They were starting over, they were a couple now. There was no chance of an affair. They spent their day working and their nights getting to know each other again. Taking walks in Grant Park, watching old movies on the weekends. It was like they were kids again. Yet it was so much better the second time around. Zoey had never been so attracted to Chase, in every way. Chase knew that this time he would never let her go, no matter what.

It was a late October afternoon when they were taking a walk downtown Chicago. The leaves were falling like rain, the sky was gray and the temperature was a comfortable sixty-eight degrees. Chase and Zoey walked hand in hand on a path by their favorite park. Towering trees with golden and crimson leave above them, they reached a bench facing a creek. It almost seemed like it was hidden. The skyline was distant, as were the sounds of the city. It was quiet, it was secluded, it was a place only the two of them knew. They came to this spot often, cappuccinos and apple donuts in hand. It was their favorite spot in the fall. Chase couldn't think of a better place to ask a more important question.

"Oh, it's so pretty here. Even though we come here so often, it still takes my breath away," Zoey said comfortably laying her head on Chase's shoulder.

"Yeah, I love it too, Chase said, he hand trembled a little. He was nervous. He was pretty sure she would say yes but there was a chance that she wouldn't.

Zoey rambled about her classroom and plans for Thanksgiving.

"I was thinking we could go to your house for Thanksgiving this year. Last year I went home and my Aunt Ida burned the Turkey and there was a house fire. I really want to see your family again."

"I was thinking we could maybe invite both of our families over to my apartment this year," Chase suggested.

"Oh, wow. That would be intense. Haha, and I would be doing the cooking?" Zoey asked with a teasing look.

"I would help you of course," Chase said, "And it would be the perfect time for us to announce our engagement."

"Our engagement?" Zoey was totally caught off guard, lifted her head from Chase's shoulder and looked at him.

He kneeled down on one knee and looked into Zoey's brown eyes, "Zoey Brooks, please say you'll be my wife." He pulled a white gold band with a round diamond and held it to her.

Zoey blinked back tears, "Of course I will." She couldn't really say more as she allowed him to slip the ring on her finger. She put her hands on his rugged face and pulled his lips to hers.

It was the beginning of what was always supposed to be. Chase thought about their past and the time they were apart. It all seemed like it didn't matter all that much anymore. The feelings of joy and positivity were back in his existence. It was all coming back to them.