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Starfire tried not to let the tears blur her vision as she hurtled through space, unable to believe she could still fly. After the incident where the Titans had been stranded on different planets, she had been working on trying to fly without the boundless joy factor. Still, she never expected to take a blow this hard. It would have been an amazing feat to hover a few inches off the ground, but flying from Earth to Tamaran was a thing of the legends in this state.


Starfire frowned, staring at the door in front of her. 'ROBIN,' the sign read. It was all too familiar, as it had been slammed into her face oh-so-often these past few weeks. She sighed, knocking and expecting the same answer she had received every time.

"Go away. I'm busy." It was entirely possible Robin had made this an automated message for anyone who chose to knock on his door. Starfire had received it every time she'd come here to get him to spend time with her. Was it some Earthly custom she was ignorant of, for boyfriends to ignore their girlfriends as soon as the dating had commenced? It wasn't one she could say she liked.

"Robin, it is I, Starfire. I wish just to talk. We have barely done so since--"

"Go away. I'm busy."

Starfire pounded on his door. "Robin! This is ridiculously frustrating! You will come out now or I will break this door!" Starfire yelled, tired of his hiding. A very aggravated Robin opened the door, staring at Starfire as if she were the frustrating one.

"Didn't you hear me?" he asked roughly.

"Yes, but--"

"Then leave." He slammed the door in her face, yet again.

Starfire held her tongue as she journeyed ack to her room. There had to be a way to fix all of this. Some way to get Robin back out here, with her. Ever since their crime fighting vacation in Tokyo, Robin had believed his duty was over as a boyfriend by asking her out. She had to make him realize it was not. An idea struck her, and she wondered why she hadn't thought of it before.

"If Robin was so much kinder when we were 'friends' perhaps we should continue to be so until we do the 'dating' again, after all this pressure from finding Slade is over. We merely had not picked a good time!" she mumbled to herself. Happy with her new idea, she ventured again to Robin's room and knocked politely on the door.

"What?" Robin asked harshly from inside.

"Robin, please, I wish to talk. It will not take more than a minute!" Starfire promised. Robin opened the door, scowling at her.

"Make it quick."

"Very well. You see, before we have commenced the 'dating' we were much better suited, yes? Both of us were happy, am I correct? Perhaps we should continue to be friends until a better time comes for us to--"

"I can't believe this!" Robin spluttered.

Starfire frowned. "It is not a good idea?" she asked, a little crestfallen.

"I make one mistake and you break up with me?" he roared. Poor, confused Starfire backed up a little bit, hurt by his tone.

"Robin, I do not believe I am breaking anything..."

"Fine. Forget our relationship, forget our friendship, forget you. I thought you were supposed to be the caring one of us five, and I thought you knew the city comes before anything else," he growled, you guessed it, slamming the door. Starfire was stunned, unable to comprehend what had just happened. What had she said that was so horrible?

"Raven?" asked Starfire softly, knocking on the empath's door. Her friend answered, looking pale and dull, as usual.


"Friend, I require your assistance. Robin has been yelling incoherently, and perhaps you could understand?" questioned Starfire hopefully. Raven sighed, but allowed her to come in. Starfire sat on the bed, careful not to touch anything else in the nearly pitch-black room. She told Raven the whole story, who, by the end, nearly had an eyebrow disappear into her hairline.

"It sounds like you were a little too harsh on him," commented Raven. Starfire's shoulders slumped.

"But how? I do not know what I have done!"

"On Earth, you've just done what we call 'breaking up,' which is when either the boyfriend or the girlfriend ends the relationship between the two. Robin's been working his butt off, what with Slade on the loose again, but he really cares about you, Starfire. He can't handle another loss right now," Raven explained.

"But I did not end anything! I merely wished for us to continue it later!" Starfire cried, distressed.

"Why didn't you tell him?" Raven inquired.

"I tried, but he said 'forget our relationship, forget our friendship, forget you.' I was under the impression he was angry and did not wish to speak with me." Raven closed her eyes, exhaling.

