OK now its Naruto's turn. Hope you like it.

Night: Naruto's POV

The moon is full tonight; it shines through our window and gives your beautiful body a god-like glow. Your skin is so pale, almost white. I know im always teasing you about needing a tan, but secretly I wouldn't have your skin any other way. Your skin color makes you look like an angel. Yeah, an angel of the night and it greatly compliments your dark eyes, as dark as the night sky. Your hair also is a great match, so soft despite its spiky appearance, I love grabbing a hold of it when you kiss me. I can't help but admire you in the moonlight,It's at this time that I just love and admire every thing about you. I don't know why, but it's at night when I love you just a little bit more. I've never told you this and I probably never will; you'll probably laugh at me. But, ever since I met you, I no longer hate the night. Every thing about the night reminds me of you.The moon reminds of your pale delicate skin. The night sky is the color of your soft hair and intense eyes. The stars remind me of that perverted glint you get in your eye, which is why im in this position now,not that I mind.I always hated the night but now that were together, I love the night.

At night, I dream of you.

At night, I see you smile

At night, you hold me close.

At night, you told me you love me.

At night, we made love for the first time.

Yes, I Naruto Uzumaki love the night……….

But not as much as I love Sasuke Uchiha.

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