Breathe (G/T)


It's been two weeks since the fight at the Ministry. I thought Mum would be livid about me going, but she was really proud. I almost told her that night. Almost.

What am I keeping from my mother you ask? Just that I'm dating an Auror. A female, nineteen year old Auror, to be exact. I'm missing her like crazy, too. When she came back for me that night…well, let's just say I've never been quite that relieved in my entire life. But the next day was the last time I've seen her in two weeks. She came to the hospital wing to check on me and the others.


"Ginny?" Tonks said, rounding the curtain.

"Hey Nym," Ginny said.

"How are you feeling," Tonks asked, sitting on Ginny's bed.

"Alright. My ribs are still a little sore, but compared to Hermione, I've got it pretty good," Ginny smiled.

"You were great. I'm so proud of you."

Tonks leaned down for a kiss…

End Flashback

Oh yeah, I, Ginevra Weasley got a kiss from the hottest Auror/Metamorphmagus ever to grace this planet. But again, she's been running about with the Order, so I haven't been able to see her. Uh-oh, my mom's calling me. Bill must have left Fleur here again.

I walk downstairs, but Fleur is nowhere to be found.

"Hi Mum. You called?" I ask.

"Ginny, I've just had an owl from Tonks. She'd like you to come stay for the weekend and help her fix up her apartment."

My mind is spinning, but I manage to stammer out, "May I?"

"Of course. I feel safe letting you stay with her, as she's an Auror. I sent a reply back already; I figured you would want to go, as Hermione isn't here yet."

I race back upstairs. I'm packing like I'm going on an expedition. This would be so much easier if I could use my wand. I'm throwing clothes around my room when I hear:

"Want some help?"

I turn around and Nym is leaning against my doorframe looking amused.

"You got here quick," I tell her, giving her a big hug.

"I Flooed here from work," she says, levitating all of the clothes on my floor so I can pick the ones I want out of the air. "Mad Eye's keeping an eye on this house so when we're ready to go, he'll connect us to the network again."

I finish packing and follow her back downstairs.


"Oh, Ginny, have you finished packing?" she asks.

"Yes," I tell her quickly, hoping she doesn't start to go over a checklist.

"We'll be back late Sunday; is that alright?" Nym asks Mum

"That sounds good. Have fun girls!"

"Thanks Molly," Nym says, walking over to our fireplace, "Home!" she says, and we're spinning through the air towards her apartment.


For once, I actually land right side up, instead of my normal flat-on-my-face landing. Ginny comes in right behind me.

"Ok," she says brightly, "so what's with the boxes?"

"I bought a couple of new lamps and a new table for the place," I tell her, nodding toward the boxes. "I felt like redecorating."

"Ah, so it wasn't just a clever ruse to see my beautiful face?" she laughs.

"Well, it was mostly for that," I say, picking her up and swinging her around once, "But I really do need help, as these are Muggle-assembly lamps."

"Wizard stores sell stuff you can't put together with wands?" she asks, "Please don't tell my dad…"

We laugh and start to open the boxes. We've barely taken out the parts to one of the floor lamps when I notice that we're missing a lot of very necessary pieces…

"Those buggers didn't sell us the screws!" Ginny says

"We'll have to go get them," I sigh, "that is, if we want any type of light tonight. I've already sold back the others this morning."

We walk back over to my fireplace.
"Diagon Alley!"

I'm not as fortunate with this landing. It sucks being a klutz when you're trying to be cool for your girlfriend. She's good about it though; probably because she's used to it. She gives me a hand up and we set about getting the missing pieces to the lamps. We purchase extra ones for the table, too, just in case.


We're done shopping, thank goodness. There were way too many guys leering at me, and Nym was one snide remark away from getting carted off to Azkaban. We walk back to Gambole and Japes and step into the fireplace where Tonks yells "Home!" and we're flying back.

"Nym?" I ask when we get there and set to work, "what's the name of your apartment? All the other places have names, but I've only ever heard you say "home"."

