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Chapter 1
Something More

The pumpkin moon was high in the sky that October night when he was born. A grinning skeleton and a loving rag doll were his parents. A ghost dog and a bone cat were his pets. Vampires and werewolves were his friends.
If you asked, he'd tell you he had a wonderful childhood. Full of toys and frights and love. Wilted roses were thrown at his very feet. The citizens longed to touch him, speak to him, just to see him. He was a prince, after all.
But not everything was bats and spiders. No, oh no. He had a very large position to fill. People expected him to be just as good, just as scary as the old Pumpkin King himself. He wasn't saying he couldn't be as scary, he knew he could, but he wanted something…something more. Something different.
His father just told him it was growing up, that every kid wanted to be something out of the ordinary. Like, an angel or something. But he knew there was something more. He could feel it in his stuffing.
So, one fateful summer night, when bats screeched and cats wailed, he slipped from his room and out to the woods. But after hours and hours of wondering in circles, he realized that he was completely and utterly lost. He knew that it was girlish to cry, but that was all he could do. Until a soft, child's voice spoke to him.
"Hello?" The girl said.
It was then, for the first time in his short life, he became frighten. Frighten of this little girl with golden pig tails and ruby lips. She was so pale, like a doll. A beautiful little doll. No, a ghost of a doll.
"Why are you crying, little boy?" The girl asked him.
"No..." He sniffed. "No reason."
"Oh, but there must be a reason." The girl took his hand. "There is always a reason."
He didn't want to tell her he was lost. That would just make him seem childish and dumb. Taking her hand, he just said he had something in his eye. Yet, he could see she knew other wise.
"Come now, little boy." She smiled. "You can come home with me. Mama is making dinner. What will I call you?"
"Joey." He said.
"I'm Addison." She smiled. "But you may call me Addy."