Chapter 15: Gooey Meat or Jammy Pies?

"Uh well-" Lily mumbled


"Kay I'm in love with James."

Kay looked at Lily, her eyes shining, "Oh do my ears deceive me?! Say it again my impenetrable Lily!"

"I LOVE JAMES POTTER!" Lily screamed just as she felt a tap on her shoulder.

"What did you say?"

Lily turned around and her face went pale. "I... Uh... Well... I love Jam pies?"

"Jam pies? That's funny I distinctly heard Potter," Nick said pointedly

"I... um..." a red faced Lily muttered

"Oh please Lily! Don't lie to me," Nick retorted angrily

"I don't know Nick what do you want me to say? I mean you never even make an effort to see me anymore! I've seen you around three times since this year's started and it's already past Christmas!" Lily screamed, her temper flaring up. This 'small argument' had generated quite the crowd on the platform.

"Well at least I haven't ever cheated on you!" Nick sputtered. Lily gave him an affronted stare and then violently slapped him.

"You bastard! How dare you accuse me of such a heinous crime!" with that Lily stomped off into the train leaving behind a group of very surprised students as well as a devastated 17 year old boy.


James walked onto Platform 9 ¾ with Sirius, Remus and Peter at his side. As soon as the four got through the barrier all movement stopped and everyone turned to stare at him. James wrinkled his brow and turned to Sirius, "Padfoot, what did you do now?"

Before Sirius could deny doing anything Gilbert Macmillan, a seventh year Hufflepuff, gave James a hearty slap on the back. "I see you finally got the girl," he chuckled appreciatively, his blue eyes gleaming. "Good on you, mate, Merlin she's a catch that's for sure."

James bit his lip, "What'd you mean? What girl?"

Gilbert smirked, "Oh come now Potter. It isn't a secret anymore you know. Your lady love just screamed it so loud that I'm sure the muggles in Venezuela heard."

By this point James was utterly lost and to make it worse the last person he wanted to see was striding towards him, her eyes glaring at him, daring anyone to try to stop her. "Je- Jess! How was your Christmas?"

"My Christmas? My Christmas? Oh ho James Potter you are dead meat! And here I thought you'd changed! How dare you cheat on me with that wench!" Jess's hair was coming out of her ponytail and her hands were placed firmly on her hips. "Don't you dare ever try and come near me again! Do you understand?"

"I- What happened?" A wide eyed James asked.

"What happened? This is what happened!" Jessica swung her fist and hit James squarely on the jaw. "You arsehole, you deserve her!"

James felt blood drip down his face from his nose. Sirius whistled, "Damn that girl can hit!"

James glared at his friend, "Way to make me feel better Padfoot. "

Remus rolled his eyes, "Let me fix that, episkey!"

James felt a tingling sensation and his nose bleed slowly stopped. He sniffed, "What the hell was she talking about anyway?"

Peter shrugged, "Does it matter? You got rid of her."

"Well it does matter slightly considering that I'm supposedly involved with someone who I don't even know about."

"Oh a blind date!" Sirius yelled happily.

James sighed, "Let's just get a carriage. I don't think I can take anymore staring."


Lily sat in the prefects compartment trying to compose herself. At least I don't have to deal with Nick anymore she thought wryly. True as that may be, the population of Hogwarts now thought that she was some sort of scarlet woman.

Well you are aren't you? You snogged James and you didn't even feel guilty about it. That was different! He made me feel... How did he make her feel? He made her feel wanted, valued, cared for and most importantly loved.

James was special, Lily couldn't deny it and he had, oh the big cliché, changed. Maybe it was time for her to give him a chance? What harm could it do?


Peter, Remus and James found an empty compartment, Sirius had suspiciously disappeared during their search. James was feeling very disgruntled as people had been staring at himas he walked by and as soon as he'd walked a meter away they started whispering.

Just as the three of them had stowed away their luggage the door to the compartment opened and Snape walked in, "So is it true? You're finally going out with that mudblood Evans?"

"What's it to you... Snivellus?" hissed James

"What's it to me? Oh Potter one day you'll realize how much it means to me!" Snape spat and then trudged out of the compartment.

"Sorry James?" Peter meekly said, "You're going out with Lily?"

"Not to my knowl-"

"PRONGS! You're going out with Lily?" Sirius screamed as he ran through the door.

"I'm going out with Lily..."

"How dare you not tell us! Your best friends, your faithful companions, your devoted followers," cried Sirius melodramatically

"Wait... When was I going out with lily again?"

"How should I know? Justine Fletcher just told me that you and Lily were officially a couple."

"Where'd she hear that?" James asked angrily

Before he could answer a very angry Kay Smith slammed the door open, "James Potter! I've been looking for you everywhere!"

"It was Sirius!" he cried covering his head and pointing accusingly at Sirius

Sirius looked affronted, "I didn't read your diary! It was the snargle puff!"

Kay raised an eyebrow, "You read my diary?"

"Um-" Sirius gulped, "Maybe a page?"

Kay rolled her eyes, "Yeah and I'm getting married to Bellatrix."

"I always knew there was something strange about you..."

"Yeah, whatever Black... That's not important," before Sirius could rejoice she added, "for now. What's important is that if you, James Potter, break my friends heart I will break you into tiny little pieces and let LeStrange and Snape cook you over a fire until you melt."

James grinned nervously, "I promise I won't break Lily's heart?"

"Good because she just publicly humiliated herself and broke up with Nick."

Realization dawned on James' face, "So that's why everyone thinks I'm going out with Lily!"

"No duh?!"

James leaned back in his seat contentedly, his hands resting behind his head as he muttered, "This is the best day of my life."

"How about making it even better and actually asking her out?"Sirius said poking him.


James tentatively opened the door to the Prefect's compartment. He found Lily reading a muggle novel. "Hey," he mumbled

Lily looked up in surprise at the disturbance, "Hey."

"I- uh-, I heard about Nick... I'm sorry," James said not looking very apologetic at all.

"Same to you about Jess," Lily muttered.

"So," James cleared his throat, "What you reading?"

"Just one of my favourite muggle stories," Lily replied. Why wasn't he asking her out already?!

"Well um- I- uh-..." James gave himself a mental slap. Why couldn't he just do it already?

"Yes?" Lily asked expectantly

James took a deep breath, just spit it out already, "Willyoupleasegooutwithme?"

"Will I please buy you goo with meat?" Lily curled her mouth in distaste.

James started laughing hysterically and then stopped. 'Compose Mr. Potter, compose'. "Will you please go out with me?"

Lily looked at him happily, and just stared. This was the moment she had waiting for since... well an hour ago. She sighed deeply.

James coughed, "Um Lily did you hear me?"

Lily's eyes fluttered awake, "Oh yes, I mean uh, well, yeah I'll go out with you."

Now at this point several things happened at once: Sirius set a light a box of fireworks, Kay screamed and Peter whimpered. Oh yes, James and Lily kissed.

It is in this chaotic mess that we leave our dear couple who, as much as I wish to say it, don't live happily ever after and, as with all couples have their ups and downs. But that, dear reader is another story.


AN: Deary me! It's finished! Wowee! I'd like to thank everyone that's believed in this story from the very terrible beginning, you guys are what made me finish it :). So there you you go folks, Still Fighting It has officially ended! I may have a sequel... maybe not? But I do have another AU story that should be out by Aprilish so keep on alert if you are interested in that! I hope you all had a wonderful Easter and enjoy the rest of your Spring Break if you're on one.

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