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Sandstorm is walking in the forest, hunting. She didn't catch any prey, because her thoughts were on a certain tom. His orange pelt, warm eyes ….

A sound in the bushes startled her, cutting off her daydream. She jumped to her alert, but what came out of the bushes was Fireheart, the tom of her dreams.

"Hey! Sandstorm! How's hunting?" Fireheart said warmly. "I haven't caught any prey yet", said Sandstorm embarrassingly. "Too bad, I guess. I caught a vole and a squirrel. I'm bringing them back to camp. See you!" Fireheart started to walk back to camp.

Sandstorm sighed. She really wanted to impress Fireheart, but things were worse. He would probably thing I'm useless! She thought. Just as she was moving, Dustpelt came walking along the way. Looks like Sandstorm didn't catch anything. Maybe I can cheer her up by hunter with her. He walked towards her and said: "Would you like to hunt with me?" "No thanks", Sandstorm replied. "I'm going back and see what I can catch on the way back."

She started to go back, leaving a very shocked and jealous Dustpelt behind her. That Fireheart, he thought.

Sandstorm walked into camp. She actually did catch something. She put her fresh-kill in the fresh-kill pile. She looked around for Fireheart, and found him talking to Cinderpelt. She walked towards them, hoping to hear their conversation. Fireheart noticed her, and walked towards her too.

"So, did you catch anything, Sandstorm?" Fireheart said. Oh great, he probably thinks that I'm too useless to catch anything, she thought. "Yes I did!" she yelled. She was surprised at her own outburst, and so was Fireheart. "Sorry", she said. "I didn't mean to—." "Nah, it's alright", Fireheart said. "It's really my fault. I shouldn't mock you."

Sandstorm was taken back. Fireheart was apologizing even though he did nothing wrong! He's so adorable! She suddenly had the urge to tell Fireheart how she felt about him. No, she thought. He doesn't love me. He loves Spottedleaf, not me. I'm just a friend. And when Fireheart was an apprentice, I teased him along with Dustpelt. He must hate me by now. Sandstorm was really troubled.

"Hello, Sandstorm? Can you hear me?" Fireheart said. "Oops! Sorry, Fireheart. What did you say?" "Would you mind hunting with me tonight?" Sandstorm's heart began to beat faster. Is he going to ask me? Please, Starclan, let him tell me he loves me tonight! She can't wait until night.