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Summary: So, Sakura has a secret to tell Gaara. She gets called away and doesn't have a chance to tell him. There has been a breakout of an incurable disease and it's up to Sakura to save her village. In the mean time, she finds out her best friend is getting married. That is the good news. Bad news...some of the people she loves have caught the disease. And a message...Gaara? What happened to Gaara? So now Sakura has to save her home, and worry about her husband.

Disclaimer: Naruto is still not mine…just the plot and ideas.

"Oh dear…please…no. We don't need this…not know."

Sakura was mumbling to herself as she paced around in the bathroom. She kept glancing around nervously, her hands laced together to stop them from shaking. She looked out the window. The sun was almost gone over the horizon. Which means one thing.

Gaara would be home soon.

"Sakura, are you ok? Should I help with something?" A voice sounded outside the room. Sakura froze and gulped before speaking.

"I need help. Temari, what if it's positive? What do I do then? I can't live with that. I'm barely an adult. I'm turning twenty in three months. I'm too young. This isn't happening right? Tell me!" She said, now pacing around frantically once more. Her stomach was in knots and she couldn't suppress her nervousness.

"It'll be alright Sakura. Can I come in?" Temari asked.


The door opened to reveal a concerned blonde. Her dark eyes looked on as Sakura took a seat on the counter top. The girl was fidgeting.

"What will happen?" she whispered. Her eyes glistened with unshed tears. The blonde walked up to her and placed a hand on her shoulder.

"Nothing bad will happen if it's positive. Trust me." Temari said. She gave Sakura a reassuring smile.

"Yeah, you're right Temari." She said.

"What are sister-in-laws for?" Temari said. "I think it's time to check." She then said and looked at the small cup on the sink. Sakura's eyes widened.

No. She wasn't ready. She couldn't do it. No! She was doomed. Nothing good could come out of this. It was horrible. There was no way…no way she would look at it!

"I'll check it." Temari said.

"No!" Sakura shouted. Temari jumped back, slightly started. Sakura didn't move to check the thing at all. But Temari wouldn't do anything Sakura didn't want her to. So she waited for the girl to do something.

"Is something wrong?"

The door was left open and a paint free Kankuro popped his head into the bathroom. Temari glanced at him and shook her head. "Just go Kankuro. We'll talk later." She growled.

"Well sorry for being concerned!" He said in an offended tone and stormed off. A door slammed closed further down the hallway as he entered his room.

"Come on Sakura. Just check it." Temari urged. She was anxious to see the results, but she knew Sakura wasn't ready for it. She looked between the cup and the pink haired girl who refused to move. She would just grab the thing and check it, but Sakura would stop her and get upset. Something she didn't need.

"R-right." Sakura stuttered and reached for the device. She took hold of the small white stick, her emerald eyes wide. She didn't even look down at it.

"Oh I can't." she started. "No. I have to do this…" Sakura gulped and moved her eyes. "No! Ah…I…I just can't!" she shut her eyes. Temari sighed.

"Just get it over with." The blonde said.

"R-right. I should, I mean I have to do this. How do I tell? Oh man…I don't want to…" Sakura opened her eyes and looked down at the small white stick.

Her eyes narrowed as she looked it over and her frown deepened. "What the hell is a blue line!?" she shouted.

Temari cringed at the sound of Sakura's screech and took hold of the box that sat on the edge of the counter. She scanned over the words that were used to tell the results and her dark eyes grew wide with every word. Sakura was viciously clawing at her pajama pants, the small stick discarded on the counter. She glanced nervously at Temari and the blond finally set the box down.

"Blue line?" she asked quietly. Sakura nodded and looked down at said blue line. "It's what I think it is huh?" Sakura asked, her voice cracking up.

Temari could only frown. Despite the fact that this isn't what the medic nin wanted, she couldn't help but feel slightly excited. She always loved children, and couldn't wait for one to run around the house. Even if it wasn't her own. Although Kankuro, she knew, could go without one for all of his life. He never did get along with little children. He just did not like them. Then again, this might be different.

