Title: Shadows on the Wall
Author: Adlina (Angel)
Fandom: MAR
Genre: Major ANGST, Dark(x3) Romance
Rating: Borderline R↔NC17
Characters: Nanashi, Alviss, Phantom
Warning: Sexual content, minor sexual/domestic violence
He never turned on the light…

Nanashi growled as delicate yet strong set of fingers clawed at his exposed back, drawing him closer – it was as if the body under him was trying to end its own life by crushing Nanashi to itself. With another primal growl, Nanashi pried the fingers off of his back and pinned the attached limbs against the bed and into the mattress as he ravished the supple, moistened lips in a violent fervour. Tongues battled for dominance; one surrendered while the other won effortlessly, coaxing wet sweetness out of the warm cavern.

The room was dark when Nanashi kissed his lover just after he arrived home. The room was still dark as he let his lover undress him. It was still dark when he was led to their shared bed where his lover climbed atop him and took him in his mouth, intent on sending Nanashi to the brink of euphoria. Even as Nanashi flipped the man over and took control, slamming into him with no preparation again and again, the room did not have any light on.

"Alviss," he choked out, priding himself for being able to keep his voice from cracking completely. "Say my name."

His lover – Alviss – did not respond. The smaller man panted and released a guttural moan, bucking his hips up to meet his lover thrust by thrust.

"Say my name!"

He thrust harder by the minute, pounding rhythmically deeper into the cavern of pleasure that was his lover. The heat that emanated from their bodies was trapped in the room, creating an almost choking atmosphere – but none cared. Nanashi choked back a sob as he felt himself nearing completion. No, not yet, he thought. He wanted Alviss to give in to the pleasure before him. He wanted to hear his lover's voice…

… because in the darkness of the room, all he could see was their intertwined shadows on the wall. Nanashi slowed his pace when he felt Alviss tightened and shuddered against him.

Still, the room was dark.

And it was not Nanashi's name Alviss called.