Emily got into her car, but didn't start it. She placed her forehead on the steering wheel, while her body went limp. She needed to rest so badly. But she definitely did not want to go to sleep when she knew that Adam was still out there, and that he could be hurting other people.

They hadn't even started an investigation yet. They were too worried about Lia. Their emotions on the case were clouding their judgment. They should have been straight on the case when Adam attacked Lia, but they didn't. Emily took out her cellphone from her pocket and began dialing a number. Placing it up to her ear, she waited until someone picked up.


"Hey, Matt. Ask Cheryl if we can start an investigation now." Emily said to him.

"For what?" Matt wondered.

She smacked her head in disbelief, wondering why he hasn't figured it out yet. "For Lia, Matt! We need to catch Adam before he hurts anyone else. You need to go back to her house and see if you can find anything."

Matt stayed silent for a moment. "Alright." He then changed the subject. "Are you okay? Did you call Lia's parents yet?"

Emily sighed. "No, I haven't yet. I'll call you later."

As soon as she was about to put her phone down, it began ringing. She opened it back up. "Lehman."

"Hey, it's Duff."

"What's the matter, is Lia okay?" Emily began panicking.

"She's fine, now." Duff told her.

Emily made a face. "What do you mean, now? What happened?"

Emily could hear him hesitating over the phone. "Lia, she... she was having a nightmare about Adam, and then, she had a seizure. The doctor said it was only a small one, but he said that it made her sort of... forget that all of it ever happened. She doesn't remember coming to the hospital or anything."
"Is she going to be okay?" Emily asked him.

"I don't know." Duff said honestly. He wasn't sure himself if she would ever get better.
Emily started the car. "Alright, I'm in the car now. I'll come over to the hospital."

Duff paced around the hallway outside Lia's room, the smell of the hospital becoming all too familiar to him now. They had been here for two days, and nothing good has happened. Lia was still in critical shape, mentally. Her wounds would be healed soon. Duff cringed at the thought of her wounds. What angered him the most was that Adam would do such an insane thing as carve his name in her stomach. His hand curled up into a fist, tensing it so hard that it began to shake ferociously.

He didn't know what to do. He didn't know how to help Lia.

But he was damn well going to try his hardest to get her better.

Glancing into her room, he saw that she was now awake, and he made her towards her room. The door slid open, and he popped his head in. "Mind if I come in?"

"No, not at all." Lia told him, happy to see him. "Are you here to take me home? Because I can't stand being in here. It's like a cage. There's no reason for me to be here right now, I don't know why they haven't discharged me yet."

"Lia." She stared into his brown, soulful eyes and knew that something was wrong. "I'm guessing the doctors told you about your... condition."

She rolled her eyes. "Oh god, not you too!"

"Lia, you have to listen to me." Duff told her. "You know that I would never lie to you. All I want is for you to be happy again and be able to go back to living your life. But you have to listen to me. The doctors weren't lying. You were sexually assaulted, and you had a seizure a while ago. It caused you to believe that it never happened and that you were never admitted into the hospital."

Lia's face held pure shock, like it just registered into her mind. Her words came out in a mere whisper. "I was.... I was raped?!"

Duff nodded, and she wiped her fresh tears away from her eyes. The word kept repeating in her mind. Rape. Suddenly, she remembered. She remembered everything. All of the things that she didn't want to. "Oh god... I remember. I remember everything."

It pained him to see her like this, but what more could he do? He heard a soft tap on the glass, and he turned his head to see Emily standing outside, her expression sad and confused.

"I'll be right back. Do you think you'll be okay?" He asked her. He didn't want to leave her. What if she had another seizure?

Lia nodded. "I'll be fine. Can you have her come in here when you guys are done?"

"Of course." He stood up and placed a kiss on her forehead. "I'll be back."

Walking out of her room, he closed the door and turned to face Emily. "Have we found Adam yet?"

Emily shook her head. "No. We're still looking. But as long as Lia's here, she's safe. We should probably place some guards at her door. Just in case." Duff nodded in agreement. "So... is she alright? I mean, since the seizure."

"She's getting better. She seems to remember everything that happened. That's good, but I mean, in a way... its bad. Now she has to remember everything. Everything that Adam did to her."

"It's probably better for her to know." Emily said. She paused for a moment before speaking again. "Matt and Cheryl want me to call Lia's parents."

"Alright, then call them." He could tell though in the tone of her voice that she was hesitant. "What's wrong?"

"I looked at her file after she told me the story about Adam. She hasn't had any contact with her parents since she left for college." Emily explained. "She hasn't talked to them because... because it says that her father abused her. Ever since what happened with Adam, she was abused."

"Oh my god." Duff whispered, shocked about what he was hearing. How could someone do something so horrible? "What about her mom? Why hasn't she had any contact with Lia?"

"Her mother died shortly after what happened with Adam from a heart attack." Emily told him. "I didn't want to tell Matt and Cheryl."

"But they're bound to find out sooner or later though. They're probably going to look at her file." Duff said.

Emily nodded. "Yeah, I know. So now, we're pretty much all she has."

Duff sighed. "She wants to see you."

Stepping into Lia's room, Emily shuddered slightly. Every time she walked into her room, she suddenly felt an uneasy vibe from Lia, like she didn't trust her. It was understandable though, because of everything that she's been through in her life.

Lia looked up at her best friend, glad that she was there. "Hey Em."

Em. She hadn't heard that in a while. "Hey. How are you feeling?"

"Better." Lia told her. "I just want to get out of here." She chuckled a bit.

"I don't mean to bring down the mood, but... Cheryl and Matt want me to call your parents." Lia's eyes immediately clouded over, anger now in her irises. "I told them that I was going to wait a little bit. I wanted to talk to you about it before I told them anything."

"Do they know anything about... you know... what happened?" She asked her. Emily just shook her head. "Just tell them that I don't want him here. If they ask about my mom, just... just tell them what happened to her. I don't care about them knowing about her, I just care about them knowing about him."

"Okay." Emily agreed. "I told Duff though. I thought that he should know."

"That's fine." Lia said. "When can I be discharged?"

"You can be discharged tomorrow." A voice said, and they both turned their gaze to her doctor standing in the doorway. "Mr. Gonzalez told me that you now remember what happened. We haven't seen any other complications, so we're going to let you go tomorrow morning."

Lia smiled in gratitude. "Thank you."

"Doctor, want to advise you that we're going to be placing two of our agents at her door at all times." Emily spoke up.

Lia rolled her eyes. "Em, that's really not necessary."

Emily shook her head, not agreeing. "I'm not going to take the chance, Lia. Please." She looked over at Lia's doctor for approval.

"It's fine by me." He told her.

"Thank you." Emily said.

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