"I'm going to have a baby." Sakura whispered as the news finally began to sink in.

A door opened somewhere in the hall and footsteps approached. Once again Kankuro appeared at the door. "Do we have our results?" he asked.

Temari glared at him. "Who says Sakura wants you to know." She said. Kankuro stuck his tongue out at her and walked into the room. He moved to Sakura and put and arm around her.

"Cause Sakura loves me. Right?" he said looking down at the frozen girl. She was blankly staring at the wall in front of her.

The girl felt…shocked more than anything. But she was also…scared. She had no idea how Gaara would react. No idea in the least. Would he be happy…angry…upset. Would he accept the baby…or push it away? No…this was Gaara…he would never do that. He would take care of this child, she just knew it. It wouldn't be like him to push something away…something that's part of him.

She felt Kankuro's hand gently squeeze her shoulder as Temari told him the test was positive. He smiled at her. She noticed, but she didn't acknowledge it. "Don't worry." He whispered into her ear. She passively nodded and her view changed as she glanced down at the floor.

"You have nothing to worry about anyways. Gaara will be good about it, trust me. And if not…we'll beat some sense into him." He said with a chuckle. Temari sighed and shook her head. Her brother wasn't the best at cheering someone up.

"Anything for my little sister." He said. The puppet master than turned on his biological sister. "When's dinner going to be ready? I've been waiting for a while." He said. the wind mistress raised an eyebrow.

"You did not just ask me that." She said in a low dark tone.

Kankuro walked off and towards the door. "'Fraid I did." He said. He took one last look at Sakura who was still frozen on the counter. He noticed she moved her hand and it was lying on her stomach. "I told you not to worry Sakura. Everything will be fine…and Gaara won't be home for a while, so you have plenty of time to calm down." He said and walked out the door and to the stairs. The faint steps of him leaving faded away and silence filled the room.

"It'll be alright. Like Kankuro said, Gaara won't be home anytime soon so…you have time to think of a way to tell him." Temari said, trying to comfort the girl.

But then the thundering of footsteps running up the stairs, followed by more running down the hall came. Kankuro snuck back into the room, eyes slightly widened, as he panted softly. The poor boy looked as if he just saw a ghost.

"Scratch that," he panted. "Gaara is home. He almost saw me."

"Well for the love of Kami. If he didn't see you he sure as hell heard you! Man, you probably led him here!" Temari shouted.

"Me! Listen to yourself! He can probably hear you over anything I did!"

"Yeah right! You're shouting too!"

"Well you started the shouting!"

"Did not!"

"Uh…right, you know you did!"

"Shut it Kankuro!"

"Ha! As if! I should be saying that to you!"

"Well stop before…"

"Gaara." Sakura whispered. Her eyes widened more if possible. The Kazekage stood in the doorway, giving his family the best 'wtf' face he could muster. He didn't need to ask questions, because the three in the bathroom already knew what he was thinking.

Why is there a family feud going on in the bathroom?

"I won't ask." Gaara said and walked out of the bathroom.

Temari put her head in her hands. Sakura jumped down off the counter. "We don't tell him." she said quickly.

"Alright, I get that but when are you going to tell him?" Temari asked.

"I don't know…but not now. I'll tell him when I think its right." Sakura said, not liking the idea. Gaara, being the father, deserved to know. But she couldn't…not yet. When she was ready she would. She just wanted to make sure that everything was right when she did. That she was certain of how she felt about it, and that he was ready for the biggest shock of his life.

A pregnant silence filled the room. No one moved. Temari was biting at her thumb nail while Kankuro was glancing around the room like an impatient child. Sakura was leaning up against the counter, her hands over her stomach.

"So…ah. How about dinner?" Kankuro asked, earning a smack on the head from his older sister.


Dinner was quiet. Too quiet. Quieter than normal, and even normally it was quiet. But this time, no one said anything. Sakura wanted to run out of the room before her mouth had a chance to open for her food. She was afraid of opening her mouth. Because words usually come out of your mouth when it's open. And she couldn't say anything.

