Wotcher (G/T) Spoilers for OotP


I hear her storming at her mother the entire way up the stairs. All of the other adults look disappointed, as if it's unnecessary anger, but you really can't blame her. I mean think about it, if the world is on the brink of open warfare and everyone else in the house knows what's going on, but you're not allowed to, wouldn't you be a bit peeved too? Oh, Sirius is talking…


This is ridiculous! I tried flicking a dung bomb at the door, knowing it wouldn't work, and I didn't even have the end of the meeting to look forward to, because Hermione follows rules. I might be able to bug a little information out of her, but the important stuff would be left out. The boys would think whatever she decided to tell me was sufficient, so asking them would be pointless. I could try Fred and George, the only ones that don't seem to feel the need to infantilize me. No, Mum will expect that. There's got to be at least one person in this bloody house that's not frightened of my mother! One person who knows what's going on and won't treat me like I'm five and incapable of comprehending danger…Someone who would know they were protecting me by telling me the truth…


I'm brilliant…


I wish my cousin weren't a convicted felon. If Sirius was able to be active in the Order, the whole world would know that Voldemort was back and exactly what he was up to. I'm rolling my eyes as I open the door to my room, so I don't notice that Ginny is there until after the exasperated look has left my face.

"Wotcher Gin," I say quietly, "Why do I get the feeling you're not here to ask my advice about hair styling?" I ask, tripping over the desk chair.

"C'mon Tonks," she says, rolling her eyes, "you know no one in this house is going to fill me in! All the boys and Hermione are terrified of pissing off my mother, and all of the other adults agree with my mother."

Now, I love Molly dearly. But someone really does need to inform her that her daughter is not six years old. I should feel bad about this…

"Come here," I say, sitting in my bed. She moves in next to me, "Look, it's pretty much the stuff you've been picking up with your brothers' nifty little eavesdropping inventions," she has the decency to grin and look down when I smile at her, "The only thing new was something Sirius couldn't keep his trap shut about."

I'm hoping to God that she gets the hint and doesn't ask me to elaborate, but the simple fact that she's here tells me that I'm not about to get that wish.

"Everyone else knows," she says.

Sweet tap-dancing Merlin, she's pouting. I'm beginning to see what Fred meant about her being a formidable opponent.

"Fine. You-Know-Who's after a weapon. Something he didn't have before. I don't really know what it is. Moody and your dad are keeping that pretty hush-hush between themselves and Dumbledore. "

"Thanks Tonks," she says, smiling at me, "It really means a lot that you're not trying to protect me by keeping me in the dark. I'd much rather face this head on."

"I know. You need to go to bed now, Ginny," I know I'm very obviously trying to be the adult, and way too late, but she complies after hugging me. Bloody hell, I'm in trouble if Molly finds out.


I'm happy. Ridiculously happy for it to be seven in the morning. Tonks filled me in and I didn't get caught by Mum on the way back to bed. I was hoping Tonks wouldn't make me leave, but she's already risking it by telling me, so I see why a slumber party was out of the question. I hop; yes hop, into my seat at breakfast. It happens to be across from my informant, so I get ogling privileges this morning, which adds to my good mood.

I should probably explain that, huh? Well, I have a thing for Tonks. It's easy to keep that a secret, seeing as I've had a disturbingly large crush on the Boy Who Won't Fucking Kick the Bucket for the past five years. Everyone is more or less oblivious to me, except Dad. He's the only one who's noticed that I don't stare at Harry anymore. I'm glad, because he didn't make a big deal of it. He just said, "Puppy love over?" in passing on his way to work one morning and left it alone from there. Everyone else is still laboring under the delusion that I'm a lovesick school girl. Gits. Technically they're right, but if they'd pay an ounce more attention, they'd see that they're also quite wrong. Can't wait to see the looks on their faces when I bring home a girl.

"Morning Ginny," Mum says, "Glad to see you're done sulking. What would you like to eat?"

Usually, I try not to be this obvious, but as it's early, I can't help but glance at Tonks and blush. Keeping my head down, I answer, "Eggs, please?"

Thank God, no one but Tonks noticed my slip up. She, I'm pretty sure, has a vague awareness of my little, well, huge, crush on her, but I'm also pretty sure she's trying to ignore it.

I finish eating and go back upstairs before Mum can start assigning chores. As the boys have yet to come down to eat, I should have a while before I have to start working.