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I have a plan.

Meredith could hardly believe it when her mind caught up with what she'd seen. Bailey was telling her she had a plan? What plan? She arranged her face into what she hoped was a questioning expression. She was scared at the idea of fighting Morris, but also relieved when she noticed that she still felt the fight within her. For a while there she'd thought she'd lost it.

She looked up at the door, expecting to see Derek's face in the window, but he was nowhere to be seen. Everything was so quiet. She assumed he'd been evacuated or had gone to speak with the police when they arrived. She wondered if he'd be back soon. She needed him.

Intrigued, she watched as Bailey made subtle gestures toward Morris and the others in the room. Meredith soon realised that all eyes were on Bailey, except those of their captor. From what it looked like, the plan was that Bailey and Alex would sneak up on him and steal his gun, thereby gaining control of the situation. The way Morris was facing on the bench meant the Meredith and George were in plain sight, but Bailey and Alex were harder to see. Sudden movements would be spotted of course, but maybe, just maybe, if they moved slowly they wouldn't be seen until it was too late.

Bailey had finished explaining the plan and Meredith agreed with an almost imperceptible nod of the head. She saw the others do the same and felt her heart race as they slowly began to move.

She watched Morris as he sat with his head in his hands, breathing heavily and undoubtedly trying to formulate some sort of plan as to how to get out of the situation and avoid jail time. It would never work, but Meredith knew he wasn't in his right mind at the moment anyway.

Bailey slowly stood up and Meredith watched with baited breath as Alex did the same. They moved slowly towards him from behind, their arms outstretched. They almost had him, their eyes connected to ensure they would grab him at the same time, and all of them were startled by a pounding on the door.

"Police! Open up!"

Morris' head shot up and there was a moment of stunned silence when he saw his two would-be attackers. He yelled and jumped to his feet, preparing himself to fight, when Alex tackled him and took him down. The gun was knocked out of his hands and slid straight to Meredith's feet. Bailey, Alex and George wrestled Morris to the ground as Meredith stood up, gun in hand and pointed it at Morris. She was furious again. The fight had definitely come back to her, and she wanted revenge. He had violated her, changed her forever, and he had to pay.

She straightened up, put her finger on the trigger and pointed the gun straight at him.

"Give me one reason why I shouldn't kill you."

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