Disclaimer: I don't own Warriors. Erin Hunter does. By the way, Streampool's not the she-cat's real name.

"Fireheart?" a certain ginger cat called out. "Yes?" An orange pelt tom got up from his nest. "What's the matter, Sandstorm?" he asked. "I…, uh…, want to ask you a question", Sandstorm stammered. As much as she hates to admit it, she was feeling all tingling inside, and warmth spread through her body.

Why am I feeling like this? She asked herself. It's not much of a big deal. You are feeling like this because you're afraid of what Fireheart will say. You're afraid of rejection. Geez, just relax! Her conscience replied. Who asked you anyways? Sandstorm retorted.

It was then she noticed Fireheart frantically waving his paw in front of her. "Hello? Are you alright, Sandstorm?" He asked with concern clear in his voice. "Yes, of course I'm alright. Why wouldn't I be?" Sandstorm replied, trying to hide the fact that she was talking with herself. "Well, you seem to spacing out. You sure you are alright?" Fireheart asked, not buying it.

"Yes, I am sure!" Sandstorm snapped at him, immediately regretting it, seeing Fireheart's expression. "I was only worried about you and decided to help", he mumbled.

"Oh! I'm terribly sorry! I didn't mean it!" Sandstorm cried, trying to correct her mistake. "It's alright", Fireheart calmly replied. "So, what did you come here for? I'm sure you didn't come here just to space out!" He laughed. "Of course not!" Sandstorm mewed. "I came to ask you a very important question!" "Well, what is it that's so important to you?" Sandstorm took a deep breath. I guess it's now or never! She thought."Do you still love me? Do you still want to be my mate?" Sandstorm asked in one breath.

Sandstorm watched Fireheart closely. His expression changed from calm and collected to nervous and some kind of fright. "I…" he stammered. "I really don't know! I'm not sure who I love! I don't even know what my feelings for you are!" He shouted. He began to shake. "Please! Stop asking me!"

Sandstorm could see that Fireheart is under a lot of stress. She walked over and pressed her pelt against Fireheart and tried to comfort him. "It's alright, Fireheart. I won't pressure you into anything", she whispered into his ear. "No matter who you love, as long you're happy, I'll be happy too", she mewed. She could see Fireheart starting to calm down and she saw that he was starting to fall asleep. "Sweet dreams", she said. "I love you", she mewed quietly as she exit the nest.

Little did she know, from a bush nearby, a certain she-cat was muttering: "Fox dung!"