AN: SURPRISE! I know you all probably never thought you would hear from me again, but here I am. Does anyone even remember what is going on in this fiction? I don't! Read, enjoy, review.

Character list: Sirius Black - firewhisky4all, James(Sr.) Potter - stag-on-a-stick, Remus Lupin - howlingforchocolate, Peter Pettigrew - gryf1nd0rb01, Harry Potter - scarredforlife, Ron Weasley - keeping-score, George Weasley – Gred, Fred Weasley –Forge, James(Jr.) Potter - bludgerwarning, Albus Severus Potter - next-great-headmaster, Lily(Jr.) Potter – lilyblossoms, Severus Snape – prince-of-potions, Avery – darkartist, Scorpius Malfoy – scorpionking, Teddy Lupin - teddybear, Hermione Granger – SPEW, Mulciber – greenblaze, Luna Lovegood – moonshine, Hugo Weasley – hunchback-of-hogwarts, Lily(Sr.) Evans – not-a-flower, Regulus Black – arcturus, Neville Longbottom – mimbulus-mimbletonia, Gilderoy Lockhart – peskypixies, Draco Malfoy – dragon-of-badfaith, Pansy Parkinson – dragontamer, Narcissa Black - out-of-the-stars, Hannah Abott - nunsense, Alice Prewett - throughthelookingglass, Blaise Zabini - BlaizE, Seamus Finnigan - nastyshocker

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Happy Messaging!

January 18

darkartist has signed in

prince-of-potions has signed in

darkartist: I don't even know what to think anymore.

prince-of-potions: What is it?

darkartist: We still don't know Potter's username. Malfoy doesn't want us to ever speak to him again. Malfoy doesn't even care about Potter.

prince-of-potions: What did you do?

darkartist: Nothing I just told him that stag-on-a-stick was Potter and then people started arguing over it. I just don't understand.

prince-of-potions: We can get Potter on our own, but if I fall out of favour with the Dark Lord there will be hell to pay.

keeping-score has signed in

darkartist: No! We'll just have to show our allegiance to the Dark Lord in another way. We'll be in his favour for sure.

prince-of-potions: You're right. I think we should keep the Potter search to ourselves from now on.

darkartist: I still don't understand.

prince-of-potions: Leave it to me.

prince-of-potions has signed out

darkartist has signed out

scarredforlife has signed in

scarredforlife: Ron are you on here? These lessons are terrible. I don't understand most of them, and it's taking all of my free time to study them. I just want to go out and play some quidditch.

keeping-score: Uh, Harry. I think Snape was just on here again.

scarredforlife: What did he say?

keeping-score: He was talking to someone about aligning himself with you-know-who.

scarredforlife: I knew it! I knew that Snape was working for Voldemort! We have to show Dumbledore.

keeping-score: Don't say his name! Do I just take this to him? Harry how do I scroll up? Like the text faded away, how do I get it back?

scarredforlife: I don't know, is there an incantation? I know Dumbledore won't believe us if we don't show any proof. We have to catch him in the act.

keeping-score: How do we do that?

scarredforlife: I don't know. I'll need to think about this. Ah! I knew that he was evil. I knew it!

peskypixies has signed in

keeping-score: We'll find him, Harry. Don't worry about it.

peskypixies: Hello.

scarredforlife (to keeping-score): Ron! I thought I said no names.

keeping-score (to scarredforlife): Sorry. Don't worry about it; I'm pretty sure that is Lockhart.

peskypixies: Hi, is anyone there?

scarredforlife: Hello Professor, how are you?

peskypixies: I don't understand why people keep calling me professor.

keeping-score: Well it's because you taught us at Hogwarts for a year.

peskypixies: But I'm only 14 years old. Are you from another dimension?

keepingscore (to scarredforlife): He's mad that one.

scarredforlife: Oh, is that where you are?

peskypixies: Yeah. I was talking to my girlfriend and every time we tried to meet up we always missed each other. I thought that she hated me and never wanted to see me again, but then we found out that she's in another dimension.

keeping-score: Oh is that why you missed that girl? What was her name again?

peskypixies: Yeah. It's really sad. I wish that we could meet up. Her name is Lily.

scarredforlife: Lily ...

peskypixies: Yeah, she's in Gryffindor and she has red hair.

scarredforlife (to keeping-score): Ron! I think Lockhart fancys my mum! What do I do?

keeping-score (to scarredforlife): AHAHAHAH!

scarredforlife (to keeping-score): That's not helping.

keeping-score: Well, I'm sorry that you can't meet her.

peskypixies: Thank you.

keeping-score: You know, maybe you should write a book about your interdimentional adventures. You should call it "Magical Me and the Enchanted Messenger".

scarredforlife (to keeping-score): RON!

keeping-score: You'll sell millions!

peskypixies: Oh I don't know. I don't think people will read anything I write.

keeping-score: Oh don't be so hard on yourself, I'm sure people will talk about you for years.

peskypixies: Oh wow! Years? That would be awesome. I'm going to start writing. Thank you!

peskypixies has signed out

scarredforlife: Why did you go and do that for?

keeping-score: Come on, he's a nutter!

scarredforlife: Alright, it was kind of funny, but still.

keeping-score: I'll be fine. It's not like I'm the one who started his bookwriting career.

scarredforlife: I'm tired of studying, can we go to the pitch?

keeping-score: I thought you'd never ask.

scarredforlife has signed out

keeping-score has signed out

ilovRON has signed in

half-of-the-prophecy has signed in

iluvRON: Is it working?


half-of-the-prophecy : Oh wow! This is awesome. How did you find this?

iluvRON: Hermione.

half-of-the-prophecy : I thought you didn't talk to her.

iluvRON: I don't. I saw her using it and she was saying my boyfriend's name under her breath so I JUST HAD TO USE IT!

half-of-the-prophecy : She's so obsessed with him. Doesn't she understand that Ron chose you.

iluvRON: I KNOW! It's so creepy! She's got her books to love, so leave me and Ron alone!

half-of-the-prophecy : Don't worry about her, Lav, she's got nothing on you. You're totally pretty and she's well ... you know.

iluvRON: Oh I know! And so does Ron. I want Ron to come on here. Like we never get to see each other anymore. He's always busy. Gosh!

half-of-the-prophecy : Don't worry about it. It's obviously nothing you did.

iluvRON: Obviously! It would still be nice to hang out again like a couple should!

half-of-the-prophecy : You know what, it's his loss. You are amazing and if he doesn't want to hang out with you all the time it's his fault. The boy is crazy.

iluvRON: He'll come back to me, I KNOW IT!

half-of-the-prophecy : Girl, you need a manicure right away. Sounds good?

iluvRON: OMM! That sounds amazing! I love you girl!

half-of-the-prophecy : Love you too! xxoo

iluvRON has signed out

half-of-the-prophecy has signed out

AN2: Lavender Brown - iluvRON, Parvati Patil - half-of-the-prophecy.