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Yogurt- A semi-solid slightly sour food prepared from milk fermented by added bacteria.

Deidara hated lots of things. He hated when his clay exploded and got all over his nice hair. He hated when Tobi got all girly on him and begin to point out all the wonderful things in the forest. He hated when he got food in his teeth and didn't realize it into he was in a monologue with an enemy. Another addition to this list: Yogurt. Deidara absolutely hated yogurt. He hated the smell, the feel the way it molded into everything. The baby smiled widely once more as he threw his fat little baby arms back depositing more fucking yogurt everywhere.

Deidara meant it when he said everywhere. It was smeared on the cupboards, the floor, the walls hell the little tyrant got it all over the ceiling, which was a feat within itself. But most of all the baby got yogurt all over them. It cooed at him one more time before offering the last bit of yogurt to Deidara. Said man could hardly keep his anger in check let alone the malicious glare he was sending the tyrant.

"No I don't want your yogurt!" The baby flinched before throwing that last bit of yogurt and splashing it across the artists' face. Wailing loudly Deidara picked him up and headed towards the bathroom intent on cleaning up. He turned the water to warm and stripped the baby, plopping the fat thing into the filling tub. Running his hands through his hair Deidara found that he really hated yogurt, especially since it was dripping down his neck. He yanked his shirt over his head and fruitlessly tried to get the dripping stuff out of his face.

It was at that moment the Deidara heard the stifled giggles coming from a crack in the door. The feminine voices laughing at his predicament, Deidara decided to have a little fun. If they were going to laugh at him he was going to get payback. Tossing the shirt off to the side, Deidara stood up and unzipped his pants. He heard their little gasps as soon after two kunoichi fell onto the bathroom floor. Deidara raised an eyebrow before smirking dangerously sexy at them. "Konan, Sakura, why I didn't know you wanted to join me."

Both women flushed prettily right and Deidara took their shook as a good time to remove his pants. Their was complete silence as both women watched him. Then the two kunoichi burst into uncontrollable fits of laughter. For Deidara stood in front of them in nothing but ducky boxes. This time Deidara flushed forgetting that today was laundry day. Soon Sakura bolted locking him and Konan into the room as her laughter followed her down the hallway.

The two Akatsuki members watched each other for any sudden movements before Deidara's smirked returned. "You know, I'm still dirty and you look like you don't mind. How about you come in and join me?" Konan glared hard at him before standing up and turning around. "Sorry but I don't like ducks." She poofed away and Deidara snickered before joining the infant in the tub. Yeah, that Konan definitely wants me.

Zealot- A fanatical and uncompromising follower of a religion or policy.

"I could be a zealot and I could be a martyr." Pein rolled his eyes at his wife's seemingly out-of-nowhere comment. "Is that right dear?" Sakura rolled over in bed and watched him read the newest addition of his favorite series. "Yes, I could be a martyr. I could die for my religion." Pein nodded his head, half listening to see if this conversation was going anywhere. "You'd have to have a religion to die for. To be a zealot you'd have to be uncompromising in your religion. As far as I know you have no religion."

Sakura rolled onto her stomach, her thoughts whirring in her own mind. "I do to have a religion!" Pein sighed and set the book down, it was starting to get good and Sakura wasn't going to let him go with a few inane replies. "Pray tell Sakura, what is your religion?" She turned to him, smile forming, eyes glinting jade in the dim lighting. For a moment she was silent and Pein could tell you a million reasons why he fell in love with her in the first place. "Love is my religion. I could die for my religion..Pein I could die for you."

Her words were merely wisps of air but he read her loyalty, her love, her devotion and he knew she wasn't lying. He embraced her, kissing those pliant lips with his own love and happiness. "I'd never want you to die for me, not even if you could. Sakura I--" Her fingers pressed against his lips, silencing him without even trying. Sitting in his arms, with her body so close to his he could feel her warmth seep into his doubts and fears. "Just as easily as I could die for you...I could live for you Pein. I am a zealot and you are my religion."

With that said he whispered yes and they tumbled back into bed. The good book was long forgotten as two lovers became one. I'll live for you, I'll die for you...just please don't leave me alone Pein, because I love you!

Akatsuki- A criminal organization consisting of all S-class men and women who aim for world domination. (Translation "dawn" or "daybreak")

It had too end sometime. Pein admitted to a loss of strength and his hold on Konoha beginning to loosen. So as the rest of Akatsuki, resurrected and standing erect, crowd around the cooling corpse of their former leader, they all remain silent. Sakura, widow to Pein, mother of three, watches as his skin tone begins to lose color. She rests the head of her dead husband on her lap and stares off into the distant. None of Akatsuki wish to break the depressing silence and so none of them do.

What to do now? The thought reverberates throughout their heads expect for one. Sakura stands, wipes the tears and turns to all the members. "Hidan, Kakuzu. Dig a grave and bury him." The two said members nod and she faces the rest of them one by one. "The rest of you, come with me to Konoha to reestablish our hold on them!" Several cheers rang through the foliage of the trees as the rest of them did as they were told. None questioned her allegiance as it has all ready been established, years ago in the blood of her comrades.

Konoha is easily reached, easily breeched and as black cloaks with red clouds move over the village, no survivors are left behind. Sakura charges up her fist and plans one more visit to the late Hokage, she bursts through the office doors and before the blond woman even utters a sound her face is being pulverized in two. The rest of the village is left to the nine tailed fox as Akatsuki stand on the ruined Hokage monument and kept the beast under wraps. Sakura stands in front of the rest and the others let her cry undisturbed.

She watches the sunset alone, it's the first time in a decade since she's done this without being cuddled into the arms of Pein. "I wish you could see this." And as she closes her eyes, she imagines him behind her. "I all ready can." She whirled around only to find nothing but the other members watching, waiting. A trick of the wind and his voice was gone. Nodding to herself she wipes the tears one last time.

"From now on we will have our own territory to rule, but I..I will be the one whom you report too. Understood?" She glared at the others and some smiled before nodding. Tobi jumped into the air and whooped. "Time for a new leader to carry on the name of Akatsuki!" All the members either shook their heads, slapped a hand to their forehead or smiled wider. Sakura did neither only laughed a light hearted one despite the circumstances. "Yes. It is a new dawn, a red dawn and we will see it through to the very end!" Rest in peace Pein.