OK im taking a break from my shaman king fic to write this Sasunaru story hope you like it Sasuke and Naruto: this one's for you.

Day and Night by Animeboyslover

Day: Sasuke's POV

The sun pours through the open window of our bedroom. I awaken and turn to see your beautiful sky-blue eyes. I swear they put the sky itself to shame. I smile at you and run my fingers through your bed ruffled golden hair. It's as bright as the sun, maybe brighter. I hear you sigh in happiness as I pull your cherry lips in for a kiss. You embrace me and I run my fingers over your tan body, It always amazes me how your completely tan all over your body. I ask you countless times do you sunbathe nude. You only blush as red as the sun hovering over the horizon right now. I never told you and I probably never will; you know how Uchihas are about pride. Ever since I met you I've always loved the day. The sun reminded me of your bright spiky hair. The sky an imperfect replica of your eyes, always so full of emotion. The rays of the sun, just as bright as your personality. Yes, ever since I met you, I've always liked the day. Now that we are together, it gives me a reason to love the day even more.

In the day, I always see your smile.

In the day, I always spend time with you.

In the day, I asked you out and you said yes.

In the day, you and I shared our first kiss.

In the day, you're the one I wake up to.

Yes, I Sauske Uchiha love the day………

But not as much as I love Naruto Uzumaki.

In the next chapter, Naruto has a little something to say about the night. sorry its so short!