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I. Getting Ready

The raven-haired girl combed through her hair for the third time. She wanted to make sure it was 'just right.' It was their first time being at Zero Gravity, a club in town. They just moved here, to Sundale, California, from San Fracisco. They thought a bit of scenery could be better. And the fact that the college they were now attending was in Sundale. They had thought that maybe getting an apartment in the same town would be more . . . convenient.

As she brushed her hair to fluff it up and donned her rosy lipstick, her sister called from the front room. "Come on, Rinoa! The club closes in like, five hours!"

"I'm coming Quisty! Just wait a sec." Rinoa took one last look at herself and approved. She was wearing a dark blue miniskirt with a light blue tank top. The top stopped right above her navel and the skirt hugged her, showing her

curves perfectly. The jacket she wore was also navy blue, accented with light blue flower designs. The heels she wore were one inch heels that strapped up her leg. They were dark blue. Rinoa nodded. She knew she looked good. Not just good, but sexy.

Grabbing her navy blue clutch, she ran to the front room and spun around in front of Quistis, presenting herself. "So, what do you think?"

Quistis nodded. "You will be turning heads tonight." She grabbed her red clutch. She was wearing a red dress that stopped midway down her thigh with red pumps. "Well, let's go find some game!"

A brown-haired man took a towel to his hair and combed through it. This was just to get tangles out, bu then he shook it and it fell into place. He smirked to himself. He liked his silky brown hair; he almost had a hidden vanity to it. It grew a little long, a bit past his shoulders. He had on a white T-shirt and some black jeans. Checking himself, he slipped on some black shoes, and walked to the front of his apartment.

Squall shared an apartment with his older brother, Seifer. They both attended Sundale University and for tonight they were headed for a club in town. Zero Gravity was the best place to hangout in town. It was also one of the greatest places to find some friends (or at least Seifer thought so.) Squall never really paid attention to the girls because none of them ever caught his. So, for moral support, Seifer stirred up a bit of a game. They were going to see who could get the most phone numbers by the end of the night. Thw winner got $100 from his brother.

Don't get it twisted. Squall knew plenty about how to smooth talk a girl. He just never really got a chance to do it. The girls either never caught his attention, or they had a boyfriend. Tonight was going to be different. He was going to get more numbers than his brother. Squall was determined not to lose this little game that Seifer had come up with.

When Squall got to the living room, he saw that Seifer had pulled out all the stops. Again. He was wearing faded blue jeans and a tight navy blue T-shirt to show his rippling torso. He was tucking his wallet in his pocket and getting his keys when Squall walked in. He looked at Squall and said, "Dude, if you want to get some numbers and some ass, then you need to put on a new shirt.

Squall shook his head. "My shirt is just fine." This was true. Squall's white T-shirt showed enough muscle to make a woman sigh. "You're the one going overboard. We already draw enough attention to ourselves. Do you have to add to it?"

The feature that Squall was talking about was the mirrored scars that showed across their noses. They had given them to each other in a 'sparring session.' They kind of regretted the scars at first. But when women started to take real notice, they thought of them as a good thing. The opposite sex especially thought of Squall as the more adorable one. He was a year younger and did think that he looked better than his brother. Seifer envied him for this.

Seifer just shrugged. "Hey, I'm arrogant." Squall shook his head and grabbed his wallet. "At least I can say that I'm arrogant and vain. But at least I'm not overly vain. But," he put a hand under his chin and posed, "woman find it heart-fluttering sexy."

Squall looked sideways at his brother. When he glared like this, it could penetrate through anything. "You have your keys, right?" He saw Seifer nod. Opening the door, he stepped half-way out side. "Then shut up and let's go." Seifer laughed and punched Squall on the arm. Squall smirked.

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