Like I said before this is the final chapter, but it is the credits. Basically it's a rough timeline of events between the previous chapter and the epilogue, please bear with my descriptions and enjoy the final chapter!

Picture 1: Naruto and Mina are sitting at home in a bedroom talking with Matsuri over a game of Majong. It was most likely business talk but they were all concentrating on Mina making the next move, she is deep in thought with her right hand rubbing her chin as she gazed at her pieces.

Picture 2: Naruto and Mina return to the Leaf Village the next summer for the Chunin exams in which Mina becomes a Chunin, still leaving Naruto at Genin. This picture shows Mina facing Choji as she dodges his rolling and prepares for her next attack.

Picture 3: Mina cheering after hearing that she was promoted to Chuunin. Naruto is distraught that he didn't become Chuunin but still happy for Mina. Rokubi is next to Mina, looking proud of her while Kyuubi is disappointed in Naruto.

Picture 4: Two years later, inside the stone chamber, Naruto sees his mother on the altar and speaks with her. They seem to have been exchanging information for quite some time now. Kyuubi is at Naruto's side and appears to have been asleep since the start of their conversation.

Picture 5: Much older, Mina and Naruto celebrate Naruto's eightieth birthday, the age in which they were to be married. But those thoughts are not in this picture, only joy of Naruto blowing out all the candles on his cake.

Picture 6: Papers, all relating to the wedding and event afterwards, surround Mina. Little to her knowledge, Kyuubi is messing up the papers a few stacks away just to mess with her.

Picture 7: Days later Mina is wearing a traditional wedding kimono as someone made adjustments to it to perfectly fit her. No one else is in the room.

Picture 8: The wedding is on top of the cliff near the Lusion mansion, Matsuri is chosen as the Maid of Honor and Shikamaru is the Best Man. Kyuubi and Rokubi wait near the altar for the ceremony to be over. Many people from both the Leaf and North Illusion village are present as they wait for Mina to arrive. Naruto is in a standard tux, as he was warned.

Picture 9: Mina is walking down the isle with her traditional wedding kimono on, no wig, and no make up (much to the designer's protest). She was holding a bouquet of lilies and baby's breath, all white and yellow.

Picture 10: Naruto is looking at Mina, stunned at her natural beauty. He noticed Kyuubi trying to hold back a laugh and Rokubi hitting Kyuubi for nearly interrupting the ceremony.

Picture 11: Naruto and Mina are at the altar, looking at each other with happiness in their eyes. They seem to barely notice that it's time for their vows to be made, making Kyuubi laugh, which is what made the ceremony continue.

Picture 12: Naruto and Mina are kissing (Nuff said).

Picture 13: Around two years later, Mina is inside the Lusion estate, holding two bundles. Within the bundles were fraternal twins with blonde hair and brown eyes. All three of them are smiling at each other.


Mina wanted to go outside, after staying with her twins for as long as she has no one could blame her; she hadn't left them for two weeks straight after the Akatsuki almost kidnapped them. Rumor had it that Kyuubi and Rokubi were only tailed beasts the Akatsuki has yet to obtain, but rumors also persist that one other is out there; that one has been switched between Nibi and Sanbi. She also began to wonder if was a mistake to transfer Kyubi and Rokubi this early to the children. Rokubi didn't seem to mind it but Kyuubi missed messing with Naruto's head. Mina missed having Rokubi, she missed being able to talk to him in complete private, he was the one being she could tell anything to and he would listen every time.

"Is something wrong Mina?" Naruto came into the room, no longer in his orange jumpsuit as he outgrew it. Now he was tall and skinny, wearing an orange and black outfit and with the Illusion villages' headband upon his head. He looked so grown up now, but deep inside he was the same Naruto she knew and loved. It took her a bit to realize she loved him and that he loved her, that first kidnapping is all that it took.

Naruto sat beside Mina on the couch and wrapped his left arm on Mina' shoulders. He sighed as he looked at the two sleeping babes in her arms and spoke, "Let's take a walk outside and let them sleep, for old time's sake."

Mina was hesitant at first, but she soon smiled at the idea and set them on the couch and covered their bodies with a nearby blanket. Mina unconsciously tucked them in, her motherly instinct was telling her to stay with them as they slept, but it was time to give them a little space. Rokubi jumped out of the baby girl and nodded to Mina, knowing he needed to guard them along with Rokubi; she responded by gently petting Rokubi's head then scratching behind his ears. Rokubi didn't mind this despite it made him look like a pet than a guardian.

Naruto and Mina left Rokubi and Kyuubi to guard the kids as Mina walked into the sun for the first time in weeks. Mina blocked the sun from her eyes so she could readjust her sight slowly. Naruto lead her along to the newly planted garden, where buds were coming up from the ground. There were no flowers, only buds now; it made the garden look so young but beautiful.

