all blurry and I feel really dizzy."

"Alright Mr. Uzumaki, fallow me and we will put you in your room." Karin jotted down what Naruto had said, then grabbed a sheet of papers that had all of Naruto's information on it and began walking around the maze of rooms.

Hinata supported Naruto as they walked by opened doors with babies wailing, people groaning, people coughing and sneezing, kids crying, and just all around sick people.
Finally the woman stopped in front of an opened door and slid the paper into the slot next to the door and smiled politely, "the doctor will be with you in a moment. If you could just take off you shirt please and put on that paper gown with it opened in the front."

With that, Karin was off to take care of another patient while the nurse took her smoke break unexpectedly. Naruto wobbled over to the padded table that had a folded paper gown on it. He quickly stripped out of his shirt that was grabbed by Hinata before it was dropped on the ground.

Naruto flopped half-heartedly onto the table with his legs hanging off while he tried to drift off into sleep, but with the uncomfortable-ness of the pneumonia, it was relatively impossible, and he just laid there with his eyes closed. Hinata sat politely in a chair in the corner in the white room only decorated with a computer and cabinets filled with medical needs.

A light knock came to the door before the door opened to a bored looking doctor.

"Hi, I'm Doctor Sasuke Uchiha," he extended his hand in pure habit and politeness to Hinata who smiled and shook his hand back.

Sasuke looked down at the sheet of paper and then looked at the patients' table, "and that must be Mr. Naruto Uzumaki."

Sasuke walked over to Naruto and looked down at him, blocking the light that seemed to be blinding to Naruto's eyes, "Mr. Uzumaki, do you think you could sit up for a moment so I could listen to your lungs?"

Naruto had had his arm slung over his eyes to try and block as much light out as possible. He slid the arm off and opened his eyes slowly reveling breath taking blue eyes to Sasuke, who smirked at him as Naruto, instead of groaned, gasped lightly.

Sasuke grabbed Naruto's hand and pushed him gently up by the middle of his back while Naruto groaned more.

"Alright Mr.Uzumaki, would you tell me what's bothering you today?" Sasuke reached in the pocket of his white coat and pulled out a stethoscope and slung it around his neck while he walked over to the computer to type in the information.

Naruto went to talk, and began coughing violently.

"Well, Mr.Uzumaki's, girlfriend, do you think you could tell me if you would, please?"

"I'm not his girlfriend." Hinata blushed a deep red.

"I apologize, his sister?"

"No, just a friend. He has been coughing since last night, but it got rather b-bad this morning. He a-also started sneezing. He's been complaining of dizziness and chest pain. H-he goes through hot and cold spells, a-and he cannot get comfortable. H-he only got about an hour of s-sleep last night." Hinata's blushed deepened.

Sasuke looked over at Naruto while the blonde was rubbing his eyes trying to adjust his vision still.

Sasuke stood from his seat and walked over to the blonde and put the stethoscope and whispered, "this might be a little cold."

Naruto jumped a little as the cold metal pressed against his chest.

"Deep breath in and out twice, please." Sasuke move the stethoscope over towards the left side of Naruto's chest.

Naruto took a deep breath in and blew out which caused a series of violent coughs, causing the blondes head and chest to throb.

Sasuke put the stethoscope away quickly and walked back to his rolling stool.

"Its pneumonia, but we are catching it before it got too bad. What we are going to do is give you antibiotics and cough medication, and I also want you to take Tylenol every 4
hours till the fever is gone. Miss, do you live with Naruto?" Sasuke pulled out a stack of prescription slips and began writing out prescriptions.


"I need you to make sure he drinks plenty of liquids. He can't have anything with caffeine because caffeine dehydrates you. So juice and water are what we are aiming for."

Sasuke handed over the two prescriptions with a light smile.

"If he gets worse, take him to the hospital."

"Thank you."

Hinata and Sasuke shook hands and Sasuke walked over to Naruto and looked into Naruto's eyes with a smile as he shook the man's hand, "remember to take your antibiotics and drink your fluids."

Sasuke walked out of the room flashing a light smile to the pair while Naruto tried and smiled back, which came out to look like a grimace. Sasuke shut the door behind him, and once he was leaning on the heavy wooden door, and then smile was wiped clean from his face and replaced with a more flustered look.

"What's wrong, brother?" A baritone voice shook Sasuke from going into a daze.

Sasuke looked at his brother. He had the same night sky eyes, raven colored hair, and cocky attitude. His older brother's hair was long and traveled down his back, and was tamed simply by a hair tie. His brother's bangs hung in his face just like his own. They loved to hate each other. They were your typical brothers that owned their own medical practice.

