Dishonest 3

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Dishonest: A New Perspective

You are sleeping so peacefully in my arms. I would not move for the world. Your soft breathing. The gentle rise and fall of your chest. The way your arm always finds its way across my neck to hold me closer to you.

I know you love me. I know you trust me.

These are among the only things that matter.

I know you cannot understand how you have changed my life but I like to tell you everyday in some way. When I look into your eyes and see that love shining back at me, I know that I am completely happy…and I never thought I would be. The others have remarked at how much I have changed and how human I have become. An interesting comment, that, as if I were something inhuman before.

I suppose they are not entirely incorrect.

The greatest surprise has been how accepting everyone was…well, with one notable exception and I do not fault him for that. He has managed to be graceful about this for the sake of friendship and I respect him for that. It cannot have been easy for him to realize what he had lost. I would have died. I would have.

Even old school foes have come to accept this although it has been difficult for them to understand the how and the why.

Sometimes I feel the same but then I look into your eyes and all my doubts disappear.

I have never been so sure of anything in my entire life.

Before you came into my life, I was like a lost man trying to find his way home. I had no one in my life and this loneliness made me bitter over those many long years. Yes, I realize that it was my own fault for pushing others away and for being hateful when there was no need. I realize that I constructed my own prison within which to brood and contemplate and simply be miserable.

You helped me make that prison disappear.


I never want to go back to the person I was before you were in my life.

I love you.

More than I will ever be able to tell you and I will make certain you never forget how important you are to me.

Looking around the room, I smile. We are building a life for ourselves here. We are building a future together, and a bright one at that. But now, you are here in my arms and I ask for nothing else. I caress your cheek softly and you smile in your sleep. I think you can feel my love for you even in your sleep. At least, I hope so.

I yawn as I look out the window. It is snowing and soon it will be Christmas.

As I drift off in sleep, I think to myself that I already have the best present of all.

I have you.

********************some time later***************

I walk into the room and smile as I looked at you asleep on the rocking chair with our child resting comfortably in the crook of your arm, one chubby wee arm nestled into your robes. I gently touch your cheek and your eyes open, dark eyes probing mine. I smile as I pick up the sleeping infant and walk over to the crib.

"What were you thinking about?" I ask him quietly as I settled the baby in the crib.

"Many things."

"They must have been pleasant."

"What makes you so certain?"

Even though my back is turned to you, I can practically see your eyebrows raised in amusement.

"You were smiling in your sleep," I answer, walking back to the rocking chair and looking at him.

You look up at me as I stand next to you and your eyes shone with love for me. I feel a warmth spread throughout my body and I smile at you, at those black eyes which hold so much emotion. Standing up, you took my small hands in yours.

"I was thinking that I am very fortunate to have you both in my life," you say meaningfully, raising my left hand and kissing it.

You look at my wedding band for a moment…the one you gave to me, in front of friends and family over a year ago. It bears no decoration and lacks the customary gemstones. I know you would have bought me anything I desired but, in the end, this was what I had wanted. The band glints in the moonlight. Your own hand is bare. You did not want a band.

"I do not need a piece of jewelry to remind me that I love you and I am making a lifelong commitment to you," you had said at the time.

Do you remember that? I know you do. I thought it was such a sweet and romantic thing for you to say. But now, looking into those burning eyes I realize that it had not been sweet and romantic at all…it had been the truth, a truth as plain and simple as the ring I bear. Plain and simple perhaps, but, precious.

"I love you." Your voice is barely above a whisper and yet it fills the entire room. My arms encircle your neck and I bring your face closer to my own. I do not say anything and neither do you. I have everything I need in this room: in you, in our child who sleeps so soundly and in children yet to come.

Everything I need is right here.

For now.

For always.

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