"I don't know what to tell you, Starfire. You should probably wait until all of this blows over." The alarm rang suddenly, and the two dashed to the Ops center. The three Titan boys were already there, searching for coordinates on the computer.

"Slade," Cyborg confirmed. The Titans piled into the T-car, with Cyborg driving and Robin riding shotgun, well away from Starfire. "Check this out," Cyborg bragged. There was a sickening jolt as they started to move much faster, thanks to the rocket engines which had appeared out of the trunk.

"Cy, were gonna crash!" yelped Beast Boy, staring at the truck about to turn into their lane.

"Not if I can help it." The car jerked up. They were flying. Robin swore as he looked out the window at the city below. "You like it? I just had it installed yesterday. Now, is it the overused 'abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of the city' or the classic 'deserted pier'?" Cyborg asked. Robin muttered something about a warehouse, and Cyborg flew them there, earning much admiration and envy from the green changeling.

Touching down smoothly, three of the Titans congratulated Cyborg before following their leader into the warehouse. The teens stayed alert, as anyone or anything could pop out at any time. Starfire saw a flash of orange and black behind a crate and shot a starbolt, frying the box and revealing nothing underneath. Robin said nothing, not even bothering to glare at her. Quickly, she silenced her emotional issues with the leader and felt a prickling on the back of her neck. Someone was watching them.

As one, the Titans whipped around, coming face-to-face with Slade. The old villain walked up to them, making no move. "Hello, Titans. We meet again."

"Slade," Robin spat. "What're you doing now?"

"You see Robin," drawled Slade, standing within arm's length of Starfire. She tried not to show how scared she was, and her eyes glowed green as a warning. "I came here to negotiate." This stopped the Titans short.

"What?" asked Robin.

"Negotiate. Bargain. And don't think it is in your favor, Titans. You know as well as I that I could defeat you in no time at all." He lifted Starfire's chin with a finger, and out of the corner of her eyes, she saw Robin flinch. "I give you one choice. You could spare yourselves, or die along with your city." Starfire jerked her head away, glaring. Robin took out his bo-staff, snapping it out to it's full length.

"Here's a choice for you, Slade. Jail or jail, which one will it be?" Beast Boy rolled his eyes at the attempt, but changed into a rhino, charging at the villain. Starfire shot one starbolt after another, and Raven whipped boxes after boxes at him. Cyborg aimed his sonic cannon, and Robin tried hand-to-hand combat. Slade dodged them all, and a huge army of Sladebots descended upon the Titans. Each took on at least ten at a time, destroying them with one hit. There were far too many.

Starfire saw Robin going after Slade, and the two began a huge fight, using every part of their bodies as weapons. Explosions, clanging of armor, and grunts of pain were heard as the two were enveloped in smoke from Robin's disks. Starfire flew towards them, knocking out any robot in her way, to help her teammate. A robot hit her in the stomach with some laser or other, but she ignored it.

Inside the smoke, she saw that Robin had Slade pinned to the floor, repeatedly punching him. Apparently, all his training had finally paid off. In horror, Starfire saw Slade cough up blood, but Robin did not stop. "Robin!" she screamed. He glanced up at her, and Slade punched him in the jaw, sending him flying into Starfire's arms, dazed. He got up quickly, ready to fight again, but Slade was no longer down there. As the smoke cleared, the terrible truth dawned on him. The robots stopped fighting, malfunctioning. Slade was gone.

Robin rounded on Starfire while the rest of the Titans bent over to catch their breaths. "You let him get away!" he yelled.

"Robin! You were going to kill him! You told me yourself, you could never, ever kill another human being--"

"I know what I was doing, you idiot! I was just going to knock him out! Now he's GONE!" Starfire recoiled.

