They broked this site :(

Since there's no status update on the front page of fanfiction dot net, and because I'm getting intensely frustrated, I figured I'd update my stories to let you guys know that this site has been broken since March 21st, 2011.

Things that are broken with ff dot net:

- Notification emails. It's definitely broken for gmail. It may be broken for other email providers. The notification emails take DAYS to arrive when A) a story is updated, B) a story is reviewed, C) a story is favorited/put on alert/etc, D) a PM is received. Literally. Days. Yet my gmail thinks the day it arrives is the day it was sent, which points to a severe email queue backup problem here. Their email servers are choking for some reason.

I'm tearing my hair out over this. Hatehatehate email notifications being down, as the only other way to notice is to memorize the numbers on the statistics page and notice when they change.

- Large fandoms are reporting the only way to update or post a new a fanfic is to do a hack-ish work around. This doesn't affect Dragonriders of Pern so far, but it affects larger fandoms as far as I've heard, so if you're wondering why certain categories haven't been updated, this is why.

I've sent an email to the site support, but they're a 1 or 2 man show, and given this site isn't exactly a money-maker they don't show much interest in righting things quickly or even giving an update on the front page. I don't doubt my email is one out of hundreds that was sent to them. I see no reason for them to answer mine soon or at all if they haven't responded to the others.

Enter AO3

So. I'm peddling a better universal fanfic site. I am in the process of getting my entire archive up on Archive of Our Own (also known as AO3). If you go to my profile on this site, you can click on the link to go directly there. (Chapters like this one strip out links and URLs else I'd put a link right here for you.)

Why I prefer AO3:

- No ads

- Nicer layout

- Very robust tags. Just finish a surprisingly good Jaxom/Lessa fic? (hehe) If the author used the Jaxom/Lessa tag, you can just click on it and find more.

- The ratings/warnings system is more nuanced. You have the normal G to Mature thing, but you can also give warnings for slash, kinks, and other things folks may want to be warned about. For example, my story Weyrbred Lads has a blue icon in the upper right, indicating a male/male relationship.

- The crossover system just works better. I can put The Day Benden Went to War in both Dragonriders of Pern and Talent categories without being afraid I'm missing all the Pern People that don't browse crossovers.

- The co-author thing (although I don't use it as an author, only as a reader) works better. You get direct links to each other's pages.

- If an author wrote a story as a part of a challenge, or for a specific recipient, you can go to that person's profile right from the story. (The one that received the fic.)

- You can "like" a story without needing to comment. If you want folks to know you liked a story, but you don't have a specific comment, you can leave kudos.

- Comments are threaded. You can respond to someone else's comment. As a reader OR as an author. I respond to comments on AO3!

AO3 is currently in Beta. Some of the functionality that THIS site already has is in the future roadmap to be implemented on AO3. To join you can sign up and wait for the queue to pop (it can take few weeks wait until you get your invite), or you can get an instant invite from someone you know. I don't currently have invites, but I'm trying to get my hands on some. But you can read and review without having an account.


I've joined Twitter as dmdomini . Link in my profile. I'll tweet fanfic updates as I make them.