It's not my fault.

She's beautiful. I know, everyone who's met her will agree – anyone in their right mind, anyway. Granted, that Star Command uniform is rougher than what some women wear. But it's all I've known her in, and I think it suits her just fine.

The problem is, it's never really mattered what I thought. There are a million and one reasons why, too. Personality differences, style differences, and let's not forget the fact that, as hard as she tries to hide it, I think she's had a crush on Buzz for awhile. I never minded, really. I mean sure, there's a part of me that always sank when I saw her giggling at his jokes. That despaired at those eyes she made at him. Sometimes I wished that she'd look at me that way. But then I would remember, it doesn't matter. Even with all the other problems out of the way, there was no changing the fact that a Tangean could never be with a robot.

That's the one that always got to me. I know it's really great to be a robot. You have massive weapons, replaceable limbs, and if anything goes really wrong, the LGMs can always put you back together. I tried not to take it for granted. But it's awfully hard to enjoy the one thing that has put out the last flicker of hope you had that you could be with the one person who means more to you than anyone else.

There wasn't anything I could do about it, though. I knew it was silly and stupid and pointless to waste my time wishing things were different. 'What if' has never meant a thing. Things are how they are, and I should have just accepted that. I tried to, I really did.

Still, I couldn't help it. That night, staring out into the stars... I never meant to say it. The words sort of slipped out. It was an accident though, really. I would never have intentionally wished to be human. Please understand me here.

It's not my fault.