"No, Robin, you did not

"I would have been fine! He would have finally been behind bars! You've ruined everything! I HATE YOU!" Starfire toppled from the air, staring fearfully at Robin. The other Titans seemed to shrink from him, and Starfire thought that would be a pretty good idea right about now. Robin pulled his cape around his body, turning to the rest of the team. "Let's go home. We have more work to do." The pain in her stomach finally overwhelming her, Starfire blacked out.

When she woke up, she realized she was in the Ops Center. Spotting a bag nearby, she grabbed it and promptly threw up. The noise alerted everyone else in the room, who rushed to her side. Raven put an ice pack on her forehead.

"Aw, Star, that was my tofu dinner!" Beast Boy whined, glancing at the bag in her hands.

"Not much different now, is it?" Cyborg interjected.

"Where...is...Robin?" asked Starfire slowly, her throat burning from the bile.

"In his room," Raven answered shortly. Starfire nodded, immensely tired. "He wanted us to leave you there, Starfire. He said you were as good as a criminal yourself."

"Don't tell her, Raven!" cried Beast Boy, alarmed.

"She has a right to know," argued Raven. To Starfire, she added, "To say Robin's upset right now would be a vast understatement."

"I have done wrong," Starfire surmised. The three nodded simultaneously. "I must go speak with him." The all started shaking their heads.

"I don't know why he's so mad, Star, but--" started Cyborg.

"Starfire broke up with him," Raven said. The two boys gasped dramatically.

"Why? Star, he was doing all he could to help us," said Cyborg, looking disappointed in her.

"I did not!" Starfire cried, her throat still hurting. "I postponed everything. I did not end anything!"

"That's how he took it, though," Raven told Cyborg and Beast Boy. The two nodded, getting up.

"We're gonna go talk to Robin, and see what's going on. We'll be back later." Raven nodded, removing the ice pack from Starfire's head.

"Go back to sleep, Starfire. We'll handle this in the morning." Starfire nodded, drifting off to dreamland, where horrible nightmares awaited her.

In the morning, more bad news arrived in form of a newspaper. The headliner: "An Alien in our Midst: Good or Evil?" Apparently, from the few police that Robin had talked to, word had spread that Starfire had let Slade go. The worst villain in Jump City was still on the loose, and it was her fault.

Not long after, telephones from the mayor and people of Jump City blocked up their hone lines, and the Titans actually had protesters in boats sail up to Titans Tower, waving signs in the air.

"E.T. Go Home!" one said.

"Out With The Aliens!" blared another.

"We'd Pick Safety Over Starbolts Anyday!"

Starfire watched from her room, actually scared of the city she was supposed to protect. She resigned her fate. She'd done it once, and she could do it again. Packing her things, and adding a note to Silkie's bed for Beast Boy to feed him, she walked up to the roof. Her duty was gone, and Robin was gone. She could keep in touch with her friends from outer space. But even she had to admit, it would be better for her to leave. The city had never ganged up on Titan's Tower like this.

"Goodbye..." she whispered, concentrating as hard as she could and taking off into space.

End Flashback

A ship was heading towards her, and Starfire slowed down. Something about it seemed oddly familiar...

She couldn't place it until a large retractable arm grabbed out and closed around her. She stiffened from shock, but began to struggle. She would have gotten out, too, if the arm hadn't brought her into the ship first.

"Well, well, well. Look what we have here," sneered the ugly face of a Gordanian.

"Lord Trogaar will be very pleased. A Tamaranian in its highest--oh," started a second one, looking like he'd just been punched.

"What is it?" asked a third.

"Will you look at that? I think I'm going blind, but tell me if you will, this girl looks amazingly like--"

"Princess Koriand'r!" crowed the first.

"Bring her to the Citadel! We will get a hefty reward--"

"No, you imbecile! This is exactly what we need for our peace treaty with Tamaran! If we give them the Princess, those Troqs will no longer hunt us! Set a course for Tamaran!"

"You are bad people!" Starfire screamed finally. "Do not dare to call my people Troqs! They are better warriors than you cowards shall ever be!"