She avoided her husband's eye. Although Gaara was giving curious glances to everyone around the table. He knew something was up. They were all too quiet. Something happened in that bathroom today. And Gaara didn't know if he even wanted to know.

Sakura kept giving Temari a readable look. A look only the blonde would understand. At the same time the girls stood up. "I'm full." Temari said.

"Me too." Sakura said soon after. They took their leave and never noticed the pleading look Kankuro sent to them both. He glance back at his brother out of the corner of his eye and gulped to find the red head glaring at him.

"He knows." Sakura hissed once they were in the kitchen. She kept her voice low so she wouldn't be heard. "He knows something is up. I can tell. I mean, we're not exactly acting normally."

"I know, I know." Temari said and walked over to the sink. She placed her plate in there and turned the hot water on. Sakura joined her and set her plate in the sink. The blonde began to scrub the dishes while she listened to the worried girl.

"We just have to act like nothing is wrong. Just…normal. We have to act normally." She said and grabbed onto the dish towel. She began to dry the newly washed dishes when Kankuro practically ran into the room.

"I swear if looks could kill…" he started. He handed his dish to Temari.

"What are you doing in here?" Sakura asked in a hushed voice. She glared at her 'brother' who had a nervous look on his face.

"You go out there and sit with him by yourself. Especially when he can tell we're keeping something from him!"

"Yeah…well…he'll suspect something if someone isn't out there acting normally. Just…go talk to him! He's your brother!" Sakura hissed back at him.

"Heh. He's your husband!" Kankuro retorted and smirked in triumph.

"Hmph. I wouldn't even be here if it wasn't for old people and stupid rules!"

"Whatever." Kankuro said.

Sakura set her towel down and advanced on the boy. "Get. Out. There. Act like nothing is going on. He'll suspect if we all are in here whispering to each other." She said and pushed his to the archway into the dinning room.

"No! I can't…he'll…he'll do things to me! I know it. He'll give me that evil look! Don't make me!" Kankuro pleaded. Sakura didn't listen, and Temari smirked with amusement at the sink.

With one harsh push, Sakura sent Kankuro stumbling into the dinning room. He nearly fell flat on his face, and when he stood up straight, he received the evil look he feared.

The boy stood there awkwardly. His brows were scrunched up, and he forced himself to stop fumbling with his shirt. Stupid nervous habits. Gaara didn't say a word, but attempted to break Kankuro with his infamous glare.

More time passed and Kankuro attempted to avoid the glare, but it was inevitable. The look seemed to draw his eyes to his brother. He couldn't say anything. He wasn't allowed. But…if he didn't say anything, Gaara would torture it out of him. If he did say anything Sakura would…oh god.

The puppet master finally opened his mouth to speak.

"I…I…I have to pee." He said hurriedly and rushed out of the room and up the stairs.

Well…he was a dead man either way.


"Mind telling me what's going on?" Gaara asked, climbing into bed beside Sakura.

"Hm? Nothing is. Everything's normal." She replied, trying to calm her stomach. She felt like she was going to be sick, and her pregnancy had nothing to do with it. She shut her eyes, and forced her body to relax. Everything would be alright.

"Doesn't seem like it to me." He said and pulled the red covers up over them both. Sakura sank down and seemed to bury herself in the soft sheets. What she would give for the world to just swallow her up right now.

"Everything is fine. Nothings wrong." She assured him. 'Act normal.' She repeated in her head. She leaned over and gave him a sweet kiss goodnight like she did every night, and settled down on his chest. 'Normal, normal, normal.' She said over and over.

"Hm. Right. You three are hiding something from me I can tell." He mumbled and wrapped his arms around his wife. The girl snuggled into his embrace and yawned tiredly.

"Like I said, everything is fine. Just…normal." She said, resting her arms around him.

"Yeah right. Nothing is normal with this family."

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