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A red haired man walked into a room, holding a teary eyed blonde boy, no older than 5 in his arms. His clothes were ragged and torn, and he had looked like he'd been through hell and back. Possibly 2 or 3 times.

Now, surely, he knew the others would not appreciate having an annoying brat run around, (Besides Tobi, anyways) the house all day, spouting random nonesense. But for some reason, this boy had called out to him. No, not physically called out, but there was somthing about him...He would have potential in the future for them, no doubt.

This boy wasn't ordinary...Well, there was nothing normal about him, anyways. Oh..Say, the palm-mouths he had on his hands maybe? He wasn't quite sure why they were there, but he knew they held reason.

He looked around. "Hmn.." He mumbled to himself, "Nobody home...?" He asked quietly.

...Untill Tobi came in, giving away his secret.


And as soon as he knew it, everyone was gathered around him, looking at the new child brought into their lives- granted they liked it or not. Except for Itachi anyways, who only glanced over for a moment, before returning his gaze back to what he was doing.

In the mean time, the child had clung tightly to Sasori, burying his face into his shoulder. Ah...A shy one. He'd break him out of that in no time.

"The kids scrawny, just look at him." Kisame drawled on, creeping closer to him, getting a better look at the shaking form in Sasori's arms. "I say we get rid of him...He's not going to do us any good, he'll just get in the way..."

The childs eyes widened at the sight of the man, letting out a soft whine, clinging tighter to Sasori. He didn't like this place...But he didn't like his home either. He looked up for only a moment, gazing up at the man that was holding him. He was the only one he trusted right now. He immediatly returned to his hiding spot, closing his eyes tightly, trying to block out all the others. He wished they would just dissapear, he was cold, sick, tired, and beaten, and he just wanted to be left alone...

Soon enough, he felt the voices fade away slowly, and it was finally silent. He closed his eyes, still resting on the mans shoulder. He was comfortable. He was already slipping into a deep sleep- one he hadn't been able to have in a long time, and he felt himself being slipped under the covers of a warm bed, his head resting on a newly fluffed pillow.

And then a hand ran through his matted, dirty hair, and suddenly, he felt safe.

Maybe this place wasn't so bad, after all.

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