The Gordanians scowled. "Let us have some fun with her, Captain, for mouthing off! Maybe some extreme torture, and we could say we found her as such, which would make us more hero-like in the Troqs' eyes!" growled the first Gordanian.

The second one, the Captain, smiled. "I have just the device..." He disappeared for a minute while the other two held Starfire down. Coming back, he held what looked like a metal helmet with many buttons and dials in his hands. Placing it over Starfire's struggling head, he pressed a few buttons and a screen came down from the ceiling of the ship. "This machine is ideal for Tamaranian torture, my dear. Let me demonstrate." He pressed a few more buttons, and all of a sudden, Starfire saw Robin on the screen. Not only that, but she could see him in her head, too. Her heart felt crushed, glancing yet again at his handsome face. Did he care that she was gone? Did he know?

"Let me, Captain!" cried the third Gordanian, starting to fiddle with the dials. He grinned. "I like this one."

All of a sudden, the Robin on the screen's (and in her head) face contorted in anger. "FORGET OUR RELATIONSHIP! FORGET OUR FRIENDSHIP! FORGET YOU!" he yelled, his voice magnified by ten. Her head pounded with his hateful words. She slapped her hands over her ears, but of course, it made no difference.

"My turn!" shouted the first gleefully. He fiddled with the dials a little bit more, and Starfire saw Robin hurt, when he was hunting an imaginary Slade, only his wounds were so much worse. She cried out his name, begging him to stop fighting, but he paid her no heed.

The captain took over, a smirk all over his gruesome face. "Ah..." Now Robin was angry again, and yelling. "I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU!" Starfire buried her face in her hands, unwilling to let the Gordanians see her tears.

"This is my favorite!" cried the first. The third agreed. Robin's voice still rang out in her head, and she stopped struggling, sobbing openly.

"Stop! Please, stop! I do not want to hear this anymore!" she screamed, her mind still replaying the scene over and over again. The Gordanians did not stop. They kept sorting through her worst memories, replaying each numerous times and cackling at her reactions. She had no idea Tamaranians could be so affected, nor tortured in such a way. Things had changed during Starfire's stay on Earth. Starfire was unable to take it, and passed out yet again.

Waking up, Robin's voice was still playing in her head, but duller now. She was lying on a bed in a white, white room, with her k'norfka Galfore sitting beside her. Galfore smiled sadly, seeing that she was awake.

"My bumgorf, how are you?" he asked kindly. Her head was throbbing, and tears started to fall.

"Robin..." she sobbed. Galfore turned angry in a flash.

"He was the one who did this to you? He will pay, that clorbag varb--"

"G-galfore, help me, please!" she sobbed. "I d-didn't mean it!"

"I know, my bumgorf. I know. The Gordanians saved you from him, Koriand'r. They found you and brought you here. They are our friends, my little bumgorf, can you believe it? Robin is gone from your life. Shh..."

"Forget our relationship...forget our friendship..." she quoted, trying to tell him. Galfore swallowed, but nodded, thinking he understood her.

"Stand up, Koriand'r. I will take you there." Starfire stood up, her legs weak. She looked down, her eyes widening at her emaciated body. Galfore grabbed her under the shoulder for support, and walked her out of the room.

They were in the palace, and Starfire remembered for a second that Galfore was ruler. Choking down the memory of her betrothal with a sob, she followed Galfore into a strange-looking chamber. It was completely metal, and looked rather hi-tech for Tamaran. There were two poles, straight across from each other, that were pointed at her head. "Stay here. It will be done in little time, my bumgorf, I promise."

Starfire collapsed on the floor, unable to keep herself up. How long had it been since she'd last eaten? For how long had she been unconscious?

The poles started to move downwards, so they were at her height again. Then they raced towards her head, stopping at her temples. The chamber filled with bright light, and Starfire's eyes rolled back into her head. She groaned, feeling as though a piece of her mind was being torn out. As suddenly as it started, the process stopped, and she fell to the floor, asleep.

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