I take the time to notice that she only ever lets me see her blush. It's kind of cool, because as the color rises to her cheeks, her hair goes red as well. Usually she morphs to keep it the same color, or makes it look like she's playing with it.

"Well," she begins, "first, you gotta know that I was seventeen when I thought of the name…and I had all guy friends who thought it was brilliant…"

This is going to be good…

"And it's completely a misnomer, you know?" she says

"Nym, just tell me!"

"…Metamorph Love Shack…"


You know the expression, "rolling on the floor with laughter"? Well, Ginny actually is. I throw a pillow at her and look at my hair in the mirror. Damn, it's gone red. Not the hair color, either; I mean fire engine, my-ass-after-Bellatrix-was-done-with-it red. And no, I'm not going to explain that. I was five and it's the reason I really should remember that she's an incredibly good Occlumens. She's done laughing and I must look like I'm picking a new hair color, because she comes over and puts her arms around me.

"Don't change it. I like it red," she smiles.

"I don't really like it this color red. Could change it to your color though," I suggest.

"Why don't you like red?" she asks, giving me her patented I'll-know-if-you're-lying look.

Uh-oh. Looks like I am going to have to explain that earlier analogy. Trust me, she won't let it go if I don't.

"You don't want to hear this story," I try.

"Does it, by any chance, have anything to do with a certain family member that's got more screws missing than this table?"

"How'd you guess?" I ask smiling a little, "When I was five, she was thirty; she decided that she didn't want my mother to raise me. She thought that, even though I was a half-blood, I could be trained in pureblood ways. I guess it was Bellatrix's last attempt to redeem my family. Well, as you can probably imagine, she didn't feel the need to inform my mother; let alone ask permission to take me…"

"She kidnapped you?" Ginny asks, horrified.

"Yeah," I answer, "It wasn't that bad at first. A lot of learning family trees and disparaging half-bloods and Muggle-borns. Then one day, I thought I'd go looking around the house. I wanted to go home, so I wanted to look for some Floo powder. I found some in one of the bigger rooms, but instead of taking it and going home, my five year old curiosity got the better of me and I started looking around. I should probably tell you, this whole clumsiness thing of mine has been life long and I hadn't bothered to put the Floo down. Did you know that stuff stains? Well, I knew I was in trouble, but I still didn't know whose room that dress was in. I was hoping it was Aunt Narcissa's. Evil though she may be, she at least had mothering qualities about her."

"So it was Bellatrix's room, of course," Ginny says.

"Of course. They got back from…wherever they were…and I just made the entire situation worse by lying to her. Course, she probably would've done the same thing, but anyway, she was already very good at Occlumency, so of course she found out."

"What happened?" Ginny asks looking anxious.

"She beat me," I answer simply, "But Bellatrix's beatings are more akin to short term torture methods; I won't go into it. She called Narcissa in when I was laying on the ground. I remember her saying, 'I didn't know something that small could bleed that much.'"

"That's horrible!" Ginny yells

"It was, but it was short; sent me back the next day saying I was too clumsy to be a pureblood. She has a love/hate relationship with me. Blames everything on my parents. Says I would've turned out ok if my mother had married a proper man. You saw how she didn't kill me at the Ministry."

Ginny wraps me in a big hug.

"You're too cool to be a pureblood," she says firmly.

"Hey, now. You do remember that your family is pureblood, right?" I laugh.

"Yeah, but we're not psycho. Blood traitors, remember?"

"Ummm," I start, "you remember our discussion about ulterior motives earlier…"

"The other reason you invited me was because you wanted to keep an eye on me? So your psychotic aunt who knows of my existence, and probably has a pretty good picture of what I look like, doesn't try anything?" she asked

"Uhhh, yeah," I smile, looking down at her, "We really do need to tell your parents…"

"K!" she says brightly, looking at her watch, "Let's go tell my dad now."