"Do you remember when you first talked to me?" Naruto asked, continuing the walk in the garden. Mina smiled, remembering back to their first encounter, "Yea, you were on your way to pull some prank on Konohamaru,"

"Still, you got to admit it was a good prank," Naruto showed his goofy smile for the first time in months. Mina confirmed this, then it was silent for a while but then spoke again, "Do you think it was a mistake to transfer Rokubi and Kyuubi to them?"

"A mistake?" Naruto asked, "That fuzz ball was inside me my entire life. I was glad to…"

Naruto saw that Mina was saddened by the topic, "You miss talking to Rokubi, don't you?"

"He was the one person I could talk to, and he would understand. He knows me." Mina tilted her head downwards, "sometimes I think he knows me better than I do myself."

"Hey, it's not like he's dead or anything," Naruto asked, "and besides, Touko needed some protection, right?"

Mina smiled that the mention of her little girl's name, it made her feel warm. Naruto was right, Touko needed him more than her; Mina knew she was being selfish.

"You think Touya needed Kyuubi?" Mina asked in a curious tone. Naruto was taken off guard by the question, it was apparent that Touko needed Rokubi, but Touya seemed like the child that could grow to be completely independent, hopefully not a loner though. Maybe that could be it, Naruto thought, maybe Kyuubi could be that friend that stands beside him, like what I tried for Sasuke. Naruto explained his theory to Mina who mulled over the idea for a bit but she responded, "I won't raise my children to be like Sasuke. I'm not leaving them like that. I won't die that easily"

"You do remember that it was Itachi that killed all of the Uchiha clan except Sasuke, right?" Naruto said.
Mina calmly responded, "I know, but no one will betray us like that. At least, I hope not. Besides, Sasuke beat Itachi."

"Yea, but no one's heard of anything since," Naruto said, saddened. Mina knew she had to change the subject. She didn't have the chance to because she heard her babies crying. It wasn't crying for food, or changing, or even attention, it was a cry for help.

"Someone's here!" Mina got up and ran towards the house. Naruto was going to follow after her but he saw a black and red outfit go out of the house, "Mina! This way! It's the Akatsuki!"

Mina rushed out of the house and towards the black and red outfit at impossible speeds and screaming at the top of her lungs, "You'll pay for that!"

The person in the black and red outfit looked back at them quickly then proceeded to continue running. Naruto summoned about a hundred shadow clones to follow the figure at speeds that compared little to Mina who was on the figure's tail. Once she was behind the figure she used the Illusion Pit jutsu and concentrated it only on the figure, to be sure her children wouldn't be affected. The figure fell to the ground and released Touko and Touya who were caught by their surprisingly fine looking guardians. Naurto then made his shadow clones disappear.

Mina immediately picked up Touko and Touya and looked at Rokubi, "Did this guy get the jump on you?"

Rokubi nodded, disappointed in himself. Mina sighed before she saw Naruto grab the Akatsuki member by his neck, breaking her jutsu, and slammed him into a tree.

"This guy's not Akatsuki material," Naruto said, looking at the now quivering man.

"Please!" the man begged, "I'll be killed if I don't bring those kids to him!"

"Who?" Naruto asked, "Which Akatsuki contacted you?"

"I-I don't know, honest!" The man begged, "He put me under some jutsu before he talked to me, not like your wife's jutsu, her's was way more scary!"

"Hell hath no fury like a mother's scorn" Mina said darkly, she then proceeded to calm her children down. The man looked at Naruto and said, "Does she have multiple personalities or something?"

"Nah, she just won't forgive anyone who wants to harm her kids," Naruto said with a grin, "At least tell us where you were gonna take 'em"

"He'll kill me!" The man cried.

"I can help you! We can all get out of this alive if you tell us," Naruto retorted. The man complied and Nartuo let him drop onto the ground where the man sat down and explained where to go.

"Ok then, you get out of here," Naruto then looked at Mina with fired up eyes, "We'll take care of it,"

Mina nodded and gave Naruto the same stare before she headed off into the North Illusion village. Now there were only five small ninja villages in the Land of Illusions, the land was still greatly defended. Mina headed to Matsuri's mansion with Touko and Touya in arms.

"You want me to what?" Matsuri asked in shock. The two of them were in the meeting room of Matsuri's house, enjoying a cup of tea while Touko and Touya calmly slept.

"Come on Matsuri, you're the only one I can trust with this," Mina said, "Besides, you are their Godmother."

Matsuri sighed in defeat, "Ok, I'll take care of them. Suzuka's back in town so she can help me with it, if that's fine with you."

"Yea, that's fine," Mina said happily, "As long as their safe,"

Matsuri looked at Touko and Touya, "They really are beautiful children and hey look so much like their parents. Almost like a fusion of them,"

"Touko and Touya are their each their own person," Mina said, "I'll make sure of that."

"And I will as well," Matsuri smiled, "Go ahead after them. Naruto is waiting for you,"

Mina nodded and left her children in someone's care for the first time in their life. She was still nervous about this but it was time to give them space so she could protect them. Naruto was outside waiting for her with a smile, "I guess it's a new adventure, huh?"

Mina nodded, "Yea, it's a great thing isn't it?"

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