Authress: Zorba of Alanna-twins

Rating: T for minor foul languige.

Series: BLEACH +minor D.Gray-Man x-over.

Pairings: No one now! XD There'll be later on!

Characters: Byakuya

Title: Can I be a Shinigami to?// chapter 1

Timeline: Before the anime and manga. Later happenings runs up with it. I've changed a few things to. Ya'll see later what.

Disclamer: I don't own BLEACH. It's all (c) by Kubo Tite. But I do own Jiin and her family +this plot.

Summary: Byakuya gets knocked out cold by a Hollow. When he wakes up, he finds himself in a unknown house, a girl staring at him. And her reaction isn't really... usual...


CHAPTER 1 - Whatthe!?

Where was he?
He remembered fighting a Hollow, and that it suddenly went black. But no more after that.

Byakuya looked around.
He was in a room full with posters on the walls, a quite big bed with sheets and pillows with drawings on.
There was a desk there, and on it there was a cd-player, a screen, it looked like Mayuris computor's, but not as advanced.
There also was a phone on the nighttable, beside a pile with books and a clock.
The clock had quite a funny shape.
It looked a little like a manjuu-bun with a face that was similar to Ichimaru Gins, and it had a red, round stone in the forhead.
And the bookshelves was filled with books, cd's and tapes for a TV.
And there was a TV beside the desk, and a wardrobe on the other side..

Suddenly, he heard something break.
He spun around and saw a girl with neon-green hair, lightbrown skin and eyes in the same colour as her hair.
She was dressed in a schooluniform and had a bag over her shoulder.
By her feets there was a cup... former cup... and what looked like tea.

''Wha-wha-wha-wha-wha-wha-whatthe hell's goin' on!?'' the girl stuttered out and looked at Byakuya as if he was crazy.

'' Um-'' Byakuya was interrupted by the girl.

''Whatthe heck's goin' on...?'' she bent down and picked up the shards of the broken cup. ''Ok... there's two alternatives...'' she whipped up the tea with a piece of rag that Byakuya didn't know wher she got from. ''1: I'm goin' crazy finlly. 2: I imagen things 'gain n' need'a take my medecine... I guess th' latter...''

''Um... Excuse me...'' Byakuya tried to get her attention.

She looked at him with huge eyes.
''Firs' time I hear voic's as I see things...'' she mutterd, went over to the bedtable and opened the drawer.
She picked up a little box and took out some pills which she threw into her mouth and swallowed.
She stood with her back towards Byakuya and he saw in the mirror that she had closed her eyes.

''Excuse me...'' said Byakuya again.

She opend her eyes and looked at him through the mirror. She then spun around and said ''Ya're real?''

''What?'' Byakuya didn't understand what she meant by that.

''I mean, 're ya a mirage, somethin' I just imagens? Or're ya real an' really here?''

''I'm real as far as I know...''

''So...'' she said to herself ''People fro' Bleach reall' exist...''

''What's 'Bleach'?'' Byakuya asked.

''It's a manga, an' anime. An' Ya're Kuchiki Byakuya, capt'n fro' 6th division.'' she said, now on her knees in front of him.

''Yes, I a-'' then Byakuya realised ''How do you know my name!?''

''I tol' ya! Ya're in a manga named Bleach!''

''For real?''

''Yea, didn' I tell ya?''

''Right... But...'' Byukuya looked just as shoked as she had a little while ago. ''Then... You are...?''

''I'm Jiin, Ichisuki Jiin!'' she gave him a big grin. ''Wou'd ya like som' tea?''


Well, there ya go!
It took me about half an hour to write it, while Tezzino read two chappies in ''Harry Potter and the deathly hallows.
It took us three days to read it! It hasn't come on swedish yet, but mum bought it on english so we read it in our second language!

Jiin talks like I love to talk english, but she talks even more strange than I do.
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