Now that I've completed the first arc of Mina's story, let's take a look at her second arc. This story will have more tears, more action and moreā€¦. Naruto! ; Heh, Heh. Enjoy!

A night like this hasn't been seen for a long time in the Land of Illusions. Quiet, peaceful, it's almost like there is no violence in the world, except for in the Chamber of the Lusion Heirloom, Naruto was up training with his father.

"You've improved on Rasengan! I'm impressed," Forth said. Now on the left wall of the training room, a hole was made, probably from using Rasengan. A lot of popped balls were on the floor as well. It's only been a week since Naruto and Mina have taken back the Lusion home and trained for battles ahead. Naruto was now breathing heavily after getting stage two done.

"Man I'm beat, I feel like my hands are going to fall off," Naruto said.

"It was your idea to stay up and practice Rasengan, not mine," Forth said. Naruto sighed and looked up at him.

"I guess that's enough training then," Naruto said, "See you tomorrow,"

"Uh Naruto," Forth then stopped him from leaving the room, "I think it would be best if you relaxed tomorrow, go out to town with Mina and maybe you two could apply to get into a team,"

"I think I already promised her that I would," Naruto said, he waved slowly as he walked out of the chamber and back to the house. He went into a room that had two full sized beds: it was a large room where the Head would sleep with the significant other. On the foot of each bed was Rokubi with Mina and Kyuubi on the empty bed, or Naruto's bed. He smiled at the three beings in the room and made his ay into his bed without awakening Kyuubi and went to sleep.

"Naruto! Hurry and wake up! Come on we're going into town today!" Mina was shaking Naruto in the morning with a shrunken Rokubi on her head. Naruto slowly opened his eyes to see Mina was already dressed in her new clothes. First she now only wears her Illusion Headband on her head along with tying her hair in a double ponytail at the bottom of her head. She had on a brown blouse with the Clan symbol on it in a dark blue on the front and back of the shirt. Her pants were a nice green with a purple star on each knee, around where the kunai and shuriken pouch is. Her shoes just are the same as they always were.

"Wow, where'd you get the new clothes?" Naruto said sleepily as he rubbed his eyes.

"I just found them in some drawers around the house," Mina said, "now are you getting dressed or not?"

"Yeah, Yeah. Just get out so I can," Naruto said getting out of bed and waking Kyuubi.

"I thought you were going to pull an all-nighter like you did two days ago." Kyuubi said, and then yawned.

"Nah, my hand felt like it was going to fall off so I stopped. I finally mastered the second Stage of Rasengan!" Naruto said as he was starting to get dressed in a walk in closet.

"You can come out, were both guys, the only tailed beast that's a girl is the Nibi, the Two Tailed Cat," Kyuubi said as he got off the bed and sat on the floor, waiting.

"Nah, it's okay," Naruto said, "Besides, I don't want to be naked if Mina comes in suddenly,"

"Oh please don't say that you're referring to your first night here," Kyuubi said putting his front left paw over his eyes.

"Yeah, that," Naruto said a bit depressed. He finally came out in his same old jumpsuit but instead of a Leaf Headband, he had an Illusion Headband.

"You're going to where that old thing still??" Kyuubi asked.

"Just because Mina changed her clothes doesn't mean I have too," Naruto said, "I could keep the ones I had in the Leaf Village,"

"Oh, speaking of that, as you went for training I got all your stuff from the Leaf Village. Your clothes, food, money, and some other things I thought you might want," Kyuubi then pointed his head to a pile of objects in the corner of the room. Naruto smiled to see he wouldn't have tot go back or ask Kakashi or Sakura to bring his things.

"Did you bring Mina's things as well?" Naruto asked.

"No but Rokubi's thinking of doing it, but he wants to ask Mina first. He just is so conservative." Kyuubi explained.

"Naruto! Hurry up! Aren't you dressed yet?" Mina shouted from the kitchen.

