The Loyal the Proud and The Just

Chapter 4

The Journey To Hogwarts

"Hey Nym-"Charlie stopped in the middle of compartment 16's doorway, looking at the annoyed expression on Nymphadora's face, "Sorry, what did you like to be called again?"

"It's Tonks" she replied looking back out the train window.

"Fine Tonks!" he stepped in and closed the door.

"Bill is so mean to me!" he exclaimed, "I went into his compartment to talk to him, you know try and get him to tell me how you get sorted, but he threw me out and slammed the door in my face, probably embarrassed about having a little brother like me!" he rubbed his forehead which was a light pink.

"I think you're lucky!" Tonks said looking at him with some amusement.


"Because, you have a brother, I don't have any siblings and I wish I could have just one!" she said pulling her legs up onto the seat. Charlie seated himself and grinned at her.

"No, having a brother like him is so annoying, and you know what's worse?" he asked staring at her; she smiled at his anger in amusement and shook her head.

"Having annoying cousins and Aunts" grumbled Charlie.

"Well speak for yourself" Tonks thought about her own family and shook her head sadly. She had never come in contact with any of her mother's side for all her life, until Bellatrix had come for that little two minute visit. Tonks had been considering her words for some time, she knew she wanted to be in Gryffindor with Charlie, but deep down she knew as her heritage had stated, that there was a possible chance she could end up in Slytherin.

That made her nervous, as she had already seen some of the other older Slytherin students, already changed into their uniforms. They wore their richly embroidered green robes with pride. Yet each one of them looked as if they had run into a brick wall recently. Not one of them looked the best part of pleasing, nor in anyway friendly.

"Every time they come over it's a sloppy kiss from my large boned Aunt, or a smack in the head with a hard broom from one of my many cousins, and mind you I have a lot of them, so you have about three of those a week, it'll drive you up the wall!" Charlie rambled on.

"I can only imagine it" said Tonks a little sadly.

"And they talk about the most dull things like, what's in the Daily Prophet or what lively tips are in the new witch weekly magazine, and the newest books that come out, and Quidditch!" he exclaimed.

"Yeah, I don't think my relatives would talk about that stuff" Tonks said smirking at the thought of her dark Aunt discussing the Witch Weekly Magazine over tea with her mother.

"And they go shopping in Diagon Alley. They go into shops with all these new robes and spend ages going through the items, in the end they don't buy much, so what was the point in that!" Charlie was on a roll now, and Tonks knew nothing would stop him, "And they always forbid Nockturn Alley, you know that place where Dark Witches and Wizards hang out."

"Yeah I know, and that's the sort of place where my Aunts and Uncles would go I think" she said, "You come from a pure Weasley background don't you?"

"Yep, nearly all my family are red haired Weasley's, all pure-blood" he replied like it was nothing special, "What about you?"

"Well, I'm…Like I said before in the shop my dad is a muggle born, form the Tonks family, and my mother was from a pure-blood background" she hesitantly answered, not mentioning the fact she was of Black lineage.

"What Pure-Blood Family is that?" asked Charlie curiosity catching the better part of him.

"A famously unlikable one" she replied nervously, if Charlie found out that she was a descendant from the Blacks would he want to be her friend anymore?

"Which one would that be?" he asked.

"The…The Black Family" she replied hesitantly.

"Whoa!" he exclaimed jumping up like he had been stung, "The Black Family!"

"Yeah, but don't worry I'm nothing like them, I haven't seen any of them because my mother left them before she got married to my dad" she explained quickly.

Charlie stood there for a moment, he smiled suddenly and sat back down, "I guess I could kinda tell, Sirius Black was on the platform when you went to board the train and you're mothers resemblance to her sister Bellatrix is… remarkable."

"Don't worry the first time I saw Bellatrix, for a heart beat, I thought she was my mother in a bad mood" said Tonks chuckling.

Charlie snorted and looked up at her, "Don't worry, just because you're a Black doesn't make you any different to anybody else."

"Thanks; nobody has really ever told me that before, I guess" Tonks said smiling at him, seeing Charlie with a new light. Finally someone outside her small family to accept her for a change, she was looking forward to meeting new people at Hogwarts.

The train sped on past the cramped houses of the suburban cities, and out toward the vast countryside. It flew as if the train had wings; it flew past small cottages in the distance and the cattle and farm barns. The train rounded corners in the track, as if to test its inhabitants for their agility as they were suddenly thrown sideways.

Nymphadora sat in the compartment, listening to Charlie ramble on about Quidditch and about all the national games he had been to. It was nice for a change to speak to someone normal. Tonks sat there and listened contently; enjoying the time she was spending with her new friend. Soon the trolley lady came, and they bought as many sweets as they could both carry. Hours later they sat there enjoying the last of the sweets with their stomachs growling in protest.

"Looks like I haven't left any room for the feast" murmured Charlie as he caught the last sweet from a box of 'Bernie Bots Every Flavor Beans'. It was red and looked a little bit liquidly.

"Dare you to have that!" snorted Tonks.

"No way! It looks gross!" exclaimed Charlie, "You have it!"

He tossed her the last bean, "Fine I will!" With that she threw the bean into the air and caught it in her jaws. She chewed it for a while, then suddenly her eyes bulged.

"Blood!" she almost screamed.

Charlie raised his eye brows, and begun to laugh loudly. Tonks jumped up with the half chewed jelly bean, and spat it out the open window. Trying to get rid of the awful taste in her mouth, she grabbed a pumpkin pasty and gobbled it down.

"Great one Count Dracula!" snorted Charlie watching her in amusement. She glared at him, her mouth feeling awfully numb.

Charlie shook his head, "Anyway we better hurry up and get changed into our robes, it's getting darker outside" he indicated his finger to the window. Tonks looked up out the clear glass and found this was true, she hadn't noticed the chilly air or the darkened sky outside as she had stuck her head out to spit that revolting sweet from her mouth. Now that she thought about it, the train did seem to be slowing down gently.

"Yeah we should" she muttered. Quickly they both changed into they're new Hogwarts robes, which were clear black and held the school crest on the front.

As the train slowed down, Tonks and Charlie checked that they're trunks were secure once more, before the train came to a final halt. Glancing outside the carriage window Tonks saw a long platform with a forest surrounding it. Beyond this her vision was limited, her and Charlie made they're way out into the jam-packed corridor. Student's pushed and shoved, wanting to get out as soon as possible.

Charlie and Tonks soon found themselves roughly jostled to the front of the line where a bellowing voice reached their ears, "First years! Over here!"

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