I wanted something new to go on my profile to occupy you guys while I continue to type up my other stories. This particular one came from boredom on a Saturday, it was easy to type up and I figured aw what the hell I'll post it. This has all the members of Akatsuki in it and Sakura is in every one of them. There are few to no pairings in this unless of course you squint. Now let's begin I present to you – A THROUGH Z WITH AKATSUKI!

Abandon- To indulge in a desire or impulse without restraint.

When Deidara begins to mold his clay, starting with his rough draft, he throws himself into the act. Into the making of such a piece that he hardly notices anything or anyone else for that matter. So after he's complete and covered in clay, some clay all ready drying while other clay is caking off. It's no surprise that the first thing on his mind is food and a shower afterwards. Grabbing his cloak and flipping it over his shoulder he doesn't bother with noticing that it's a little lighter and softer. After he cleaned off his hands, put food in his stomach and headed off to shower he was wondering on the fact that some of the other members shot him some strange looks and the restrictive captive hardly contained her laughter upon seeing him. Green eyes dancing in mirth, such a devious little thing really. Of course all was answered when Deidara threw his cloak on his bed stopped, pivoted and stared at in horror. No wonder the others were suspicious, his cloak had been switched. To a bright hot pink, fuzzy bath robe with purple bunnies dancing across the fabric. Turning a luscious shade of pink himself he stormed into the bathroom and slammed the door so loudly the other members heard it down the hall. Damn all things pink and cuddly.

Barbaric- Savagely cruel, primitive or unsophisticated.

Unlike popular belief the members of Akatsuki are far from barbaric primitive creatures who dance around in loin clothes and bathe in the blood of others. Naturally curious even for her own good, the captive leans closer to the man with the mask flipping dollar after dollar, counting before recounting. She clears her throat and asks him if he was going to collect her blood before bathing in it. Kakuzu glares at her for making him lose count, he starts again adding nonchalantly that if they were to collect her blood they would have to buy cleaning supplies to clean the bathtub after using it and that would cost unnecessary money. Letting out a breath of relief she leans back to rest her head on the funny smelling couch. He watches her once more before rubbing his chin thoughtfully. He tells her that they could probably make a lot of money for a show like that and it wouldn't be a problem if they did it outside. The captive twitches nervously before flipping over the couch and takes off at a dead run to anywhere but here. He watches her leave before turning back to his money counting. So gullible.

Cachet- A distinguishing mark or seal.

The red clouds on the Akatsuki cloak have become some what of a symbol. A telltale sign that death will be just around the bend. In all actuality Itachi didn't care for the so called Akatsuki symbol. He didn't want to be praised or feared, he wanted to be strong. To test how much fighting he could do, how much he was capable of. He can sense another person in the trees and he waits patiently for the usual. The pink haired kunoichi jumps down in front of her injured teammates and glares at him. So taken back by this Itachi loses his hold on the mask he has perfected over the years. The surprise reaches his eyes before he corrects that mistake. He blinks several times before his vision rights itself by this time she's there pounding that massive amount of chakra and breaking absolutely everything around. He notices the clone leave with the Kyuubi before he dodges a punch that could destroy landscapes with ease. For the first time in years Itachi feels the rush of battle. He beats her but not without receiving an interesting bargain. "I am the second apprentice of the fifth Hokage. Do not pursue Naruto and I will heal your eyes." Itachi shakes his head and pulls from his sleeve a kunai. "I can not go back empty handed." She smiles and it seems mysterious in a way. "Who said you had too go back empty handed?" Then she was gone, passed out from the pain. Itachi finds this a once in a lifetime chance, he scoops up the petal haired kunoichi and leaves. A strange bargain from a strange kunoichi.