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I still need to make my uke pair fic...

Oh, and the examples are solely my own creation. I did not copy them off of people. I'm too cool that way xD




"Gakuto, what are you doing?"

"I hate this," Mukahi mumbled scrolling down the page.

"What do you hate?" Oshitari asked.

"I hate that Kikumaru guy. I hate Mary Sues. And I ABHORE people raping spelling and grammar."

"There's people doing that?"


"Dude, calm down." Shishido was currently on another computer, typing away.

"Excuse me? People are writing shti on here! Seriously!"

Shishido walked over. "Well, it can't be THAT bad."

Mukahi clicked on a random story. This popped up:

"Ohaiyo mina-san! My name is Ikeuchi Ako, from grade eight!"

"That right there. HORRIBLE Romaji abuse. If they don't know Japanese, they should just stop writing in Romaji! I mean, they did say it was an English story, right?"

Shishido shook his head. "So? A few errors. So what?"

Mukahi clicked on another story.

'"Oh my gosh! Hi Mukahi!" the girl waved. Mukahi twitched. "Hi?" "How are you?" the girl asked. "Uh, I'm fine. I guess." "Oh yeah? But I can clearly see that you want to take over the world! WHEN YOU OBVIOUSLY CANNOT AND WILL NOT! BECAUSE KIKU-CHAN WILL TAKE OVER THE WORLD BEFORE YOU! AND YOU SHALL BOW DOWN BEFORE HIM!!!" Mukahi twitched and slowly walked away."'

"You see? The dialogues are mashed up into one paragraph. These people don't know where the Enter key is, do they?"

Oshitari raised his eyebrows. "They write that kind of stuff over here?"

Mukahi clicked on yet another story.

"Fuk, this is da most annoiying thing eva!!!!!111!!!"

"That...is stupid. That's like, four mispelled words right there. I don't want to read the rest of the story."

Shishido twitched a little. "You're right. It IS bad."

"hi everyone! my name is random person number 2, and i will be your sub for today! isn't that awesome?"

"They don't know where the Shift key is located..."

"He wen down steirs and eight brakefast"

"That's horrible," Shishido said.

"I"m going to start flaming pretty soon," Mukahi said. "There's too many unpresentable stories over here."

"Gakuto, don't."

"Well fine!"

"OMFG did you notice? The Kikumaru Eiji just got promoted to something but we don't know what it is! Isn't it awesome?!"

"They fucking BOLD things too much! And that sentence didn't make any sense whatsoever!"

"OMG!. This is soawesome, really. And, this thing, where this, andthat, whatever! Yeah, andthis are has been, really cool,talking toyou!"

"Okay, their punctuation SUCKS! And they have problems with using the Space key...and the whole 'are has been' thing is horrible! Who the hell teaches these kids? And that guy used too many commas. THAT DIDN'T MAKE ANY SENSE WHATSOEVER!!!"

"Gakuto, calm down."



"Tezuka smiled and started giggling."

"What the fuck?! THE Tezuka Kunimitsu would NEVER smile, much less giggle! Are these people out of their minds?!"

Shishido was dumbstruck.

Oshitari just stood there.

Mukahi threw his laptop out the window. "That's it! I am NEVER going on EVER again!"


Right...about that uke pair fic...xD