Well, she's finally done it. Umbridge, I mean. She's replaced Dumbledore. Harry's still having visions and we're going to the Ministry. We've got to go rescue Sirius because Snape, bloody prat, didn't pay any attention when Harry tried to tell him. So I'm on the back of a Thestral right now, on the way to my dad's place of employment.

If we get out of here alive, I'm telling my mom about Tonks and me. I swear. Luna and I are running. We can't even hear the others over the voices of Death Eaters and hexes. Nym was right about one thing: her aunt is fit for a straight jacket. If Neville was older and just a bit less of the great guy he is, I know he would've killed that bitch then and there. I'm so mad thinking about it, I jinx the closest Death Eater and pause to watch him fall to the floor. There are still four of them on our tail when Ron comes out of nowhere.

"Through that door," he yells, and we jump through a doorway into a room filled with planets.

We run harder than anything. Then I hear Ron yell. I turn around quick enough to catch him, but the damage is done. He looks up at me.

"Hahahahaha! It's Uranus…" he says, looking at the planet over my shoulder.

"Come on Ron," I urge; I don't know what spell they hit him with, but I'll figure it out later.

We keep going, pulling baby!Ron along with us. Suddenly, I feel a hand around my ankle and hear a crack. Luna shouts a curse and the Death Eater that just stood up to hex me gets shards of Pluto in his face. I hobble the best I can out of the room where we run into Harry, Neville, and an unconscious Hermione. We're surrounded and my prat of a brother decides it's time to play with some of the Ministries experiments. At that point I'm shouting at Harry to help him and then everything goes black.

There are still spells whizzing past when I wake up. Small explosions are going off everywhere, but I only have eyes for the person kneeling over me.

"Ginny? Ginny, can you hear me?" Tonks asks.

"Yeah," I whisper; everything hurts right now.

"Be still," she says, mumbling something to make the worst of the pain dissipate, "I have to go help Harry and the Order; just keep still ok?"

"Tonks, don't…" I start, but she's already gone.


I'm running away from the one person I'm actually here for. When Snape told us that Harry was going to the Department of Mysteries, I did something almost unheard of, even during my career as an Auror. I took immediate charge and people listened. Because I knew Ginny and probably a fair few others would be with Potter. I arrived at the upper level with the rest of the Order just in time to see Rodolphus stun Ginny in the face. I started to shout every obscenity I know at the bastard, but Sirius wrapped a hand around my mouth so I wouldn't give us away.

"Not yet, Dora," he said, "Just as a point of interest, which one would you like the pleasure of arresting?"

"Her. 'Cause I'm going to kill him."

I think Moody knows. He chuckled when I said that, and, given the situation and the person doing the chuckling, that was strange.

Then, as we were descending to the bottom level, I had to watch as the crazy bitch that I'm supposedly related to, tortured the same boy she's been indirectly torturing since he was one. All I had time to do was wake Ginny, and slide her near her brother, who's gone a bit odd, before I had to run after the Death Eaters. I can see her, Bellatrix, but I have the presence of mind to Stun Malfoy, who is way too close to Harry, before firing hexes at my aunt.

"Nymphadora?" she asks, recognizing me. Fuck.

"Don't" hex "call" jinx "me" hex "Nymphadora!"

I try to stun her, but she blocks it.

"Where's your little friend?" she asks smiling evilly

Damn, it's been so long since I've seen her that I'd forgotten. She's extremely good at Occlumency. She saw me thinking about Ginny as I fought her. Insane though she may be, she's still a damn good witch. That thought bugs the hell out of me, and taking advantage of my momentary weakness, I'm seized in a blaze of blue light.

I wake up to Moody sitting beside me.

"Where is she? Where's Bellatrix?" I moan. If she's hurt Ginny in any way, I won't even give her the dignity of killing her with a wand. I'll do it the painful, Muggle way.

"She ran. And for her life, she better hope she's faster than Potter…" he grunts, helping me sit up. I see Dumbledore rounding up the remaining Death Eaters. Then I notice a serious lack of Blacks in the room…

"Why?" I ask, but somehow, I know what he's going to say. It's the only reason that Harry would ever be tempted to use an Unforgivable. "Moody, where's Sirius?"


I've just left visiting Hermione and Ron in the hospital wing. The school's been put right again, and the Boy Who Can't Seem to be Killed has done it again; he's bloody lived. I'm suffering from fatigue, says Madam Pomfrey, so I go back to my dorm. It's after finals so everyone has gone outside or to Hogsmeade.

"Nymphadora Tonks," I say into my mirror.

"Wotcher Ginny," she smiles up at me, "Anything wrong?" she asks, looking slightly frightened. She's been paranoid as hell since Bellatrix found out about me.

"No, nothing wrong," I assure her, "I just…wanted to talk."

She's looking at me curiously as I try to figure out the best way to ask her about something that's been on my mind since the Ministry.

"Look," I start, "During that fight at the Ministry…IkindapromisedmyselfthatI'dtellMumaboutusifIgotoutalive…"

"I'm going to wait 'till that sentence comes around again before I jump on," she smiles.

"I said, I promised myself that I'd tell Mum about us if I got out alive. And, obviously, I'm still here…so…."

"You want to tell her," it's a statement, not a question.

"Sometime this summer…not now, what with all the chaos…"

"Ok," she says simply.