Sasuke huffed and ran a hand through his hair, "nothing is wrong, Itachi."

Sasuke pushed off the door and proceeded to walk through the maze of a doctor's office to find his personal office to file some reports.

"I know when something is wrong, little brother."

"Seriously, nothing is wrong!" The younger raven haired brother slammed his office door in his older brother's face.

Sasuke sighed as he simply mumbled under his breath, "I just can't believe how beautiful his eyes were."

"I heard that." Itachi's voice drawled out and leaked through the door, and Sasuke simply kicked it as hard as possible.

Hinata had dropped Naruto back off at the townhouse, she had let him change into a pair of basketball shorts while she retrieved a glass of water. She tucked him in and then proceeded to tell him, "Naruto, I'm going to go fill your prescriptions at CVS and get you some juice."

Naruto curled up under the blankets while his TV was clicked on by Hinata, and Naruto's favorite television show was blaring in the background. It was a show called Ninja Warrior where people had to be put through a series of physically challenging obstacles, and when they fell, Naruto couldn't help but find it hilarious; but right now it was nowhere near funny.

Naruto was exhausted, but he couldn't sleep. He wanted to watch the television, but his vision was still blurry. He wanted to get up and do something, but his body felt weak and tired. He was miserable, but he couldn't get one thing out of his mind, "damn, he had a nice smile."

Naruto rolled over for the twelfth time in about thirty minutes to try and get comfortable and threw his arm over his eyes to try and block the light out of his vision.

After a week, a now back to tan Naruto had finally returned to work in tip-top shape. He had his goofy smile back on his face, and he was back to being the regularly chatty sales man that he was.

Naruto went on his lunch the same time Sakura had so he could actually talk to the woman, considering she was pulling a couple extra hours since Naruto had gotten sick.
Naruto and Sakura sat down in the food court of the local mall and smiled at each other.

"I'm glad you're feeling better, I never heard how the doctors went." Sakura smiled as she started pouring a pouch of ranch dressing over a salad.

"It obviously went well, I'm alive." Naruto bit into his pizza and scooted away slightly as Sakura glared.

"Hinata said you were mumbling something about a 'pretty smile' in your sleep when she came to give you your aspirin."

Naruto choked on his pizza and began coughing while Sakura slumped him on his back while Naruto gulped down his soda.

"Chew your damn food!" Sakura went back to her salad.

Two weeks past by, and Naruto couldn't stop thinking about his doctor with the 'pretty smile' and how he just wanted to see him once more after meeting him just once by chance, but with not being sick; Naruto saw no possibility of seeing him once again. He knew he couldn't walk in the doctor's office and ask to just simply see Dr. Sasuke Uchiha considering it would be quite odd.

He had no clue if the doctor was bisexual, like himself, or gay. He had been trying to come up with excuses all day long at work while he was working his once monthly Saturday double. He needed a fallow up three weeks after his first appointment? Too long awaited.

The pneumonia might be coming back? He had no symptoms. He could always give himself a concussion by dropping a blender on his head. Too painful. Naruto blinked suddenly. He might be on to something. He could fake something or pretend getting hurt and request to see him because he was 'comfortable' with him.

"Is that stalker-ish?" Naruto was mumbling to himself as he was asked, or more ordered grumpily, by Sakura to restock the shelves.

"I just want to see him one more time, nothing else. It's not like I'm fallowing him home. So it's not so bad." Naruto half-heartedly put boxes full of coffee pots on the shelves where the cooking wear belonged.

Sasuke sat in his office typing away reports on his computer after finishing with his tenth patient of the day who had a rash that still had the raven gagging at random points. Sasuke kept switching his screen to the blonde's folder, trying to see his medical history.

Sasuke didn't see it as being a stalker, only as looking out for the mans health, and seeing if he was unhealthy and leading him back to the office. The younger Uchiha discovered that his medical records were all the way across the nation, and other than that, the only thing he had on file was coming in for pneumonia. Sasuke frowned. He did find out that they were around the same age, but Sasuke was a couple months older.

Naruto was from the other side of the country and he had no clue why he had moved here.

"You must really like his eyes, little brother." Itachi said over Sasuke's shoulder.

The younger of the two jumped a good two inches out of his chair and hurriedly clicked out of the screen and whipped his chair around with a scowl on his face.

"And what, pray tell, do you want?" Sasuke crossed his arms in front of his chest.

"Your 'eye man' scheduled an appointment for tomorrow at noon, and he requested you."

Sasuke blinked more than usual while Itachi turned on his heel, "let that soak in and enjoy that."

Tomorrow at noon.

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