"I'm coming!" Naruto shouted back. He smiled at Kyuubi as it shrinked to a size that could fit on Naruto's shoulder. Naruto picked him up and put Kyuubi on his shoulder as he walked out the door to the kitchen.

"Washing the dishes already? I didn't think you already ate," Naruto said as he came into the kitchen.

"I ate while you were asleep, I thought you would wake up by the smell of fried eggs," Mina said, "Hurry, your breakfast is getting cold,"

"I didn't think you knew how to cook, I guess it's practice for when we'll be wed," Naruto said as he sat down to eat.

"Yeah, just hurry, I'm eager to see what my hometown looks like," Mina said eagerly.

"You know that you and Rokubi can go on ahead, we'll catch up as soon as he's done," Kyuubi said before eating some of Naruto's rice. Naruto responded with a complaining, "Hey that's mine!" as he would usually do. Mina smiled and started to head out.

"I'll go on ahead then!" Mina said in joy, looking as Rokubi enlarged to the size she would ride without hurting him. She got on they headed around the mountain and south to the village.

"You better hurry, with all those scents in the Village she might be hard to find," Kyuubi said.

"Yeah," Naruto said, "And do you have to eat my food?"
"It's been a while since I'd have anything except Ramen, why do you think you ate so much? I had half of it!" Kyuubi explained.

"No wonder," Naruto said, he smiled as he finished his fried eggs and put his dishes in the sink, "Let's hurry,"

The two headed to the door and Kyuubi grew to the same size Rokubi had done for Mina. Naruto got on Kyuubi and they headed the same way.

"Rokubi knows this area better than I do, he may be waiting at the entrance to the N Illusion Village," Kyuubi explained.

"I hope so," Naruto said, they took off following the sent of Rokubi and Mina. It didn't take them long until they seemed to be at the wall to a huge, never ending cliff. They saw Rokubi on Mina's head there and she was waiting.

"Mina! We're here!" Naruto said. Kyuubi got what Rokubi was doing and shrunk to the same size, but went on Naruto's shoulder.

"That didn't take long now did it?" Mina said, "Well we're here so let's go in!"

"But it's a wall," Naruto said looking up at it.

"To be an Illusion Ninja you must see through Genjutsu and Illusions," Mina said. She touched the rock but her hand went through it!

"If you can't figure it out, the village is surrounded by a Genjutsu Barrier, so even if the Lusion Clan was beaten it couldn't be found," Rokubi explained.

"Well sorry!" Naruto said, he started walking toward the rock, "Let's go,"

"Yeah!" Mina and Naruto entered the rock at the same time. Once they got through the rock, they could see gates like ones of the Leaf Village. Only they had the Illusion Village Symbol and were different colors. Past the gates you could see a wonderful village much like the Leaf Village except for a few designs. Children were playing, Ninja were training and even the elderly were going through their day peacefully. This place was a beautiful village with luscious green grass streets, trees on every street corner and flowers sprouted around the streets. If you went to each village then you knew the Illusion Villages were more in tune with nature than any Shinobi village. Mina smiled at her home village and saw the ones at the guard post in shock. She thought it was because of Rokubi and Kyuubi, or maybe it was the Clan sign on her shirt. She desided to go ask them,

"Why are you so shocked Misters?" Mina asked in innocence.

"Are you the new Lusion Clan head?" One of them asked.

"I guess the info of my return spreads fast, I thought I saw someone spying on us after we chased everyone out." Mina said.

"Is there anything we can do for you Miss?" the other asked.

"Can you tell me were I can get a Shinobi team?" Mina asked.

"At the academy, It's around the heart of town, if you get lost ask a citizen," The first one explained.

"Thank you very much for your assistance," Mina said properly as she kindly bowed to them. She went back to Naruto and they headed off for the heart of town.

Sorry the beginning's slow. I wanted you all to know what the village is like! It will be like this for a while; I'll even reveal how they choose the Kages! Please stay with me! Review as well please! But what do you think is going to happen next?